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LINK, Peter

    Cambria Freeman, 19 May 1905, Contributed by Patty Millich

Dies from His Injuries

Peter Link Who was Fatally Hurt While Playing Ball at Patton Last Saturday Expired at 6:11 O'clock Tuesday Evening. Funeral Today.

Peter Link, one of Ebensburg's most popular young men, died in the Palmer House at Patton on Tuesday evening at about 6 o'clock from injuries received while playing ball at Patton on Saturday afternoon.

The game was played between the Patton baseball club and a like organization from St. Francis College of Loretto. The latter nine had several substitute players, among whom were Peter Link of Ebensburg and James Dougherty of Hollidaysburg, both of whom were playing in centre and left
field respectfully in the second inning when the accident occurred. The Patton Team were at bat and a fly ball was knocked out into the field between Messrs. Link and Dougherty. Both men ran rapidly after the fly and when they were close together, Peter Link crouched down on one knee and drew back as if to let Dougherty catch the ball. Just as he did so Dougherty, who was almost upon him, made an effort to jump to the side and catch the ball. In doing this Link and Dougherty came together violently, the latter's knee striking Peter Link under the chin on the left side of the jaw. Dougherty caught the ball but the force of the collision turned him over a couple times. Peter link was prostrated by the blow and when Dougherty ran over to him and spoke to him he received no reply. All efforts to arouse the young man failed. Doctors were summoned and the helpless man was removed to the Palmer House and although everything that human skill and kindness could do for him was done, all effort to revive him proved futile.

A close examination by the physicians showed that Mr. Link had received a fracture of the skull and that something in the nature of a blood clot caused the paralysis of the right side of his body and deprived him of the power of speech. The trouble seemed to be deeply seated at the interior portion of the brain and from the first his injuries were believed to be fatal.

On Monday evening the young man seemed to recognize the members of his family who were summoned to his bedside. He also gave signs of recognition of other friends who went from Ebensburg to see him. When his parents or a friend spoke to him, although he could not return their greeting, he clasped their hands with his left hand and opened his eyes as if to greet them as best he could. Another sad incident which showed his consciousness occurred when one of his sister sat by his bed side. He had been holding her hand in his own and upon coming in contact with her ring, removed it from her finger and placed it upon his own with a smile.

He lingered in this condition until Tuesday when about noon he took a sinking spell and those about him could plainly see that his dissolution was near at hand. At times he seemed to suffer much pain but bore it with that patience and fortitude which was one of the bright characteristics of his life and a short time after 6 o'clock Tuesday evening, the summons of death came to him and his immortal soul passed into the great beyond.

Peter Link was a printer by trade and up until the sad accident occurred was a faithful employee in the office of THE FREEMAN. He was capable and efficient and always attentive to his duties. His pleasant personality contributed much toward making our duties in the office a pleasure. Among his many friends who will miss him, there are perhaps none who will miss him more than his old companions in THE FREEMAN office where the greater portion of his time was spent. But as in death, there is life and rest, so may it be to his soul. For

"Death is the part where all may refuge find
The end of labor entry unto rest
Death hath the bounds of misery confi'd
Where sanctuary shrouds [word faded] the best."

His funeral took place at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning, a solemn high mass being celebrated at the Church of the Holy Name of which the deceased was a member, by Rev. Father Fox of Ebensburg; Father Farrell of Spangler and Father Davies of Vintondale. After the mass the remains were interred in the new Catholic cemetery.

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