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4 Apr 1907
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

Mrs. Beatty, after a few days' stay in the Fourth Ward with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bantley, has returned to her home in Altoona.

Miss Nova Alter, of the Normal School at Indiana, Pa., is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Alter, No. 1728 Edson avenue, this city.

The Rev. Father Thomas Walsh, of Pittsburg, spent last night among relatives at his former home in the Fourteenth Ward, going to Cresson today.

The Rev. Father Thomas Hearn, after a stay of several days in Johnstown and at the Summit, returned to his parish in Pittsburg at noon today.

Mrs. Campbell Rutledge and child and Miss Bertha Decker, of the South Side, are spending the day with Mrs. Edward Sanford and family in Altoona.

Miss Annie Burggraf, of the Ninth Ward, left last evening for Landstreet, Somerset County, on a visit to her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Burggraf.

Miss Clara McGarry, of Friedens, is in Johnstown on her way home from Mechanicsburg, Pa., where she had been attending a social function. She arrived yesterday.

Elder Joseph Holsopple, who had been with his sisters at Scalp Level since last week, was in Johnstown to-day on his return home to Penn Run, Indiana County.

Mrs. A. K. Beatty and daughter, Miss Edna Beatty, of Boswell, are guests of the Rink family in the Seventeenth Ward. Miss Beatty is a student at Mt. Aloysius Academy, Cresson.

Mrs. William H. Rink, of the Seventeenth Ward, returned night before last from her visit to her father in New Centerville, Somerset County, where she had been for a week.

Mrs. Nelson Klingaman, of Meyersdale, who had been with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knepper, of Carr street, for the past fortnight, returned home to-day.

William H. Banks, Esq., of Indiana, who is clerk to the Judiciary General Committee of the State Senate, stopped off in Johnstown last evening on his way home from Harrisburg.

John Stiffler, of Summerhill, spent yesterday afternoon in Johnstown. He is a Civil War veteran and is a member of Emory Fisher Post 30, Grand Army of the Republic, this city.

Elias Paul, of the Sixth Ward, is with his son, the Rev. D. Melroy Paul, pastor of the Methodist Church at Dunbar, Fayette County, having gone this afternoon to remain a week or so.


Last night at 11 o'clock Alderman W. J. Lamberd performed a marriage ceremony uniting Ollie Davis and Miss Maggie Parker, both of Franklin Borough. The couple had no attendants.


Thomas, the son of Merchant and Mrs. T. S. McFeaters, of Conemaugh, who has been seriously ill with appendicitis, was resting well to-day and his attending physician hopes to bring him around all right, providing no complications arise.


Mrs. Theodore Kotz, sr., aged about fifty-seven years, died recently at a hospital in St. Louis and was buried in that city. Mrs. Kotz was the mother of August Kotz, of Brownstown, and fermerly resided on Delaware avenue, Morrellville, the family removing to St. Louis some ten years ago.


Miss Margaret Heider, aged twenty-six years, died last evening at her home, No. 1149 Pennsylvania avenue, Morrellville. Miss Heider was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Heider and had been in ill health for some time. She spent several weeks in an Ohio sanitarium, but her condition failed to improve, and she was brought home several days ago. Besides her parents, she is survived by several brothers and sisters.

The remains were prepared for burial by Undertaker McGahan and funeral services will be held in St. Mary's German Catholic Church Saturday morning.


Benjamin C. Knepper for thirty-three years a passenger conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad, died yesterday morning at his home in Altoona, of an attack of pneumonia.

Benjamin C. Knepper was born in Summerhill, Cambria County, September 7, 1834, and began railroading at the age of twenty-two years. He was married twice, his first wife being Mary Ellen McCarty. Of sixteen children born to this union, eight are living, as follows: William B., of Greensburg; Calvin M., Albert E., and M. Edward, of Altoona; Harry H., of Pittsburg; Mrs. Eliza Vaughn, of Kittanning Point; Mrs. W. H. Shaffer, of Pittsburg; Miss Leona Knepper, of Greensburg, His first wife bying about twenty years ago, Mr. Knepper was married in 1891 to Carrie E. Welsh, who survives him, as do also two brothers and one sister -- William, of Clairton, Pa.; Abraham Knepper of Philadelphia, and Miss Lucinda Knepper, of Summerhill.


21 Aug 1907
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Submitted by Diann Olsen

Evening Chat About People

Mrs. David J. Jones, of Horner street, is reported seriously ill of peritonitis.

John O. Rauch, of Boswell, was registered at the Crystal Hotel during the past few days.

