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12 May 1938
Submitted by Linda Braund


Mary and Joseph, twins of Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan, were pleasantly surprised Sunday evening when a crowd of young folks gathered at their home on Spangler street in observance of their 16th birthday. Music and games were the diversions and a nice lunch was served. The popular twins are members of the sophomore class of Hastings High School.

Guests at the party were: Rose Marie Lkine, Betty Hoover, Christine Abel, Anna Miller, Mildred Link, Mary Louise Baker, Betty Niebauer, Patricia Houck, Emery Bearer, Lester Link, George Link, Angelo Valant, Leo Kline, John Yeager, Robert Niebauer, Robert Houck, Alvin Overberger, and William Sullivan.

Tuesday, 17 May 1938 May 1938
Submitted by Linda Braund


The Senior Class of the Hastings High School will present their annual class play in the Hollywood Theatre next Tuesday evening.

The drama selected for their presentation is a three-act comedy, "Patsy Strings Along," by Len D. Hollister, and is under the direction of Miss K. Pontzer of the English department in the high school.

The case is as follows: Homer Martin, head of Lakeland academy -- Joseph Franklin; Patsy Heath, a vaudeville actress -- Monica Holtz; Mrs. Maria Grout, Martin's housekeeper -- Erma Woodley; Sue Taylor, Mrs. Groat's niece -- Mildred Lloyd; Ted Burns of Yale, an All-American -- Ben Niebauer; Jerry Malone, trainer of the Lakeland team -- Stephen Easly; Charles Proctor, the town shylock, Jacob Kuns; Agatha Poe of the campus candy shoppe -- Patricia McNelis; Burton Adams, president of the Acme Breweries -- John Dobos; Jimmy Porter, news photographer -- Daniel Kelly.


One of the most unusual pieces of architecture to be seen in this vicinity is the new porch which is nearing completion at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Kline on Spangler street.

Built of native field stone, the porch presents an imposing appearance, and lovers of nature's unspoiled products and fine it truly beautiful. All the stone used were obtained from the old Baltzer Kline farm in Elder Township. The late Baltzer Kline was an uncle of I. M. Kline.

Mr. Kline says he always admired the stones when visiting at his uncle's farm and that the old gentleman often told him to help himself if ever he wanted any and so finally Mr. Kline gathered enough during the past two years for a porch. At least 15 stones were handled for every one chosen, Mr. Kline claims, as he was satisfied with only the most unusual ones. And it was well worth his efforts, for the stones used in the structure certainly present a "hand-picked" appearance. Some of them have deep apperatures worn into the surfaces an inch or so in depth and the rough surfaces show that time, through numberless years, has hewn strange figures thereon. Words cannot adequately describe the wild beauty of tis native rock and one must really see it to believe.

Black sand was used in mixing the mortar for the mason work and although this cement now appears gray, it will turn black as it ages.

The side porch has been fitted with huge triple strength glass windows and this enclosed section will be used as a sun porch. The ceiling of this section is finished in an odd manner, with narrow strips added to the face. A rolled shingle roof covers the entire porch.

The Sargent Company, of Nanty Glo, had charge of the mason work, and Kirsch Brothers of Nicktown, are the carpenters. The job when completed will cost in the neighborhood of $1,500, it is entimated.

The Kline home will be newly painted white with a black trim, dirt-resisting paint will be used.


All members of Borough Council and Borough Solicitor George Spence met with officials of the Hastings Electrical Company at Cresson Friday afternoon with the matter of a lower light and power rate for local residents was taken up.

The local delegation informed the company officials that local sentiment demanded immediate action as to reduced electric rate and the reply was that the company officials were expecting a demand from Hastings, but they, officials with whom the local delegation met with, could offer nothing, that the matter would have to be submiteed to the board of directors of the company.

Council asked for a new light and power rate that would favorably compare with the rates in adjoining towns. So as the matter stands, Council will wait for the proposition the light company is expected to submit.


Father Othmar, of St. Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, is spending some time here at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Waltz. The young seminarian, better known here as Raymond Waltz, underwent a mastoid operation in St. Francis Hospital, Pittsburgh, about two months ago, and since that time he has not fully regained his health. His leave of absence from the seminary was granted by the abbott in hopes that the rest at his home would further his recuperation. Father Othmar will be ordained in the priesthood in three years.

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