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Monday, 20 Feb 1911
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.

Special to The Tribune.

Boswell, Feb. 20. -- Miss Gertrude McClelland, an operator at the local exchange of the Somerset Telephone Company, has been called to Fishertown, Bedford County, by the serious illness of her mother. Mrs. McClelland has been ill for a long time.

Special to The Tribune.

Spangler, Feb. 20. -- Leonard Dar___, aged twenty-nine, of Barnesboro, is in the Miners' Hospital with the cap of his left knee broken. He fell while walking along the railroad tracks.

Mike Swetter, thirty years old, received a compound fracture of his right leg Saturday while working in No. 6 Mine.


23 Mar 1911
Contributed by Lynne Canterbury


Killed Stranger for Ridicule, and Marrowly Escaped
Being Sent to Electric Chair.

My United Press.

New York, March 23. -- Charles H. Wright, twenty-six, of Elizabeth, N. J., seton of a very prominent Scranton, Pa., family was sentenced by Judge Mulqueen Tuesday to not less than two nor more than seven years and six months in Sing Sing Prison. Wright was indicted for murder in the first degree, but the intercession of his friends with the autoirities resulted in District Attorney Whitman accepting a plea of guilty to manslaughter in the second degree and joining in an appeal for leniency.

On September 20th last, Wright and a party of friends from Elizabeth were riding in a subway train when he became involved in a dispute with Louis Bruno, who ridiculed Wright's personal appearance and dress, Wright drew his revolver and shot Bruno dead.


Ebensburg, March 23. -- David Dougherty and Michael Sanders were held for court today by Squire A. J. Waters on a charge of chicken stealing, made by Edward McDonald. Enos, William, and Dan Pennington, charged with dynamiting fish near O'Hara's Mills, were discharged by Squire Waters this morning.


Ebensburg, March 23. -- Mrs. Owen James, who had been spending two weeks at the home of her son, Melville H. James, has returned to her home in Philadelphia.


24 Jun 1911
Contributed by Lynne Canterbury


Late Happenings of Interest
Through Big County.

October 4th has been fixed as the date for the opening of the Ligonier Valley Fair. It will continue for three days.

A device for securely locking milk cans to keep the contents intact during shipment has been patented by E. J. Crowell, of Irwin.

Hobert Kepple, the fourteen-year-old son of Gilbert Kepple, of Allegheny Township, had his neck broken by a fall on Gosser Hill Friday, dying instantly.

Among the bills vetoes by the Govrenor last week was one providing for nine Assessors for the counties of Westmoreland, Lackawanna, and Schuykill.

The township Auditors have surcharged some members of the North Huntingdon Township School Board with $150 for supplies, etc., furnished by the Directors in violation of the law.

Gust Gustafson, aged fifty years, of Irwin, was committed to jail last week, charged with attempted criminal assault on Eva Morgan, aged twenty-one, while visiting at defendant's home. Gustafson declares he only tried to kiss the girl.

Since the previous report the following deaths have been recorded in Westmoreland: Samuel Snail, sr., near Jeannette, aged seventy-nine years; Milton Brothers, at Laurelville, aged thirty-four; Tillie Elder, at Mt. Pleasant, aged seventy-five; Mrs. Susanna Getz, at Scottdale, aged seventy; Mrs. Sarah Payne, at Rector, aged eighty-two; Henry Enos, of Ligonier Township, aged sixty-three; Mrs. Harry Weaver, at Greensburg, aged twenty-eight; John Shuman, of Jeannette, [cut off]


18 Aug 1911
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Submitted by Kerry Miller.


Hahns, Varners, Weavers, and Murphys, Gather in Annual Session Near City


Yesterday was a day or reunions among the clans of Somerset and Cambria counties, no less than four of the leading pioneer families of this part of the State holding their annual gatherings, with a heavy attendance at each meeting place. The Murphy family and related branches gathered in the Shaffer Grove at Scalp Level; the Hagn-Reinhart-Kammer relationship was in evidence at the country clubhouse of the Busy Bees, along Paint Creek; those professing relationship to the Weaver family met at the new Berwind-White Recreation Center in Windber, and the Varner family assembled at Maple Park, Walnut Grove.


