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    Ebensburg Democrat & Sentinel, 3 Aug 1859, Contributed by Lisa Baker

Death of an Old Citizen

Mr. John Glass, one of the Pioneers of this County, died at his residence in Alleghany township, near Loretto, on Thursday the 28th ultimo, in his 87 year of his age. He emigrated to this County some time during the year 1801, four years before the organization of the County, and a short time after Rev. D.A. Gallitzin commenced his settlement at Loretto. The territory now included within the limits of Cambria County then contained only a few hundred inhabitants scattered over a large scope of territory. They encountered all the privations to which the first settlers of the Western portion of Pennsylvania wre subject. But few of the present inhabitants of this County, can properly appreciate all the trials, privations and dangers, which its pioneers encountered and overcame. Mr. Glass settled on a tract of land near Loretto and by his own unaided exertions, succeeded in opening what is now one of the largest and most productive farms in Alleghany township. He was a strictly honest man, a good neighbor and a sincere but unostentations Christian. His remains were followed to their last resting place, by a large concourse of his relatives and neighbors, who long had loved and esteemed him. Of him it might with truth by said that

"His youth was innocent; his riper age
Marked with some act of goodness every day,
And Watched by eyes that loved him calm and sage,
Faded his late declining years away,
Cheerful he gave his being up and went,
To Share the holy rest, that waits a life well spent."

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