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Cambria Iron Works builders, 1887
Contributed by: Sara Deffenbaugh

It will be 54 years ago next Memorial Day that the above group of men, employed in the construction of the old Cambria Iron Works, posed for their picture. The years have taken their toll and today only two of the group are living. One of the survivors, Alex McKeever, 86, of Hershberger Road, is the owner of the picture, which has been well preserved through the years. McKeever, who boasts that he "still has his beard," is the third man from the left in the first row. The other survivor is James M. Walker of of Westmont, shown in the last row, 12th from the left. Many of the men were former well-known Johnstowners and their families are still prominent in the community. Those in the picture have been identified by Mr. McKeever as follows: First row (left to right) -- Thomas Llewellyn, Mr. Keller, Alex McKeever, D. F. Ramsey, Edward Wolford, Jacob P. Censter, George Haberkorn, John Richards, John H. Hamilton, D. C. Strayer, Josiah Huston and Adam Rhode; back row -- Mr. Brown, Samuel McKeever, brother of Alex; Gus Houser, John Streup, John Schmermund, Sam Miller, D. D. Blough (next man unknown), John McConlogue, A. M. Gregg. John Burkett, James M. Walker, John Schonoskey, Theodore Seigh, Edward Ott, John Lavely (to the rear), Charles Hamilton and Jim Ryan.

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