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Obituary Index Explanation

    If your great Aunt Agatha was born in Cambria County, but died in Florida, with her only obituary printed in a Florida newspaper, we will NOT include her on this index.
    Needless to say, this list is not all-inclusive. We're (slowly) gathering obits from other pages within the Cambria County website and adding them. If you have any obituaries you would like to have added to this listing, please send a typed copy of the obit. Be sure to include the name of the newspaper and the publication date. A scan is not necessary unless the obituary is dated before 1924 and you want it included in the index.
    The original data from this list (1993-2006) came from data that was contributed by Lisa Baker, Martha Humenik, Cathy Makara & Norine Swisher.

Name as it appears in the obituary. Note that we will include a maiden name for a female if it is included or implied (gives a full name of a brother). If there is a link (the name is underlined), there will be more information on this obituary available on these pages.
blank An index entry only. Just a pointer to where an obituary is available.
B Both a full transcription and a scan of the obituary. This is only available for obituaries appearing in the newspaper before 1924.
E Extract only. Full obituary is not available here, probably due to copyright restrictions (the obituary appeared in the newspaper after 1923). Names and dates have been extracted from the obituary.
T Full transcription of the obituary. This is only available if the obituary appeared in the newspaper before 1924.
Age as it appears in the newspaper article.
Death Date:
Death date as it is listed in the newspaper. If a death date can be deduced from the article (newspaper was printed on a Thursday, and said "died Tuesday", we may list the death date).
Obit Date:
Date the obituary appeared in the paper. In some cases, in our original index (1993-2006), the date appearing here may actually be a death date, and, the obituary may appear in the paper that day or up to a few days after this date.
A Code for the name of the newspaper where the obituary appeared. For a list of the currently available newspaper names and codes see: List of Newspapers. If we need to add another Cambria County publication, please let us know.
The page number of the newspaper that the obituary appeared, if known.
A "Y" in this column indicates that a photo of the person was printed with the obituary.
The name of the (first) person contributing this information to the web pages.
(For future use)

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