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Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.
Cambria Works, Blandburg, Pa.

Contributed by: Elaine Wilkinson
Picture and Information courtesy of Ivan Thomas

(Picture probably taken in the late 1920s)

Kneeling: (Left to right) Charles Thomas, Orval Landrus, Roy Matthews, Tom Kovac, Wade Mulhollem, Mike Yingling, Arthur "Big Art" Thomas
Standing: (Left to right) Josh Lucas, John Igo, Harry Hollen, Calvin Thomas, Sylvester Mann, [unknown], Dave Burkholder, George Dittner, Ernest "Cy" Franks, John "Six O'Clock" Oweck, Joe Buda, Arthur Thomas, Lewis Yingling, Pete "The Greek" Blanos, Clayton Davis, Paul Kittren
Standing in Background: Carl Sible, Mike (Mead) Andrew

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