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12 Feb 1915
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Relatives of William Paul,
Who Came to America in 1637,
Are of Opinion That Polly Paul,
Who Was Murdered Near Summerhill in '65,
Was A Descendant

The venerable William W. Paul, a Civil War veteran of Summerhill, is in receipt of an interesting letter from Hosea Paul, of Cleveland, O., who is endeavoring to secure some history of the Paull or Paul family, of America, some of whom are thought to reside in Cambria County. In 1876, Lemuel Paul, Esq., of Janesville, Wisc.; the Hon. George H. Paul, of Milwaukee, Wis.; the Hon. Hilland E. Paul, of Webb, Vt.; A. W. Paul, Esq., of Deghton, Mass.; and the Hon. George Paul, of Columbus, O.; and other gentlemen, began investigation for the purpose of learning their own origin and relation. The results of their labors rapidly accumulated, and in 1879 they printed the facts for private distribution. Since that time, the work has been steadily prosecuted with such seccess that they now hope to speedily complete the history, or "Genealogy of the Paul Family," descendants of William Paul, born 1615. He left Gravesend, England, June 10, 1635, in the ship, "True Love de London" and settled in Taunton, Mass., in 1637.

Mr. Paul, of Summerhill, is asked to furnish information concerning the following:

John White Paul, born at Dighton, Mass., about 1755 (a son of James Paul and his wife, Sarah White Paul), was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was one of the picked men who, under command of General Barton, crossed the British lines in Rhode Island and took General Prescott out of bed at night, a prisoner. He married Anne and had at Dighton, Mass., these sons: John Paul, born January 28, 1779 and Joshua Paul, born September 27, 1780.

He then moved to Westminster, Windham County, Vt., with his family and there had Joseph Paul, born June 20, 1782, who married Polly Small, at Westminister, Vt., April 3, 1803, and had two children -- Sophia Paul, born March 27, 1804, and Fanny Paul, born April 27, 1806.

Benjamin Paul (twin of Joseph), born June 20, 1782, who married Abigal Cary at Westminister, Vt., December 1, 1803.

Anne Paul, born July 4, 1784, and died September 19, 1785.

Anne Paul (another) born June 1, 1786.

Polly Paul, born September 5, 1788.

James Paul, born November 6, 1790.

Asabel Paul, born February 4, 1793.

Betsey Paul, born February 7, 1795.

Sallie Paul, born June 17, 1797.

Sophia Paul, born November 8, 1799, married ----- Irish at Elbridge, N.Y.

John White Paul probably died soon afterward, for his son, Benjamin Paul, sold land in Westminister, as administrator of his father's estate in October 10, 1805.

What became of the family? Where are the descendants of Pauls above named? <> Benjamin Paul, a brother of John White Paul, above named, and son of James Paul and Sarah White Paul (his wife), born in Dighton, Mass, July 2, 1750, is said to have gone to New Jersey before the Revolutionary War.

Zebulon Paul (son of William Paul and Hannah Phillips Paul) born at Dighton, Mass., June 14, 1754; March 8, 1795, was administrator of estate of his brother, Seth Paul, who had lands in Lower Canada.

Hosea Paul has written to W. W. Paul stating that he is of the opinion that the Polly Paul referred to in the circular was the woman who was murdered near Summerhill in the summer of 1865 along with a girl named Cassie Munday, and that Betsey Paul was the wife of John Dunmyers. Polly Paul was over 70 years old at the time of her death. She was a daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Paul, who came to Cambria County from Europe. Miss Paul was a cousin of W. W. Paul, whose parents were Isaac and Sophia Paul. It is believed the committee on investigation has as yet failed to establish any connection with the Paul or Dunmyer families of Cambria County.

The murder of Miss Paul and Miss Munday occurred in Croyle Township in the month of June, 1865, when they were clubbed to death by two men named Howser and Buser. Miss Paul, it was claimed, had a great deal of money about her farm and the men are said to have gone there to rob her. Miss Munday was a girl of 18 years and had been making her home with Miss Paul for some time.


Gordon N. Ramsey, a native of Harrisburg and proprietor of a poolroom at Derry, died one day last week from internal injuries received while coasting. The sled on which he and others were riding upset and Ramsey guiding, was fatally injured. He was 26 years old. A wife about 18 years old to whom he was married last September survived him.

George Comption, of Indiana, fell on the ice last winter and injured his shoulder. A physician reset the dislocated shoulder, but did not discover it was broken. A stiff joint resulted. X-Rays disclosed the trouble and recently Mr. Comption went to the Dixenville Hospital where the shoulder was again broken by the surgeons and reset and everything now points to Mr. Comption again having the full use of his arm.

Mrs. Mary Getty, of Indiana, Thursday, received congratulations from her many friends, the occasion being the 92d anniversary of her birth. "Grandmother" is in excellent health and was able to enjoy her chicken-and-biscuit dinner. She had numerous callers and was the recipient of quite a number of gifts from her thoughtful friends.

Marriage licenses were recently granted the following couples: William M. Thomas and Norah M. Rickard, both of Rayne Township, Frank Smith, of Germantown, Pa., and Eva Johnston, of Indiana; Linus O. Shank, of Clymer, and Nannie E. Donahue, of Dixonville; Robert J. McNutt, of Homer City, and Olive Willmont, of Indiana; John M. Dixon, of Blairsville, and Zora M. Cramer, of Blacklick Township; Frank F. George and Sarah Thomas, both of Saltsburg; Vernon R. Beatty and Fannie M. Skinner, both of Blairsville; Arthur V. Gerhart, of Homer City, and Gail M. Fair, of Center Township.

Harry A. Wimer, of Armstrong Township, has purchased the W. W. Brilhart farm of 43 acres in East Mahoning Township. Mr. Wimer is selling his personal property at public sale on Thursday, February 18, and shortly after that date he expects to move to his farm, which is located near Marion Center.

C. F. Cribbs and wife, of near Smicksburg, were in Indiana last Friday. Mr. Cribbs operates a sawmill and a break in his machinery necessitated a trip to the county seat to secure a new part.

Robert Martin, formerly of Marion Center, brother of J. P. Martin, of Kellysburg, this county, met with a very serious accident at Philadelphia, one day last week, where he has lived for many years. While he and Mrs. Martin were returning home from a meeting at "Billy" Sunday's tabernacle, he was struck by a street car. For a time it was thought he was dead. Life was not extinct, however, and he was taken to a hospital, where he is now on the road to recovery. One leg is fractured in two places, and he was otherwise injured, being unconscious for two days.


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