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    Ebensburg Democrat & Sentinel, 9 Sep 1857, Contributed by Lisa Baker

On Sabbath morning 6th inst., in Ebensburg, Mrs. JANE DAVIS, wife of Mr. Robert Davis, in the 32nd year of her age.

The subject of this notice has for many years been an active and useful member of the Presbyterian Church of this place; and ever maintained a walk and conversation becoming the gospel. She was an amiable and affectionate wife, a kind and faithful mother, a true and constant friend. Her fine qualities of mind and heart were adorned with the influences of divine grace which made her greatly endeared to the member so the church, and a delightful shepherd and beloved. For the considerable time her delicate health admonished her that her time on hearth would be short, and she diligently prepared to meet her God.

In death, as is life, she bore testimony to the power of grace to sustain, and comfort, and cheer the weary and heavy laden sinner. And with her heart fixed upon Christ above, she breathed her last on the morning of the Sabbath, and entered on that rest that remains for the people of God. In this bereavement an attached husband, and two loving children of tender years, her parents, and sisters feel what no language can express, but the sorrow not as others who have no hope. It is only the body which is the prisoner of the grave; the better part, the immortal spirit is fine, and now inherits the promise in heaven. Revelation throws ways of glorious light around the grave, and hope looks away beyond the things that are even to that happy morning when the dead in Christ shall arise, and be made like him. Then all his people appears with him in glory.

"Thus died, lamented, in the prime of life,
A valued mother and a faithful wife,
Called not away, when time has loosed each hold
On the fond heart, and each desire grew cold;
But when to all that knit us to our kind,
She felt fast bound, as charity can bind;
Not when the ills of age, its pains, its care,
The drooping spirit for its fate prepare;
But all her ties the strong invader broke,
in all their strength by one tremendous stroke;
Sudden and swift the eager past came on,
And terror grew, and every hope was gone;
Still those around appeared for hope to seek
But viewed the sick, and were afraid to speak."

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