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1 Jan 1917
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Takes French Leave of Detention Room for Second Time;
Picked Up This Morning.

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John Forchak is again in custody. This time John probably will stay put, as he has been turned over to Dr. Bertha Caldwell, the probation officer.

John is the greatest little "jail breaker" the city has entertained for some time. He was arrested in connection with the fire at the Sanner Quality shop Monday. Placed in the juvenile detention room at the Salvation Army headquarters on Main street, he violated a trust there and slipped out late Monday evening.

Tuesday he was recaptured, by an officer from the Salvation Army. He was put back in the detention room. Last night he again slipped out. Instead of going home, the boy made his way to the brick yard in the lower end of the city. He was found there this morning by the Salvation Army searchers. They once more put him in the detention room, and Dr. Caldwell was notified.

The boy will be taken to Ebensburg late this afternoon to be held until the probation officer and the court can decide as to what disposition is to be made of his case.


At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Johnstown Baking Company, held at the Seventh Ward offices yesterday afternoon, the following members were elected as a Board of Directors to serve for the ensuing year: Charles A. Byers, P. C. Schuller, John Widmann, Jr., W. G. Poland, Thomas Pinder, C. T. Williams, and B. Roudabush. The annual reports showed a prosperous year. An election of officers for the ensuing year will be held within the near future. The present officers are: President, Charles A. Byers; Vice President, B. Roudabush; Secretary, W. G. Poland; Treasurer, John Widmann, Jr.


Saturday, 3 Mar 1917
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.

Charles A. Owen, of the South Side, left Johnstown last evening for New York City to attend a banquet to be given there this evening by coal men.

Miss Mary Pennebaker, of Ha______ who had been among friends at Punxsutawney, Jefferson County, for a few ____ returned home Thursday night.

Congressman-elect, John M. Rose, and Mrs. Rose left Johnstown last evening over the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for Washington, D. C., to attend their second inauguration of President Wilson on Monday.

Mrs. Philip Hartman of the South Side has returned home after spending some time with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Leonard, of South Fork.

Mrs. Gomer Walters, of Vine street, left this afternoon for East End, Pittsburg, to visit her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stewart, former residents of Johnstown.

Mrs. Donald Leber and her little daughter, Anna Louise Leber, of the First Ward have gone to Connellsville to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Driscoll, parents of Mrs. Leber. They formerly resided in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Pabel, late of South Fork, have located at 294 Market street, First Ward. Mr. Pabel is a prominent railroader and recently took charge of the Conemaugh roundhouse for the P.R.R.

Mrs. Joseph Jeffcott and her son, Joseph Jeffcott, Jr., late of Westmont, were at Punxsutawney, Jefferson County, this week with Miss Alice Evens, leaving there Thursday for Buffalo to make their future home.

J. W. Bracken, of Philadelphia, who had been Vandergrift with his son, D__ Bracken, and family has returned to Johnstown to remain a short time among relatives before returning to the Quaker City.

Daniel Coolidge, President of the Lorain Steel Company, and Mrs. Coolidge are again at their residence on Second avenue, Westmont, having arrived last night on Mercantile Express from their sojourn to the State of California.

W. E. Landes, of Philadelphia, who has been here attending the annual convention of District No. 11 of the Cambria County Sabbath School Association, left yesterday morning for home. While here he was registered at the Capital Hotel.

Mrs. Robert Sagerson and her sister, Mrs. Beatrice McDermott McCloskey, of the Third Ward, will leave Johnstown tomorrow for Philadelphia to visit Mr. and Mrs. Dillon and from there they will go to New York to spend a short time with P. F. Sagerson.

. . . [top of article cut off] Mr. Roosevelt's offer of himself and four sons is like a drop in a bucket as compared with what Mr. Albright has to offer to his country -- 14 sons and seven daughters. Fate robbed him of one of his children, a married son, who was killed last fall in an automobine accident at DuBoi.

Of course, Mr. Albright explains, not all his sons are old enough to join the Army or Navy just now, nor are all of his daughters old enough to asist in the Red Cross work, but "if there is a war and it lasts long enough, they will become old enough." Mr. Albright is 68 years old and his wife about 45 years. Neither was married more than once.

William Albright is a prominent farmer living on the Brady farm, in the Dixon settlement, Boggs Township, about eight miles from Clearfield, Clearfield County. He was in Clearfield the other day attending to some business matters at the Courthouse and the offer of Theodore Roosevelt was brought up as a topic for discussion. Joseph Chase, of Clearfield, said he could go Mr. Roosevelt one better, that he had seven sons that he knew would make good fighters.

"Well, I think I can beat you all," remarked Mr. Albright. I've got 14 sons and seven daughters, and if there's war between Germany and the United States and if the war lasts long enough the boys will join the Army and Navy and the girls will be Red Cross nurses. And if it hadn't been for an automobile accident last fall, I could offer another son, making 15, but he was killed." And here, Mr. Albright's voice quivered as he recalled the DuBois accient in which one of his married sons was satally hurt, dying within half an hour from injuries received when another collided with that driven by his boy.


Weather Forecaster E. C. Lorentz predicts a heavy snow and a cold wave. He has issued the following bulletin:

"A new depression is central over the Gulf States and is moving north-eastward, accompanied by rain in the southern states and by snow from the Ohio valley northward.

"Another depression is moving eastward over the Upper Lake regions. The pressure his high over New England, the West and Northwest. This general pressure distribution will cause heavy snows locally during the next 24 hours, followed by a cold wave lasting several days.

"For Sunday -- Much colder, cold wave; snows; followed by clearing."


