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BRADY, Hugh (Gen.)

    Ebensburg Mountain Sentinel, 17 Apr 1851, Contributed by Lisa Baker

We regret to record the death of that gallant veteran, which occurred at Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday late, by a fall from his carriage. Few now living have served their country longer or more faithfully than Gen. BRADY, and few have encountered more perils in many a hard fought field. He escaped them all, however, to meet with an accidental death when apparently free from all danger.

Gen. B. was born in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, and was at the time of his death, over eighty years of age. He entered the army March 16, 1792, as an ensign of infantry. He served with credit up to the time of the war with Great Britain, and on the 6th of July 1812, he was appointed Colonel of the 22d infantry. In the battle of Chippewa he headed that regiment which was almost annihilated in that hard fought field, the Colonel himself being severely wounded. His rank in the line even since the war, has been that of Colonel (of the 2nd infantry), although by brevet he has held the rank of Brigadier General, since July 6, 1822.

Gen. BRADY had not for many years performed any active duty. His headquarters have been at Detroit for a long time, and he contributed greatly to preserving peace on the frontier during the "patriot" disturbances in Canada. During the administration of Gov. Ritner, his native State, in tardy acknowledgement of his services to his country, presented him with a splendid sword. in Detroit where Gen. BRADY was best known, he enjoyed the high esteem of every citizen, as a brave soldier, and an upright, honorable man.
Pennsylvanian. [newspaper]

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