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PLOUSE, Margaret

    Cambria Freeman, 15 Dec 1911, Contributed by Patty Millich

She Killed Herself

Barnesboro, Dec. 12 -- Mrs. Margaret Plouse, 68 [88? age is faded] years old, yesterday afternoon, clambered on a little bench in the spring house near her home, not far from Barnesboro, tied one end of a rope around a rafter, adjusted the other end about her neck and stepped off the bench. Her toes barely touched the floor and she strangled to death. No one else was at home during the afternoon and her body was not found until about 6 o’clock last evening when her husband, a very old man, who was inquiring for her, looked into the springhouse. The body was not cut down until about 7 o’clock when Dr. J. C. McMillen, coroner of Cambria County, reached the scene.

Mrs. Plouse’s reason for taking her life is not known. To an 8-year-old grandson who makes his home with the Plouse family, Mrs. Plouse a few days ago said she was going to leave. She had been in good health and was very active for one of her years. Her actions and conversations the past days or so indicated that her mind might have been slightly deranged.

The grandson was at school yesterday afternoon, the husband of the woman was in Barnesboro and Mrs. Plouse was alone. The grandson and the husband reached home shortly after 4 o’clock. Mrs. Plouse was not in the house but Mr. Plouse thought she was only calling on a neighbor and he did not inquire for her until she failed to come home in time to prepare supper.

Mrs. Margaret Plouse was Miss Margaret Clawson before her marriage.

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