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BOYD, Walter L.

    Johnstown Tribune, 29 Mar 1909, Contributed by Sharon Trosan

BOYD, Walter L., Strychnine poisoning in cheap candy, it is believed but has not been positively ascertained, caused the death of Walter L. Boyd, the five-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Boyd, of this town , at 1 o’clock this morning.

While the father was at work and the mother away from the house, the child, according to the story he told his mother soon after he was taken ill, ate some ‘black candy.” What the “black candy” was or where he got it has not yet been learned, but Drs. Sutcliffe and Stewart, who were called in on the case yesterday afternoon, said that the symptoms strongly indicated poison and it is the opinion of some that the candy contained the deadly substance. The boy was taken sick about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and died in convulsions.

Deputy coroner H. B. Mainhart, of Johnstown, has been notified of the death and the circumstances and it is probable an autopsy will be conducted for the purpose of examining the stomach. If it is established that death was the result of strychnine poisoning from the candy, the investigation will probably be carried further in an effort to learn where the candy came from. The body has been prepared for burial by Undertaker C. O. Dimond and will be buried on Monday morning in the South Fork Cemetery.

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