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WARSING, William

    Johnstown Tribune, 27 Sep 1909, Contributed by William Hearn


Five-Year-Old Morrellville Tot Said to Have Run in Front of Car --- Thrown Violently to the Pavement

The automobile of Calvin Overdorff, with his brother Lincoln at the steering wheel, about 3:45 o'clock this afternoon, at the corner of Chandler avenue and Garfield street, stuck and instantly killed William, the five-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Warsing, of Garfield street. The Overdorff brothers say they were going down Chandler avenue and were running slowly because of the presence of a number of children along the thoroughfare, the lower grades of the schools having been just dismissed. The Warsing child, who was playing on the sidewalk with other children, suddenly darted out into the street and directly in front of the machine. The child, struck a glancing blow, was thrown to the street with great force. The back of its head struck the brick pavement, fatal injury to the brain resulting. The Messrs. Overdorff stopped their car, picked up the boy, and hurried with him to the office of Dr. A. S. Fichtner. All efforts to revive the lad were in vain, however, and he died within a few minutes. The police and Deputy Corner Mainhart were notified of the fatality.

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