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6 Feb 1925
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Mr. and Mrs. Lenzia Bonarigo, of Expedit, announce the birth of a son, Francis, on February 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Gillin, of West Point, East Taylor Township, announce the birth of a son, Chalmer Charles, on January 29.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Pardoe, of 512 Sherman street, South Side, announce the birth of a son this morning. Mrs. Pardoe was formerly Miss Frieda Viering.

Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Vickers, of 332 Cooper avenue, announce the birth of a daughter, Catherine, on February 4.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hoffman, of 149 Baumer street, announce the birth of a daughter, Mary Kathryn, on January 29.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeno DeRosa, of 108 Catherine street, announce the birth of a son in Memorial Maternity Hospital on February 5.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kissell, of 815 Von Lunen road, announce the birth of a daughter in Memorial Maternal Hospital on February 6.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Roche, of Detroit, Mich., announce the birth of a daughter of February 5. Mrs. Roche was formerly Miss Helene Schry, a local school teacher and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Schry, of 216 Dibert street.


6 Apr 1925
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Ebensburg, April 6. -- Suit has been entered here by Robert L. Yost against the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co. to recovery $2,807.17 damaged alleged to have been done to his automobile when it was struck by a locomotive of the railroad company at a grade crossing along the highway near Hooversville, Somerset County. The accident occurred July 5, 1924, the complaint states, and it is alleged that the train rounded a curve near the grade corssing at an excessing rate of speed and without any warning sounded. The plaintiff does not allege personal injuries.

23 May 1925
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Miss Anna Dunmyer, of 310 Wood street, Seventh Ward, who underwent an operation recently at the Windber Hospital for appendicitis, is reported to be recovering nicely at the institution.



Feted By 50 Relatives and Friends At Residence In Rural District

Mrs. John R. Griffith was tendered a surprise party at her home in Stonycreek Township last evening, the gathering being made up of about 50 relatives and friends. Among the numerous remembrances Mrs. Griffith received were two large birthday cakes, one the present of her son, John B. Griffith, containing 50 candles. The other was the gift of her two nieces and had her age inscribed across the top.

Musical selections by Mrs. J. Herman Morrow and an octet were the high lights of the affair. The members of the octet were George W. Hershberger, W. Dorsey Walker, Arthur Grambling, Mr. McCracken, Wallace Walker, Elmer Strayer, Thomas Walker and John R. Griffith, with Mrs. Dorsey Walker as painist.

Among those in attendance were the following: Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Marsh and son, Jimmy, Pearl Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. William ahlburn and daughter, Betty; Mr. and Mrs. William C. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Irvin Blough, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Blough and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Herman Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. Moorse S. Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. W. Dorsey Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker, Mrs. J. J. Kaufman, Misses Gertrude Griffith, Cora Blough and Betty Griffith, George W. Hershberger, Mrs. John H. Blough and Mr. and Mrs. John R. Griffith and son, John B. Griffith.


Miss Jane Weimer, daughter of District Attorney and Mrs. D. P. Weimer, of Station street, Ferndale Borough, has as her guests Misses Evelyn Hoke, of Hanover, and Floss Chadwich, of Brownsville, Pa. The girls are former students at Irving College, Mechanicsburg, Pa.


The Cover Hill Fire Company will hold its third annual corn roast and social at the Cover Hill church this evening. The proceeds will go to the building fund. A new building for the truck is to be erected in the near future, with money collected through several socials and suppers.


Completion of the enrollment figures of the Dale Borough Grade and High Schools reveals that the number of students on the roster of both institutions for the full semester is comparatively the same as last fall. The High School student body comprises 125 youths, while a total of 552 students registered to pursue the grade studies, giving the borough schools a total of 677 pupils, according to Supervising Principal J. T. Ruhl. The various phases of supplemental school activities are being organized at present, and will include athletics, dramatics, and musical organizations in the High School.

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