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LaBOLL, Children of Ernest

    Hastings Tribune, 23 Feb 1894, Page 1, Contributed by Lisa Baker


Three Little Children Burned to Death in the House of Their Parents.

On Friday night a fearful calamity befell [sic] the family of Ernest LaBoll, a French miner living in his place, and left him and his young wife homeless and childless.

About 7 o’clock on that evening LaBall and his wife, in company with the latter’s sister, who lives at the Caire Ovens, left their home and went to a near neighbor’s, leaving their three little children sleeping quietly in one of the rooms on the first floor. Less than an hour afterward they discovered their house on fire, and the flames so far advanced that they were already breaking out of the upstairs windows, and the interior of the house was a mass of flames.

A large crowd soon collected, but it was utterly impossible to do anything, either to save the children or the house, so rapidly had the fire spread. Willing hands soon ripped the siding off the house near where the bed containing the children was known to be, and a hideous sight disclosed itself. On the bare springs of the bed were seen the charred bodies of the children wrapped in flames. No water was to be had, but snow was thrown on the bodies sufficient to prevent them from being further burned, and as soon as possible they were taken from the ruins of the house and prepared for burial. The children were two boys and a girl, the latter being four years of age, while the boys were aged six years and nineteen month respectfully. Their remains were interred the next day in the Catholic cemetery at this place.

The origin of the fire is a mystery, but it is supposed to have been caused by the explosion of a lamp, as one was left lighted in the room next to where the children slept. The loss was complete, and will reach about $600, which is fully covered by insurance.

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