George D. Kinkead came to the city from Ebensburg last evening to remain a few days.

Miss Mamie Lininger, of Pine street, Seventh Ward, has gone to Chicago on a visit to her uncle.

Charles E. Walker, of Moxham, went to Cresson and Cherrytree this morning on a few days' stay.

Attorney John Ogle, of Somerset, was in Johnstown on legal business during the past few days.

Mrs. Mary Brown, of Fairfield avenue is home from her sojourn at her cottage in Ridgeview Park.

The Rev. E. H. Swank, of Armaugh, after a few days' stay in Johnstown, returned home last evening.

Attorney Emory Davis, of Ebensburg, was in the city yesterday. He was registered at the Merchants' Hotel.

Miss Rose Gatins, of Railroad street, is the guest of Miss Daisy Bennet, of Patton, having left the city yesterday.

Clark Conley, of Pittsburg, was among the visitors in Johnstown yesterday. He formerly resided in Moxham.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Evans, of Walnut street, are spending a fortnight among relatives in Ebensburg and vicinity.

Misses Ellen Seibert, of Somerset, and Carrie Wagner, of Hyndman, were among the visitors in Johnstown yesterday.

Miss Carrie E. Snyder, of Yoder street, left Monday evening for Pittsburg, where she expects to visit friends.

Miss Ethel Richardson, of the Seventeenth Ward, left yesterday afternoon for Pittsburg on a visit among acquaintances.

Miss Kate Viering, of the South Side, left last evening for Friedens, Somerset County, on a visit of a few weeks among friends.

Richard Rinn, of Spangler, who had been in the city for a few days, went to Lilly yesterday to attend the Hibernian reunion.

George T. Buchanan and son Paul, of Indiana, came to the city this forenoon and are with the Hutchinson family on Westmont.

Miss Loretta Benford, of No. 426 Wood street, has returned from a two weeks' vacation at Atlantic City, New York, and Philadelphia.

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Gard, of the Sixth Ward, left yesterday for Wilkinsburg on a visit to the Brown family, their relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. John Stephens, of Roscoe, were in Johnstown yesterday on their way to Berlin, Somerset County, on a visit among relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. John Owens and child, of the South Side, left this morning for Hastings, Spangler, and Barnesboro on a visit among relatives.

Messrs. Elias Paul, of the South Side, and George S. Paul, of the Seventeenth Ward, are spending the day among relatives at South Fork.

Mrs. William B. Dibert, of Somerset, is with her mother and sister, Mrs. James A. Lane and Mrs. H. R. Rose, at the Ogle residence on Westmont.

Mrs. John E. McLain, of East End, Pittsburg, who had been visiting the Linton family at the Rocks for some time, returned home Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Beck, formerly of Johnstown, now of Millroy, arrived in Johnstown yesterday afternoon to remain among relatives for a few weeks.

Robert A. Sloan, of No. 531 Franklin street, has returned home from his trip to Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and New York City. Mr. Sloan was absent about ten days.

Editor and Mrs. Warren Worth Bailey and children, of Moxham, and Miss Emma Tredennick, of the First Ward, are on an overland trip through Bedford County.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mayer, of the South Side, returned this forenoon from their visit to New York State and Canada, where they had been for a few weeks.

Gomer Walters, of No. 338 Vine street, who had been confined to his home for the past fortnight through sickness, is able to be at his office in the Moses building again.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Werry, of Alliance, O., were among the passengers on the 9:49 train yesterday morning on their way to Atlantic City and other points in New Jersey.

Mrs. M. W. Saylor and sons Lloyd and Kenneth, of Somerset, came to the city last evening on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Walker and family, of Coleman avenue, their relatives.

Mrs. Emil Young and sons Edward and Richard, of Carr street, left last evening for Lock Haven on a visit to the Monroe family. They will be absent from the city for several weeks.

Mrs. Lucy Poole, of Scottdale, who had been here as the guest of Mrs. Sarah Black, of Potts place, has gone to Armstrong County in the interest of the W. C. T. U. before returning home.

Attorney Walter Jones, of Ebensburg, was registered at the Capital Hotel last night. Others registered at the same hotel were J. M. Black, of Somerset, and F. B. Black, of Meyersdale.

John W. Fletcher and family, with Mrs. Nancy Hoerle, their relative, of Bedford street, are visiting relatives at Mr. Fletcher's former home in Toronto, Canada. They will return home on Friday.

Mrs. Ruth Lohr, of Pitcairn, and her sister, Miss Hannah Davis, of Wilkinsburg, after a visit of a few weeks on Westmont with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Evan A. Lloyd, left last evening for their home.

