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Obituary Index

    The obituaries listed below are from Cambria County newspapers only.
    The listing is not complete, but it is a continuing project. We are gathering obituaries from other pages within the website, and kind volunteers are contributing more information. New listings are added almost daily. If you don't find what you need now, please check back often.
    A more complete index for several of the local newspapers can be found on the Blacklick Township webpages (see bottom of the page). This is a listing only and does not include scans or extracts.
    If you have some obits you would like added, please send us a typed transcript of the obituary. You must include the name of the newspaper and the date of the publication. Scans of obits dated before 1924 can be added, but they aren't a requirement to have your information added. Obituaries not published within Cambria County will be returned to you.
    If you would like a copy of any obituary listed here, you can:
    (1) Contact your local library to see if they can order a copy of the microfilm containing the issue of the paper you're interested in.
    (2) Contact the Johnstown Library or the Cambria County Historical Society. For a fee, they will check their microfilm and files. Links to their websites (with a listing of their copy/research fees) can be found at:
    (3) Ask on the Cambria County mailing list or Cambria County boards to see if someone can provide the copy for you.
    (4) If the obituary is part of a 'collection', follow the link provided for that item and request a copy.
    This obituary index was compiled by Lynne Canterbury, Patty Millich, Diann Olsen, and Sharon Trosan. Most of the original data from this list (1993-2006) came from information contributed by Lisa Baker, Martha Humenik, Cathy Makara, James Rosenbaum & Norine Swisher.

Terms Used
Name as it appears in the obituary. Note that we will include a maiden name for a female if it is included or implied (gives a full name of a brother). If there is a link (the name is underlined), there will be more information on this obituary available on these pages.
blank An index entry only. Just a pointer to where an obituary is available.
B Both a full transcription and a scan of the obituary. This is only available for obituaries appearing in the newspaper before 1924.
E Extract only. Full obituary is not available here, probably due to copyright restrictions (the obituary appeared in the newspaper after 1923). Names and dates have been extracted from the obituary.
T Full transcription of the obituary. This is only available if the obituary appeared in the newspaper before 1924.
Age as it appears in the newspaper article.
Death Date:
Death date as it is listed in the newspaper. If a death date can be deduced from the article (newspaper was printed on a Thursday, and said "died Tuesday", we may list the death date).
Obit Date:
Date the obituary appeared in the paper. In some cases, in our original index (1993-2006), the date appearing here may actually be a death date, and, the obituary may appear in the paper that day or up to a few days after this date.
A code for the name of the newspaper where the obituary appeared. For a list of the currently available newspaper names and codes see: List of Newspapers. If we need to add another Cambria County publication, please let us know.
The page number of the newspaper that the obituary appeared, if known.
A "Y" in this column indicates that a photo of the person was printed with the obituary.
The name of the (first) person contributing this information to the web pages.
A link code in this column means that you are able to request that a scan of the obituary be emailed to you. See the web page List of Collections for the current list. This is done by volunteers. Please limit your requests, (or space them out over a period of time) so as not to overwhelm the volunteer. Thank you.

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