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PARK, William G.

    Cambria Freeman, 22 Jan 1909, Contributed by Patty Millich

W. G. Park Sleeps and Never Awakes

Brother of D. E. Park of Ebensburg Dies at His Pittsburg Home

An Active Life Closed

William G. Park of Pittsburg, Chairman of the Crucible Steel Company, one of the best known steel men in the country and a brother of David E. Park, who spends the summer months in Ebensburg, died at his home on the Northside, Pittsburg, Thursday afternoon.

Scarcely knowing an hour of sickness in his life, about noon Tuesday Mr. Park, who was in his office in the Frick building, complained of a pain about his heart. He returned to his home in company with his brother, David E. Park, and arriving there, said he felt much better. He laid down on his couch and was soon asleep. David E. Park returned to the city, but before he reached his offices, William G. Park was dead. Neuralgia of the heart is assigned as the cause of death.

The dead Pittsburger was the son of James Park, Jr. and Sarah Park, who were among the early residents of Pittsburg. Besides his brother, D. E. Park, the dead man is survived by a number of other brothers and sisters. The deceased was born March 20, 1849.

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