The Rev. Father Fridolin and his brother, the Rev. Father Bede, of St. Vincent's College, who had been here attending the funeral of their mother, Mrs. C. C. Hornick, on Monday morning, returned to the college yesterday.

Mrs. T. B. Reighard and children, Charles and Chester, of Mineral Point, have returned home from a visit to Mrs. Reighard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hochs, in Delaware. The parents are now visiting Mrs. Reighard in Mineral Point.

Among the passengers on the 5:16 train last evening were Mr. and Mrs. George Rudge, of McKeesport, brother and sister-in-law of Thomas Rudge, of the Seventeenth Ward, en route home from a trip abroad, where they had been since May.

Charles B. Litzinger, the well-known drayman, and his granddaughter, Miss Florence Werry, of Matthew street, returned this morning from their visit to the Wagner family at Kenton, O., and the Ramsey family in Homestead. They had been absent for a fortnight or so.

Masters Karl and James Luke, of Carthage, Mo., who had been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wentroth, of Market street, since July, left this forenoon for South Fork to spend some time with Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Luke, other relatives, before starting for home in the near future.

Mrs. Louis H. Mayer, with three of her children - Miss Olive and Masters Fritz and Stephens - and Miss Mary J. Stephens and Miss Louise Walters, the latter a daughter of Attorney and Mrs. James M. Walters, of the First Ward, went to Altoona this morning on the 7:28 train to spend the day at Lakemont Park, near Altoona.

Walter Smith, manager of Seeds' hat store at Johnstown, and Miss Mitchell, of that city, were here Sunday as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin.

Frank Flanigan, on account of ill health, has sold his fire insurance agency to Blair Seeds, a former local resident, but more recently residing at Cresson. - Altoona Gazette.

Mrs. William Williams, of Pittsburg, who was summoned to Johnstown a fortnight ago on account of the serous illness of her father, Jacob R. Sharretts, of Benton street, went to Derry Monday afternoon to visit her brother, Edward R. Sharretts, before returning home. Her father's condition is considerably improved.

Chester Bucher, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bucher, of Coleman avenue, started this morning for Indiana County, where he will remain among relatives until the beginning of the school term. His sister, Miss Genevieve, also started this morning on a vacation trip which will last until school begins, accompanying Miss Nora Cook to Stoyestown.

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Davies, of Park avenue, accompanied by their son Harry, have gone to Blairsville, where they will visit for a few weeks. Mr. Davies is just recovering from a protracted siege of rheumatism, and, while steadily improving, has not yet reached a point where he is able to resume his duties in the accounting department of the Lorain Steel Company.


7 Oct 1907
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


On Tuesday evening, October 6th, a quiet little home wedding occured at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Hilderbrant, No. 73 Clover street, Moxham, on which occasion, surrounded by members of the immediate family, William N. Davis, of this city, and Miss Katie L. Ashley, of Dunlo, were united in matrimony by the Rev. Joseph A. Klucker, B. D.


Mrs. Robert Rose died very suddenly last evening at her home in Landstreet, Somerset County, of heart failure. Mr. and Mrs. Rose were new residents in Landstreet, having moved there about three months ago from the vicinity of Sulphur Springs. The body will be taken to Summerhill for interment.


Francis Conrad Mose, aged three months and two days, died of blook poisoning at 4:40 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of his parents, Wilmer and Nona Mose, No. 1021 Franklin street, Eighth Ward. The funeral took place at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Interment being made in Grand-View Cemetery.


Saturday, 12 Oct 1907
Contributed by Kelly Kendig


Special to the Tribune.

Windber, Oct. 12--Squire M. E. Sell and son Fritz, of this place, have come home from a successful hunting trip in the vicinity of Hollidaysburg. The Windberites brought with them two pheasants, two gray squirrels, and two pineys. They hunted only on Thursday.


Pleasant Evening Spent at Haynes Street A. M. E. Zion Parsonage Last Night.

The members of the E. L. Davis Club last evening tendered a surprise party in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. W. A. H. Pringle, of the Haynes-street A. M. E. Zion parsonage, where they assembled in a body to spend the evening. The Rev. Pringle has just returned to Johnstown to enter upon his third year as pastor of the South Side congregation. He is quite popular among the colored citizens of the city, many of whom presented him with valuable gifts last evening. An interesting program was rendered during the evening, after which refreshments were served.

