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    Hastings Tribune, 8 Jun 1894, Page 1, Contributed by Lisa Baker

Death of Dr. Philippi.

The death of Dr. M. F. Philippi, formerly of this place, was briefly mentioned in last week’s TRIBUNE. The sad particulars of his death are as follows:

He had gone to Venezuela some time ago, hoping thereby to improve his failing health and at the same time to secure the adjustment of a claim against the Venezuelan Government for the value of property destroyed for him in the revolution in that country last summer. His health did not improve, and he was advised by physicians there to go at once to southern California, where the climatic conditions are more favorable to consumptives. The Doctor, however, remained in Venezuela until he had secured an adjustment of his claim by an award of $9,000, $1000 of which he received down, and the balance will be paid to his heirs in installments of $400 per month. He then started at once for home, and on Wednesday of last week his wife received a telegram advising her to meet him at Bellwood. She at once went to that place and found her husband ill at a hotel. On Thursday morning he was taken home at his own request and on Thursday night he died, having been able to speak only a few words after reaching home.

Dr. Philippi was a gentleman of rare mental attainments, experience and professional ability. During his short stay in Hastings he made many friends whose esteem and admiration for the man will add to their sorrow caused by his sad and untimely death. He leaves a wife and two children to morn [sic] their irreparable loss.

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