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MILLER, George C.

    Johnstown Daily Tribune, 6 Dec 1890, Page 1, Contributed by Sue Elliott

At ten minutes after 2 o'clock this afternoon Mr. George C. Miller, City Treasurer, passed peacefully away. To the last he did not give up hope, and was perfectly conscious and rational up to within half an hour of his death.

Mr. Miller was born in Johnstown about thirty-five years ago. He obtained his education in the common schools, and took a commercial course in Duff's College at Pittsburgh. His first employment was as a moulder in the foundry of the Cambria Iron Company, where is father worked and still works, and then he assisted the late Henry Zimmerman at the shears. Here his fine handwriting and methodical habits attracted the attention of Mr. Alex. Hamilton, Superintendent of the Rolling Mill, who obtained for him a clerical position in the Company's office. From there he went to the First National Bank, holding a responsible position in it for several years and giving it up on account of ill health.

Dr. James J. Fronheiser, at that time Superintendent of the Company's blast furnaces, gladly gave the young man work as timekeeper, which afforded him plenty of exercise, but still he did not improve. Then, by the advice of his physicians, he took a trip to Colorado, remaining a year, and working for the Colorado Iron & Steal Company in Pueblo, having charge of the shipping department. Mr. Miller gained strength in Colorado, and when he returned he considered himself a well man. This was about 1885, Mr. Miller subsequently held the position of shipping clerk at Moxham, and was later chosen by Postmaster Herman Baumer as chief clerk in the post-office, but the work was too confining and he gave it up. Since then he had been variously engaged. In February last he was the candidate of the Democratic party for Treasurer of the new city, and was elected, giving the best of satisfaction in the position, which, had he lived, he would have held for two years from next April.

In 1883 Mr. Miller was married to Kate, daughter of the late Conrad Raab, the well-known Washington street landlord. He has one child - a daughter, Freda - six years old. His mother died five years ago. His father - Mr. William Miller - as stated, is still living. Mrs. Max Heubach is a sister of the deceased. Another sister is Mrs. Ida Gahm, of Baltimore. The brother is William, a farmer, near Salina, Kansas, who was here two weeks ago and is at present on a visit to Baltimore.

Mr. Miller was a man of spotless character and unimpeachable integrity. He was the friend of everybody and everybody was his friend, and the death of no one of our people would have caused greater pain among a larger number.

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