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The construction of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altoona/Johnstown diocese in Altoona. Circa 1926. George Feigh, a carpenter and Ashville resident, is sitting third from left at top.

Photo submitted by Mary Ellen (McCarty) Thorpe

Photo taken in front of the Liberty theater in 1940 or 1941 of the "Red Hot Minstrals of Nanty Glo". The show was a project of Howard Mowcomber a science teacher at the high school who died in 1942.

Photo submitted by Lynda Yale

This photo was among my grandfather's personal possessions. I believe it was taken at Cambria Iron yard bet. 1880 - 1890. I think the man on the right (sitting down w/o the cigar) is my g-g-grandfather, Dennis Harkins. He was a foreman for the company up to the time of his death in 1890.

Photo submitted by Susan Giddings

The girl to the far right is my grandmother Mary Amelia Lantzy, daughter of Simon P. Lantzy and Anastasia Byrne, Garmantown, Cambria County, PA. I need help in determining who the other three girls are as the writing is very faded on the back (possibly might be an Ethel Westover, _____ Westover, and an Edna Westover or Westrick).

Photo submitted by Marianne Martin

The couple standing in this photo are my great great grandparents, Michael J. and Elizabeth (Eichenlaub) Waltz. The seated couple are the Hoffman's -- don't know if they are relatives or friends, and would like to try to find out. The Waltz Family was from Chest Springs. [I am looking for a photo of my great grandparents, John George Waltz & Margaret McGovern -- and also of my great great great grandparents, George M. Waltz & Catherine Hines. P L E A S E contact me if you should have any Waltz photos in your possession!]

Photo submitted by Linda Braund

A picture of a Railroad Office. My mother remembers her grandmother saying that some of the men were her brothers -- but she can't remember who. This was from the McGOVERN family that lived in Wilmore Borough, Cambria County. The father's name was John McGovern--married to Catherine Moore. They had the following children: Edward--born 1862; Margaret (my great grandmother)--born 1864; Patrick - born 1865; James Jacob (although he would not be in this photo--he died at a very young age) - born 1867; Thomas - born 1869; Cornelius - born 1870; Mary Ann - born 1873; Bridget - born 1874. The McGovern brothers who could possibly be in this photo are: Edward, Patrick, Thomas, or Cornelius. Does anyone recognize anyone in this photo?

Photo submitted by Linda Braund

We think the older man on the right is Thomas Monahan, born 1817, died 1901, and his son, Robert, born 1847 died 1914. The other two might be Settlemyers.

Photo submitted by David Monahan

Two unnamed Nanty Glo HS players on the Nanty Glo (McMullen Memorial?) field ca. 1942-1946.

The man standing has been identified by a relative (Deidra Stoltz), who says it is her grandfather's brother, Jack O'Farrell.

Photo submitted by Chad P. McHugh

Lou Mchugh with unnamed Nanty Glo HS players on the Nanty Glo (McMullen Memorial?) field ca. 1942-1946.

The man in the front with the football has been identified by a relative (Deidra Stoltz), who says it is her grandfather's brother, Jack O'Farrell.

Photo submitted by Chad P. McHugh

Here is the photo of the men who worked at the car shops in Altoona. John George Waltz (my great grandfather) is the 3rd from the left in the back row--he is sitting and wearing a striped shirt. Michael J. Waltz (my great greaat grandfather) is also in the back row--he is the 6th from the left. (No one else is identified in the photo.) Inscription on the back of the photo: "Taken in the year of 1882; at 9th Ave. and 8th St.; Altoona, Penna; These men are car builders for P.R.R."

Photo submitted by Linda Braund

Hattie Croyle. The photo is labeled Hattie and my own dear mother. However I don't know who wrote it so I don't know the second lady.

Photo submitted by Al Coulter

This picture was probably taken outside of St. Mary's Church in Gallitzin, PA sometime in the early part of the 1900s.

Photo submitted by Mary Bayliss

This photo was taken in front of St. Mary's Church in Gallitzin, PA. in the early 1900s. John Ulman is standing in front of, and on the left of one of the priests. One of the priests is believed to be Father Paul J. Brylski. Father Brylski was associated with St. Mary's from Dec. 1903 until his death in Jan 1919. This picture was taken probably between 1910 and early 1919.

Photo submitted by Mary Bayliss

Picture of Streetcar conductors in Johnstown, PA. When my grandparents married in 1913 my grandfather, Daniel W. Smith, was working as a streetcar conductor. He is the first man in the top row, left.

Photo submitted by Margaret Mays Hasson

If you can identify any of the other men, please contact either Lynne Canterbury or Diann Olsen.

The last man seated is Antonio Boni, the last woman standing is Helen Boni. Anyone recognize the others?

Photo submitted by Amy Sanders

This picture is one from my private collection. The lady who's head is between the two ladies standing in the back row is my g-grandmother, Sarah ("Sadie") Yoder Stutzman. I believe it is of a group of ladies in a prohibition group. Note, they are all wearing what looks like could be white ribbons. It is my understanding (from research) that down through the years, after Carrie Nation, other attempts were made to organize to try to get rid of the sale of liquor. Some had Red Ribbon Societies, others had White Ribbon Societies. I found a hymn in an old hymnal that belonged to my grandmother titled "THE WHITE RIBBON". The hymn was the testimony of a man who had been an alcoholic but he remembered his mother's "white ribbon" and (I think her prayers) and he was converted. Also, there's the WCTU (women's Christian Temperance Union) that was widely spread throughout the states -- probably after prohibition amendment was rescinded. Please feel free to publish this picture on the webpage and ask others to identify anyone they know. And if anyone knows more about this particular organization, please contact me.

Photo submitted by Wanda Barrett

All I know about the photo is that it reportedly is the 1923 Nanty Glo Soccer Team. Unfortunately, the text on the photo is unreadable and I don't remember when or where I got it.

Photo submitted by Bob Wissinger

This photo is possibly construction of a RR bridge in Cambria. Any help identifying any of the paticipants would be appreciated.

Photo submitted by Peggy Marple

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