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    Cambria Freeman, 6 Feb 1903, Contributed by Patty Millich


A disastrous and fatal wreck was caused by a runaway freight train on the Scalp Level railroad at Summit at 5 o'clock Friday morning. An engine and eighteen cars went over the embankment and one man was killed and four men were injured. The train was coming toward South Fork, and in coming down the steep mountain grade, it got beyond the control of the crew. Running almost a mile a minute it struck a curve at Summit and the engine and eighteen cars went over the embankment, piling up in an almost inextricable mass of wreckage. The train's crew was carried over with it and it is a miracle that any of them escaped alive. Brakeman L. White was killed and his body was not recovered until four o'clock in the afternoon. Engineer F. White was scalded about the body before he succeeded in extricating himself. E. M. Walker, conductor and in charge of the train, was so badly injured that he died on Friday evening at 5:30 o'clock at the Cambria hospital in Johnston, where he had been taken during the day. Flagman W. A. Miller and Brakeman D. B. Boyles escaped with a shaking up and badly bruised. The dead brakeman and injured trainmen were all residents of South Fork. Conductor Walters was twenty-four years old and is survived by his widow and two children.

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