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JONES, Daniel D.

    Ebensburg Alleghanian, 16 Jun 1864, Contributed by Patty Millich

Capt. Daniel D. Jones

We have refrained from particularly mentioning the death of this gallant soldier, who was reported killed in the battle of the Wilderness, May 6th, in the hope that he might turn up only temporarily missing; but the flight of over a month since he was last seen or heard of forces upon us the sad conviction that he is gone and forever! He fell on the second day of the fighting. It will be remembered that shortly after Gen. Grant's army had crossed the Rapidan the 11th Penna. Reserves (of Co. A of which the deceased was commander) together with several other regiments were surrounded by the enemy and were obliged to cut their way out. It was there Capt. Jones gave up his life, where the death bolts fell thickest and fastest in the discharge of his duty. He had served nearly three years in the army. When the "Cambria Guards," of Ebensburg were organized in June, 1861, in response to the President's earliest call for troops, he was among the first to enroll his name. With no other motive than the promotion of his country's honor, glory and prosperity, he enlisted as a private, but upon the election of company officers, was chosen second Sergeant. He was subsequently advanced to the first Sergeantship then to a Lieutenancy and ultimately to the Captaincy. He participated in all the hard fought engagements of the Army of the Potomac up to the period of his death and was severely wounded at Bull Run the second. In February last he was home here on a brief visit and on looking on his cheerful manly features, our fervent prayer was may he be spared! But no; it had been [remainder of sentence faded] to be saved and it was freely poured forth.

The gallant soul has passed from earth; the brave heart, once filled with patriotic emotion now beats not even responsive to his country's good. While we mourn the sad necessity which thus consigns to an early grave one we knew and loved so well, we rejoice that it is allowed unto man to die in so glorious a cause as the vindication of the thrice blessed principles of Union and Liberty. And although his last resting place be in the trenches, along with the thousands who fell with him, his monument will it not remain in the hearts of his countrymen - a monument bearing the simple inscription, "He died for the truth!"

The deceased was the third son of Mr. Daniel Jones of Cambria township and was aged 26 years. Besides a father and mother and brothers and sisters, he leaves a young wife, to whom he had been married but four months, to mourn his loss. May the wind be tempered in mercy to all these, that they may know and understand that the great Disposer of Events suffers no one thing to be done needlessly or lacking a high and holy purpose.

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