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GEORGE, Lonnie

    North Cambria News, 17 Mar 1916, Contributed by Lisa Baker

Boy Kills Self After Spanking.

Indignant because his father spanked him for chewing tobacco, Lonnie George, 11-year-old son of R. H. George, a Cherry Tree jeweler, penned two brief notes to his parents Saturday morning and shot himself through the heart with his father’s revolver. The body was found in the kitchen when Mr. and Mrs. George went home late that night.

Although Mr. George is in business at Cherry Tree, the family resides on a farm about two miles north of Cherrytree. Lonnie was the only child.

Of late Mrs. George has been accompanying her husband to town and clerking in the store. On Saturdays the boy was left at home to take care of the house. It is believed that he shot himself a few minutes after his father and mother started for town.

One of the notes found on a kitchen table was addressed to the mother and the other to the father. The former was merely a farewell message, but the latter said that the lad could not endure being punished, even if he did chew tobacco, and that he was going to “end it all.”

On the same table where the notes were found there was a dish containing rat poison, but it is not known whether the boy took any of it. A razor was discovered on the floor a few feet from the body, but it had not been used.

George said that he had punished his son for chewing tobacco.

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