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SINGER, William

    Ebensburg Alleghanian, 16 Jan 1862, Contributed by Patty Millich

Sudden Death

On Tuesday night of last week, a well known citizen of Allegheny township named William Singer came to a sudden and untimely demise. The following are the particulars concerning the case as far as we have been able to arrive at them: The deceased left Loretto in the evening in company with several others in a sled for Cresson, with the avowed intention of enlisting in some military company. Having imbibed immoderately before starting, it is supposed he became stupefied on the road; at all events, he fell from his seat in the sled to the bed beneath, where he was permitted to remain until the end of the journey.

On arriving at Cresson and attempting to rouse him to consciousness, it was discovered that the vital spark had fled - that his restless and perturbed spirit had winged its way to the unseen world. An inquest was held on the remains and the jury returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased added another to the list of victims of the infernal demon of Intemperance.

The deceased was probably about 50 years old. In his earlier days he achieved considerable local celebrity by his exploits as a pedestrian. On one occasion he entered into a wager to walk from Wilmore to this place - a distance of ten miles - in a half hour. He went over the ground in precisely thirty-seven minutes - failing to come up to the conditions of the bet, but doing the most extraordinary and considerably the tallest walking on record. It is also asserted that he once walked from Pittsburg to Munster - a distance of eighty miles in one day - between sunrise and sunset.

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