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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

     The following newspaper clips are from the Johnstown Tribune. No actual dates were given for these articles - just some time during WWII.


     Sergt. Kenneth D. Brallier, and his brother Pvt. Ernest G. Brallier, both of Hollspople, are on duty in the United States Army. The former, stationed at Fort Meade, Md., was a member of the reserves and was called to active service in February, 1941. He previously served an enlistment at the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C. Ernest was inducted last May 29 and is attending the radio school at Fort Knox, Ky. The boys are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brallier.


     Pvt. Clair M. Deyarmin, son of Mr. And Mrs. John F. Deyarmin of Cramer is serving with the armed forces in England, according to word received by his parents. Pvt. Deyarmin was inducted into the Army on Jan. 4, 1942, and received training at Atlantic City, N. J.; Reno, Nev., and Fresno, Cal. Before entering the service he was a star route mail carrier.


     Dr. Robert R. Geer of Viewmont recently was elevated from the rank of first lieutenant to that of captain and assigned at the same time as surgeon of a headquarters squadron of the 60th Troop Carrier Wing of the Army Air Forces, located at Maxton, N. C. His wife and daughter, Judith Ann, are residing in Fayetteville, N. C. Capt. Geer, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and of the Pitt medical school, interned at Memorial Hospital and before entering the service in December, 1942, was associated in practice here with his brother, Dr. Frank Geer Jr. Capt. Geer also was formerly active in the local Junior Chamber of Commerce.


     LT. (JG) Gerald Glosser of 243 Tioga St., general merchandise manager of Glosser Bros. Since 1935, is at Rabson Institute, near Boston, Mass., undergoing Navy indoctrination training. Lt. Glosser reported for training Jan. 17. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Glosser, his father being a member of the firm of Glosser Bros. Lt. Glosser is a graduate of Kiski Prep School and Penn State College and did graduate work at Babson Institute. He is married to the former Silvia Gitlin and they one son, Jeffrey Mark, aged seven.


     Leo G. Harris and his brother, V. Paul Harris, both of 555 Forest Avenue, are on duty with Uncle Sam's fighting forces. The former enlisted in the Navy August 26 and is training at Great Lakes, Ill. Paul was inducted into the Army the latter part of last month and left the New Cumberland Reception Center recently for a training camp. Both boys are graduates of Hellwood High School, class of 1941.


     Lieut. Jack F. Hill has returned to duty as an instructor in the Eastern Signal Corps School at Fort Monmouth, N. J., after spending a 10-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hill of 811 Ash Street. He joined the armed forces in January, 1941, and received his basic training at Fort Benning, Ga. In March, 1942, he entered the officer candidate school at Fort Monmouth and graduated with a commission as second Lieutenant in July.


     Miss Hazel Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Hughes of Lilly, has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Army Nurses Corps and will report for active duty next Thursday at Fort Belvoir, Va.

     Lieutenant Hughes graduated from Lilly High School in 1936 and the Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1939. She since has been engaged as assistant supervisor of the "out patient" department of Montefiore Hospital, Pittsburgh. The Lilly nurse visited last weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gindlesperger of Fairfield Avenue, Johnstown.


     Pvt. Henry J. Klinar and his brother, Pfc. Martin C. Klinar, sons of Mr. And Mrs. Martin Kilnar of Petoria, near Hollsopple, are on duty with the U. S. Army. The former is now stationed in England. He was inducted last May, took his basic training at Ft. Eustis, Va., and served at Ft. Meade, Md., before going overseas. Henry attended Conemaugh Twp. High School, and worked in Bethlehem's Johnstown Plant before entering service. Martin is a radio operator in the air forces at Redding, Cal. He joined the Army in November, 1942.


     Lee M'Killip, hospital apprentice first class, of New Florence recently spent an 11-day leave with his wife, the former Adabelle Galvin, and daughter after completing his recruit training at Great Lakes, Ill. Upon returning to Great Lakes the sailor was to be assigned to a naval hospital. He is a graduate of Derry High School and was formerly employed by Berkebile Bros. in Seward.