Members of the Weaver family and related branches, the the number of about 600, who met in the new Recreation Park in Windber yesterday, were so pleased with the advantages and attractions at the resort that it was agreed to meet at the same place next year. A most enjoyable program of addresses and songs onstituted the principal entertainment of the day. Addresses were delivered by Chairmann W. J. Weaver; J. Wilson Weaver, of Huntingdon County; Prof. M. J. Baumgardner, supervising principal of the Adams Township schools; R. M. Luther, and the Rev. M. J. Weaver, of Pittsburg. Miss Bessie Shaffer presided at the piano, and Jonas Weaver and his sister, Mrs. John Hoffman, sang "Angry Words, O Let Them Never."

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, W. A. Weaver, of Scalp Level; Vice President, Moses Weaver, of Davidsville, Secretary, Lewis Weaver, of Johnstown, and Treasurer, Jonas A. Weaver, of Paint Township.


The meeting of the Hahn-Reinhart-Kammer family, which was described in The Tribune yesterday, was featured by the reading of the family history, by a hot ball game, and by dancing, singing, and juvenile games. William H. Hahn, of this city, was elected President; The Rev. Frank Beiswenger, of Pittsburg, was made Secretary and Treasurer, and Conrad Hahn, of Johnstown, was named Historian. The founder of the clan was Jacob Hahn. Investigations conducted by the Rev. Mr. Beiswenger lead him to believe that Jacob Hahn was born in Germany in 1724 and died at his birthplace. He was employed as shepherd by one of the titled houses of the fatherland. Among his children was Conrad Hahn, who also died in Germany. Conrad Hahn had three children, who came to this country and settled in the vicinity Benscreek. These children were John, Mary, and Elizabeth Hahn.

John Hahn was the father of William H. Hahn, Ex-County Commissioner Conrad Hahn, and Mrs. Katherine Ahems, of Johnstown. Both John Hahn and his wife are dead, the former having passed away in Johnstown about fifteen years ago.

Mary Hahn, a member of the third generation, married John Reinhart. Both Mrs. Reinhart and her husband are dead, but the following children are living: Frank, John, William, Joseph, and Charles Reinhart, and the wife of the Rev. Mr. Beiswenger. Another child, Mrs. Katie Recke, was drowned in the Flood of 1889, while several children died in infancy. Mrs. Recke was the mother of Paul Recke, of Pittsburg, whose young son, Francis Recke, is the only child that has been born in the seventh generation.

Elizabeth Hahn, the third member of the third generation, married John Kammer. She died in Johnstown about twelve years ago. Her husband is also dead. Three children of Mr. and Mrs. Kammer, who grew to manhood and womanhood and reared familieis, are John Kammer, Mrs. Mary Bader, and Mrs. Elizabeth Thom.

The majority of the descendants of John Hahn, Mrs. Mary Reinhart, and Mrs. Elizabeth Kammer now reside in Johnstown, Altoona, Tyrone, Newark, N.J.; Pittsburg, Wilkinsburg, Wheeling, Lorrain, and Cleveland.


Members of the Murphy clan, who met in the Shaffer Grove at Scalp Level yesterday, also decided that their meeting place next year should be in the same spot. There were between 400 and 500 present yesterday, and the family spirit was much in evidence. Addresses and songs were the principal feature of the day.

The speakers included the Rev. D. L. Yoder, Prof. M. S. Bentz, of Ebensburg; Miss Daisy Shaffer, of Scalp Level, who will leave this fall for China to do missionary work for the United Evangelical Church; Attorney Lee Smith, of Altoona; Hiram Murphy, of Conemaugh; the President, George Felix, of Salix, and the Rev. J. E. Felix, also of Salix.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Hiram Murphy, of Conemaugh; Secretary and Treasurer, W. H. Blough, of Scalp Level. The following committees were also appointed: Resolutions - Mrs. M. F. Hutchinson, of Pittsburg; Miss Clara Smith, of Uniontown, and Miss Cora Felix, of Altoona; Program - J. J. Murphy, of Moxham; Howard Murphy, of Conemaugh, and John Murphy, of Scalp Level; Arrangements - Cloyd Shaffer, of Scalp Level.

