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HANDCUFF, William R.

    Cambria Freeman, 22 Jan 1892, Contributed by Lisa Baker

Frozen to Death.

William R. Handcuff, of Altoona, who was 62 years of age on April last, and weak-minded because of a paralytic stroke sustained some time ago, wandered away from his home on the second day of this month, and despite all search, was not found until Saturday morning, when, as was feared, he was found dead and frozen to the ground. On that day Scout Musselman went to one of the fills made for the new tracks of the Pennsylvania railroad across toward the hill from Blair furnace, for the purpose of skating, and here, lying on the snow, was the body of the unfortunate man, frozen stiff, and so firmly fastened to the ground by the ice that it was with difficulty that it was removed. Coroner Poet was notified, and going to the scene, empanelled a jury of inquest, who, after hearing the evidence obtainable, rendered a verdict that the deceased had come to his death from expose and natural causes. -- Holidaysburg Register.

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