     Walter R. Miller, 18, seaman second class and son of Mr. And Mrs. Walter W. Miler, 408 Ebensburg Rd., was honored at a recent party at his home upon his departure for the naval training station at Great Lakes, Ill. He had previously completed his boot training at the base and was granted leave. The occasion also marked the 17th birthday anniversary of his sister, Miss Betty Miller.

     Attending were Marie and Catherine Frear, Margaret Vonau, Vera Lee, Frances Morabita, Mary Blanche O'Donnell, Dorothy and Marie Gehring, Sun Ann Little, Anna Catherine Dickert, Lysander Lee, John Thomas, Calvin Webb, William Webb, Ralph Yost, Joe Hanna, Thomas Mass, Lanford A. Mishler, Thomas Reynolds, and R. C. Wainwright.


     Pvt. Elmer J. Musselman, 18, son of Mrs. Margie Musselman, of 517 _ower St., has returned to Fort Eustis, Va., after spending a weekend pass at his home. Pvt. Musselman was inducted into the Army on Sept. 16 and in civilian life by employed by the Bethlehem Steel Company.


     Pvt. Harold Plummer, 22, and his brother, Apprentice Seaman Gerald Plummer, 17, are serving in the Army Air Force and Navy, respectively. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plummer of 312 Wood Street. Harold enlisted in the Air Force last March and is in training at Gardner Field, Cal. Gerald entered service during Navy Week last July, took his recruit training at Newport, R. I., and is now attending radio school in Boston, Mass.


     Two sons of Mr. And Mrs. Patsy Pollino of 1095 Lenhart St. spent the holidays at home with their parents and have returned to duty at their respective naval posts.

     Cozy A. Pollino, 24, fireman second class, entered the service on Sept. 24, 1943, received his boot training at the U. S. Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Ill., and at present is attending the service school there. Fireman Pollino is a graduate of Johnstown High School, class of 1937, and is married . . . [rest of article is missing]


     H. Stanley Pringle, son of Mrs. Margaret Pringle of Vinco and now, serving with the Navy on Bouganville, has been promoted from the rating of fireman first class to that of machinist mate third class.

     During the 10 months in which the sailor has been on duty overseas, he has met Don Garland of Conemaugh, R. D. 1 and Darl Gillen of Parkhill, both members of the Army.

     Machinist Mate Pringle entered the Navy in April, 1943. He is a graduate of Conemaugh High School, where he was active in football and basketball. Before entering the service he was employed by the Atlantic & Pacific Stores of Johnstown.


     Sgt. And Mrs. Paul F. Recktenwald recently returned to St. Louis, Mo., where the former rejoined his headquarters squadron, following a visit with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. C. F. Recktenwald, 771 Grove Ave.

     The visiting couple were united in marriage at a double-ring ceremony on July 31 at a chapel at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., by Rev. Father H. J. Hanley, chaplain. The bride, who visited Johnstown for the first time, is the former Jessie Pauline Sivak, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sivak, Marissa, Ill.

     Sgt. Recktenwald entered the service on Oct. 13, 1941, and received his basic training at Camp Lee, Va. He has been stationed in Missouri for the past 18 months.


     Pvt. Richard E. Roesch, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Roesch of 530 Sherman St., returned to his studies at the University of Minnesota after completing a furlough at his home. Now enrolled in the Army specialized training program, he was inducted into military service on Jan. 15, 1943. The soldier is a graduate of Johnstown High School and formerly was employed by the Bethlehem Steel Company in its Johnstown Plant.


     Pfc. Roesch, 21-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Roesch, 530 Sherman St., was wounded slightly Nov. 12 in France. He was graduated from Johnstown High School and was working in Johnstown Plant, Bethlehem Steel Co., when he entered the Army Jan. 16, 1943. The soldier went overseas with an infantry unit two months ago.