Four Difficult Anthems to Be Rendered
At Third Ward Edifice Tomorrow

Charles H. Martin, organist and choir director of the Franklin-street Methodist Episcopal Church, has selected four fine anthems for the singers to render tomorrow morning and evening. The first number in the morning will be William H. Bassford's, "Jubilate Deo" and the second will be Michael Watson's, "Unto Thee, O God, Do We Give Thanks," the introductory solo will be rendered by Miss Lena P. Reynolds. During the offertory Mr. Martin wil play Gabriel Marie's "Meditation." In the evening the choir will sing, "Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem" (Edwyn Florio), part of the latter number to be rendered without organ accompaniment. The evening offertory will be "Swanee River" (Flagler).


20 Jun 1917
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.



James F. McCreary, of Portage, and Miss Mary E. Benshoff, of Coopersdale, were married last evening at the D-street Church of the Brethren by the pastor, the Rev. J. W. Mills. Their attendants were the bridegroom's brother and the bride's sister. The pretty ceremony was witnessed by many of the relatives and friends of the bride and bridegroom. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. John Benshoff, of Cooper avenue. Mr. and Mrs. McCreary will make their home in the Twenty-first Ward. Mr. McCreary is an employee of the Cambria Steel Company. His bride was until recently employed as a stenographer by Johnstown Chemical Company.


Big Congregation Picnic will Be Held at Luna Park On August 15 --
Expect to Make It Pleasant Occasion for Those Who Attend

Zion's German Lutheran Church is preparing for their annual congregational picnic to be held at Luna Park August 15. The committee is endeavoring to make this year's outing a big basket reunion and promise a pleasant day. Those in charge of the arrangements are Henry Schneider, Alex W. Stremel, Elmer Cosheim, John W. Pernau, and Louis Opperman.

Following committees are to beet at Zion's parish hall Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock to receive instructions and plan for the work:

Ticket Committee -- A. W. Stremel, Chairman; Elmer Ostheim, Carl C. Pribek, Ella A. Lotz, Mrs. Anna Schill, Miss E. Roth, John Pernau.

Athletic Committee -- John Mattern, Chairman; William Hor, Carl Repp, Harry Koch, John Lones, George Viering, Martin Fox, Lewis Holsapfel.

Sunday School Committee -- John Thom, Chairman; Miss Ella Lots, Mrs. Anna Schill, Mr. Kirschmann, Samuel Borstler, Henry Schneider, August Wise.

Music Committee -- William Schneider, Carl Mattern, William Moser, jr.

Purchasing Committee -- Mrs. Ira Griffith; Mrs. Harry Thomas, Mrs. Edelmann, Mrs. Croyle, Mrs. Henry Range.

Refreshment Committee (selling) -- Mrs. Johanna Glascow, chairman; Mrs. L. L. Lambert, Katherine Roth, Mrs. Edelmann, Mrs. Henry Range, Mrs. Croyle, Mrs. Wacker, Mrs. Otto Sann, August Shaffer, Mrs. Ott, Mrs. George Allendorfre, Mrs. John Tross, Mrs. Lewis Stein, Mrs. John H. Schmidt, Mrs. Good, Mrs. Elizabeth Schneider, Mrs. Munch, Clara Groebel, Mary Ott, Albert Engelbach, William Schneider W. Grove, Hugh Schwing, Philip Zimmerman, Albert Schneider, Paul Ferg, Herman Steeg, Naomi Heilman, Marie Schmidt, Mary Keiper, Dorothy Fox, Margaret Groebel, Anna Hamp, Gustave John, Anna Deutsch.



Event to Be Held at Playgrounds Next Tuesday --
Miss White in Charge

The children of the Meadowvale playground, Seventh Ward, will entertain their parents Tuesday evening, July 24. The playlet to be given by the children is "The Dolls Strike." The following children will take part: David Weller, Perry Driscoll, Catherine Casey, Janet Wolf, Mary Bifano, Dorothy Schnabel, Lillian Martin, Cecelia Casey, Gertrude Spory, Ruth Bletch, Emma Frye, Ruth Frye, and Robert Gill.

Those who will take the parts of chilren are as follows: Jean Bletch, Lucy Hoover, Agnes Bletch, Esther Replogle, Ida Dull, Helen Williamson, Edith Graham, Marion Schnable, Florence Beabes, Katherine Resley and Marie Schenkemeyer.

The event will start promptly at 7 o'clock. If possible the first-aid exhibition will be given by the boys' and girls' teams. Miss Katherine White, supervisor of the playground, will be in charge of the entertainment.


The Current Events Club of Johnstown was entertained yesterday by the Sunshine Club of Altoona in Lakemont Park, between Altoona and Hollidaysburg. A busy session was devoted in discussing timely topics. The local women in attendance were Meadames Warren Miltenberger, Mary Darling, Louis Cleaver, Dennis G. LaFrance, George Gore, Harrison Ljuker, Charles E. Young, George R. Smith, Richard Mitchell, and Harry Wertz, and Misses Grace Young, and Doris Libby, the latter of East Orange, N. J.

This morning's Altoona "Times" says:

"Most of the afternoon was spent at Lakemont Park, where supper was also enjoyed in company with Altoona ladies. Rumors that club women are not going to work with the housewives in the conservation of food were to a certain extent verified through the conversation of these women. They are very indignant that the women should be asked to exercise all care in the use of foods and that so much is to be permitted in the brewers and whisky men to make the poison that wrecks thousands of homes. It is altogether likely that these women will take the initial steps in endeavoring to have the grain used in whisky conserved for food purposes."


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