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WOOD, Robert

    Cambria Freeman, 18May1900, Contributed by Lisa Baker

Michael Brown, a boarding house keeper at Puritan, a mining town three miles from Portage, shot and killed Robert Wood and wounded Alexander Currie, two boarders at his home on Friday evening.

Wood and Kelly had been on a spree for several days and on the evening of the tragedy they behaved so outrageously at the supper table that Brown was forced to leave before he had finished his meal. As he attempted to pass into the next room Currie struck him in the mouth and knocked him down. Currie and Wood jumped on Brown and kicked and beat him. Wood procurred a fork and endeavored to stab Brown.

Brown managed to crawl to a stand, from which he procured a revolver and while lying on his back opened fire on his assailants. His first shot struck Wood just above the heart and inflicted a wound which proved fatal in a short time. His second wounded Currie in the neck but not dangerously.

Brown walked to Portage and gave himself up. He was at once brought to Ebensburg and placed in jail. He fell asleep soon afterwards and did not wake until Saturday afternoon. Brown claims the shooting was done in self defense. He had just returned home from Altoona accompanied by a new boarder.

It is said that both Wood and Currie were too attention to Mrs. Brown.

At an inquest held by Coroner Miller on Saturday, the jury consisting of Henry Ressler, T.M. Pringle, James A. Smith, Harry Dano and David T. Davis, rendered the following verdict:

“We find that Robert Wood, fifty-two years old, came to his death from a gunshot wound from a revolver in the hands of Michael Brown, aged forty-two years.”

Currie was brought to Ebensburg on Saturday and locked up in jail. His wounded is not regarded as serious

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