     Pvt. Donald J. Shearman, son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shearman of Johnstown R. D. 1, has been transferred from Parris Island, S. C., to guard duty at the Navy Building, Washington, D. C. Prior to joining the Marine Corps last July 20, he was employed in Bethlehem's Johnstown Plant, The marine had won awards in pistol and rifle sharpshooting, hand grenade, and bayonet-practice. He spent a brief visit with his family before reporting for his new assignment in Washington and was honored at a dinner at the Shearman home. Private Shearman entertained at the affair with guitar and vocal selections. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Shearman and children - Kenneth, Shirley and Donnie, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller and children Teddy and Frances, Donald Shearman and Dora Kreeman.


     Sergt. John P. Thomas, son of Mrs. Mary Thomas of 170 Benshoff Street, has been assigned to overseas duty with the Army Air Force. He was stationed last at Walter Boro, S. C. The soldier received his silver wings as an aerial gunner and was promoted to the grade of a sergeant last month upon his graduation from a gunnery school. Sergeant Thomas, who is 20 years old, was inducted on May 13, 1942, and took his recruit training at Keesler Field, Miss. He formerly was employed in Bethlehem's Johnstown Plant.


     Pfc. Willard Walker, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Walker, Sr., of Windber R. D. has returned to Camp Stone___, Cal., after spending a four-day furlough at his home. The soldier, who is attached to a support unit, has been stationed in California since he entered the Army on June 5. Before entering the service, Pfc. Walker lived with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Berkey of Windber R. D. 1, and was employed as a truck driver for J. W. Heeter of Rummel.

Submitted by Phyllis Schrock

Johnstown Tribune
1940's (Actual date Unknown)

Local AAF Pilot Participates in Ruse Against Japs

Washington - (AP) - Many a Japanese gun crew, firing at what appeared to be a lonesome and lost Yankee fighter pilot, learned that they merely had fallen for a live bait trick and signaled for their own destruction. The War Department described the ruse today in a story of how Seventh Air Force pilots solved one of the big problems of the Tinian Island invasion operations-hidden machine guns and artillery.

The Thunderbolt pilots went out in teams of four, three flying at very high altitude while the fourth cruised low over areas believed to conceal gun positions. The pilots in the upper air kept a close watch on the decoy plane, and when the Japs began firing at him they came down fast and furiously with wing guns and bombs.

Three such teams knocked out nine machine guns and three anti-aircraft guns and also bombed coastal positions in two hours time on one occasion. The department said these pilots were among those who took part in that expedition:   First Lt. Melvin F. Petty, 539 Rivers St., Scranton, Pennsylvania and 2nd Lt. Charles S. Marcinko, 1132 Bedford St. Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Lt. Marcinko is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marcinko of 1132 Bedford St., Walnut Grove. He entered the service on July 30, 1942 and was sent to the Pacific area shortly after receiving his commission on Nov. 3, 1943.

Submitted by Phyllis Schrock

Johnstown Tribune Democrat
(Date Unknown)

Capt. McLaughlin Wins Army Award

Capt. Robert L. McLaughlin of Johnstown has been awarded the Commendation Ribbon with Metal Pendant by the Secretary of the Army. The officer, a son of Mrs. Agnes C. McLaughlin of 513 Somerset Street, is commanding officer of a Nike-Ajax missle unit in Massachusetts. The citiation accompanying the award said Capt. McLaughlin "exhibited exceptionally meritorious leadership and efficiency on the performance of command duties" from Mar. 27, 1958 to Nov. 6, 1959. The officer was voted "Man of the Year 1959" by the Danvers (Mass.) Community Council which is composed of 35 civic organizations. In August, 1958, he also received an award for the best operational battery at the missle base. Capt. McLaughlin, his wife, the former Elizabeth Schrock of Johnstown, and their three children live in Quincy, Mass. The captain is commanding officer of Battery B, First Missle Battalion of the 57th Artillery of Danvers. He was graduated from Johnstown Catholic High School and University of Pittsburgh. He enlisted in the Army in 1945 and was commissioned a second lietuentant in 1946 after he graduated from Officer Candidate School. He has served overseas in Japan, Germany and Korea.

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