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    Johnstown Tribune, 15 Oct 1915, Page 1, Contributed by Sharon Trosan

South Fork, Oct. 15, 1915 - Mistaken for a wild turkey, Thomas Kemerer, aged 28 years, of South Fork, was shot by Clarence Greer, also of South Fork, and instantly killed near McVeytown, Pa., at break of dawn this morning. Kemerer was struck in the face with a full charge of No. 4 shot at a distance of only 18 yards and his head was almost blown from his shoulders. Clarence Greer, who did the shooting, was released from custody following an inquest before Justice of the Peace W. F. Roach, who pronounced the killing accidental. Greer was permitted to go only upon promise never again to use a gun. Thomas Kemerer was one of a party of five men that left yesterday morning on a hunting expedition in the vicinity of McVeytown, where members of the party have relatives. They wanted to be on the ground early this morning for the opening of the hunting season. Their intentions were to occupy a log cabin there and return home tomorrow. Early this morning, the five men left their cabin and started for the woods to hunt wild turkey, squirrel and other game in season. It was only 6 o'clock, scarcely daylight in that section, when Clarence Greer, one of the party, mistook Mr. Kemerer for a wild turkey. Just as Greer pulled the trigger, Kemerer turned to look and received the full charge of shot in his face. The fatal accident broke up the hunting party and with the dead body of their companion, the hunters started on their sad return home.

Besides Thomas Kemerer and Clarence Greer, the party consisted of Mr. Kemerer's brother, H. D. Kemerer, of Joseph Street, Eighth Ward, Johnstown, and Albert Greer and another young man by the name of Greer, both of South Fork. Clarence Greer, who accidentally shot his companion, is employed at the engine house here and is a married man. Albert Greer is a brakeman on the South Fork branch. The other Greer is a miner and H. D. Kemerer is a brakeman on the P. R. R.

Thomas Kemerer is a son of Mrs. Gomer Collins, of 114 1/2 Cedar Street, Johnstown. Besides his mother and step-father, Gomer Collins, he is survived by his widow, who was Miss Stella Crissey, of Hooversville, and a son only 18 months old. His father's name was Hiram W. Kemerer, Mr. Kemerer was a brother of H.D. Kemerer, of the Eighth Ward, Johnstown: Mrs. W. A. Miller, of South Fork, and Miss Daisy Kemerer, of Scalp Level. He was a half-brother of Walter Collins. Thomas Kemerer was a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and of the Railroad Relief. His body arrived here this afternoon and was taken in charge by Undertakers George Brothers. No arrangements for the funeral have been announced.
Johnstown Tribune; Fri., Oct. 15, 1915 p1
(Note: tombstone at South Fork Cemetery)

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