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ROSE, Martha T. (Given)

    Johnstown Tribune, 28 Jan 1886, Contributed by Sharon Trosan

Johnstown Tribune, Johnstown, PA; Thursday, Jan 28, 1886

Mrs. Wesley J. ROSE

It is with no ordinary feeling of sorrow that is community will receive the announcement of the death of Mrs. Martha T., wife of Mr. Wesley J. ROSE. Her illness was of long duration and was attended with a complication of maladies, but she bore up under her afflictions so stoutly and so uncomplainingly that even the members of her own family--devoted husband, faithful, watchful daughters, and loving sons--were not prepared to see her pass away so soon, though well knowing that her time on earth was short. Death came at 10:15 o'clock this morning, and the tired, patient sufferer, her life work done, passed gently and peacefully to her final rest.

Mrs. Rose's maiden name was Martha T. Given. Her father was the late Judge Robert Given. She was born at Armagh, Indiana County, PA on the 16th of September, 1825, and at the time of her death was aged sixty years four months and twelve days. She is survived by her husband and nine children, namely: Mrs. E. F. Young, wife of Samuel E. Young; John M. Rose, Esq; Mrs. Emma J., wife of Mr. James S. Gallagher; Mrs. Maggie F., wife of Mr. E. P. Ellis, of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Harry G. Rose, Esq; Walter E., Annie M., Robert Given, and Frank Z.

Mrs Rose's loss will be deeply felt far outside of her own family circle, in which she exercised such gentle yet perfect sway that while directing her onerous domestic affairs, counseling her husband, and molding the lives of her large brood of children there was never a clash or jar. Her perfect mastery over a naturally strong will enabled her to control and guide with the least possible show of authority, and the smallest wish of her who now lies dead was law among her loved ones. No one ever saw her unjustly indignant or angry and it is even said they she never spoke a harsh word to a living soul. Everybody who knew her was her friend and she was often approached for advice and counsel, which she freely gave. Women of Mrs. Rose's mold are rare. She had her work to do and performed it nobly. Never shirking a duty or shrinking from a responsibility, her life was full and round and complete, and well has earned the peace and bliss of heaven.

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