The Murphys trace their ancestry back to three brothers - William, John, and Conrad Murphy - who came to this part of Pennsylvania and located in Adams Township more than 100 years ago. Little is known of the descendents of William and John, but Conrad was the grandfather of four brothers and several sisters, who were children of John Murphy and lived in Adams Township. these four brothers all served in the Civil War and all have since passed away. Alexander Murphy, father of J. J. Murphy, of Moxham, who was ill when last year's reunion was held, died last August. He was one of the four brothers. John Murphy, the father of Hiram Murphy, of Conemaugh, and another of the brothers, died last January in Conemaugh. He was present at last year's reunion. The other two brothers have been dead for some years. Mrs. Rachel Smith, of Uniontown, is the only survivor of this family, and she was a conspicuous figure at yesterday's reunion.


The sixth annual reunion of the Varner family was attended by about 600 people, including many persons well known in this part of the State. A feature of the day was the address of Attorney C. C. Greer, who is related to the clan. The music of the Dale Temple Orchestra was also greatly enjoyed. A letter from Vespasian Warner, of Clinton, Ill., Commissioner of Pensions of the United States Government, gave indications that the lost branches of the family which went West many years ago and changed the "V" to "W," thus making the name Warner, may yet be traced and brought into connection with the clan.

Stophel Varner, progenitor of the family, was a native of North Germany and came to this country about 100 years ago. He located first in Lancaster County, this State. One of his sons, Nicholas, removed to Somerset County and later located in what is now Cambria County. His family consisted of four girls and six boys, all of whom are now dead. They were Peggy Snyder, Susan Reighard, Mary Cable, Elizabeth Kring, and Justus, Jacob, George, Peter, John, and Samuel Varner. The son John and daughter Elizabeth removed to Ohio, John building a raft and floating down the Conemaugh River into the Ohio, a feat impossible in this present day.

About all that the historians of theVarner family have since been able to learn about the family of John is that his sons were lawyers and became wealthy. In his letter V. Warner stated that his ancestors, among them his father, had at one time changed their name from Varner to Warner, and that he believed some of his relatives had been lawyers. He expressed his intention of making a thorough research.

It was decided at the business session in the afternoon to hold the 1912 gathering at the same place. The old officers were re-elected, as follows: President, M. L. Varner, of Dale; Vice President - B. F. Stull, of Dale; F. S. Smith, of Walnut Grove, and Daniel Statler, of Moxham; Secretary, Walter Varner, of the Seventh Ward; Treasurer, L. C. Varner, of Portage. M. L. Varner presided, the program rendered being as follows: singing, "America," assemblage; music, Dale Temple Orchestra. Miss Olive Varner presided at the organ.


20 Nov 1911
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Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. McCall, of No. 717 Sherman street, announce the birth of a baby girl early Sunday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Searle, of Portland, Ore., announce the firth of a baby girl at their home yesterday. Mrs. Searle was formerly Miss Ress Caldwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Caldwell, of Westmont.


Rockwood, Nov. 20. -- Miss Anna Florence Ream, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Ream, of this place, was married at 4:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon to Clyde C. Vansickle, only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Vansickle, of Casselman. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride by the Rev. A. C. Miller, of Salisbury. The pair left last evening for Casselman. Mr. Vansickle is a stenographer for his father, who is a lumber merchant.


Piladelphia, Nov. 20. -- The Superior Court, in an opinion by Justice Henderson, to-day affirmed the Judgment of the Quarter Sessions Court of Indiana County in the case of the Commonwealth vs. Yanuty.


Birthday Party Held Saturday at Imler
Home for South Side Boy.

Willie Cannon, grandson, of Mrs. Annie Imler, of No. 517 Franklin street, South Side, on Saturday celebrated his eighth birthday, the feastivities having been held at the home of his grandmother, where he had as his guests Masters Morley Blough, Samuel, Willie, and Harris Block, John and James Koontz, and Joe McGunn. [remainder cut off]


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