In the party were Mrs. Broadax, Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. Mollie Banks, Mrs. R. W. Pool and daughter, Mrs. Annie Steward, Mrs. Maggie Davis, Mrs. Perry Almond, Mrs. A. D. Harris, Mrs. Georgie Long, Mrs. Frank Wilson, Mrs. Maria Phenix, Mrs. Louvenia Bundy, Mrs. Minnie Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Terrell, Mr. and Mrs.. Richardson, Mrs. Yonker and daughter, Mrs. L. Porter, Mrs. Clara Johnston, Misses Harriet Ball, Hosie Culp, Junanita Smith, and Myrtle Smith, with Messrs. T. H. A. Moore, Moses gray, Charles Cook, Mr. Wilson, and the Pringle family.

[A.M.E.= African Methodist Episcopal]


Mrs. Hutchinson and Niece, Miss Barnett, En Route to California and Honolulu

Mrs. Amanda (Gore) Hutchinson, of the South Side, and her niece, Miss Olive Barnett, of Harrisburg, started across the Continent last evening to remain for three or four months in California and at Honolulu, H. T. Miss Barnett is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Barnett of Hillside, Westmoreland County, and was private secretary of Clerk Garvin at the last session of the General Assembly at Harrisburg. She came to Johnstown yesterday morning from the State capital and was met here by her mother, who came to Johnstown to bid her daughter and sister goodbye. Mrs. Hutchinson and Miss Barnett will visit in Redlands, Pasadena and other places in California before going to Los Angeles, where they will visit Mrs. Gail Larkeim, who is a daughter of John Gore, for many years a resident of Chicago. They will sail form San Francisco for Honolulu late in June or early in July.


Lewis Gavlinger, aged about 51 years, of Bolivar, was admitted to the Memorial Hospital at 2:45 this afternoon. He was injured in a mine accident at Bolivar. His back is said to be badly hurt. His injury was sustained in a fall of rock.


Friday, 18 Oct 1907
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Wilmore, Oct. 18 -- Messrs. J. H. McConnell and Kritzberger were seriously injured while working on the Kritzberger mill, near Lovett last Monday.

The Cooney sisters have moved from the old homestead to South Fork.

The "hold-up" story is now supposed by many to be a fake. If it was really true, why did not that engineer report at first tower instead of waiting until reaching Altoona?

A poor Jew failed to take out a license for peddling in Wilmore Borough. He gave the officers quite a chase until located. The next time he won't forget.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Costlow and Mr. Costlow's mother were Wilmore visitors last week. They had been visiting in Philadelphia.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Skelly recently.

Arthur Pringle, of Altoona, spent Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Pringle.

Prof. H. T. Jones has been making official visits in the adjoining township.

Mrs. P. B. Dillon was a recent visitor in Johnstown.

Mrs. Orval Seaman, of Cresson, and Mrs. Holsopple, of Johnstown, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Sherbine.

The Rev. Leisher, of Summerhill, is visiting his Wilmore parishioners this week.

Divine services Sunday, October 30th, St. Bartholomew's, J. B. Egan rector -- Mass at 10:30 a.m. United Brethren, the Rev. Spangler, pastor -- Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. and preaching in the evening. St. John's Lutheran, the Rev. Leisher, pastor -- Services preparatory to communion Saturday afternoon, at 2:30. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., and preaching and communion at 10:30 a.m.


Miss Gertrude Conrad, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conrad, of Ferndale, and Frank Craign, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Craig, of Union street, were married last evening about 5 o'clock at the parsonage of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Moxham, by the pastor, the Rev. Philip Bohan. A reception at the home of the bride followed. The young couple left on a wedding trip through the East and will go to housekeeping upon their return in a home already furnished on Railroad street. The groom is the well-known amateur baseball player.


Miss Marietta Campbell and George Mock, both of Derry, were married last evening by the Rev. D. L. Yoder at the home of the groom's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jones, of Fourth street, Conemaugh. A wedding supper was served at the Jones residence after the ceremony. The young couple were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jones to Philadelphia where they will spend a few days. They will probably make their home in Derry, where they are both popular.


Announcement has been made of the coming nuptials of Miss Minnie Suder, daughter of A. J. Boose, at the family home on Broadway, to H. Pfahler Brubaker, of Johnstown, on Saturday, October 19, 1907.


David Paul, of Bensano, Cambria County, and Miss Venora Vaughn, of Kitanning Point, were united in marriage Wednesday afternoon by Justice M. Calvin Lewis, at the office on Allegheny street, Hollidaysburg.


William Michials, of Conemaugh, who was arrested several days ago for assault and battery preferred against him by his wife, was given a hearing this morning before Squire Crum, of Conemaugh. Michials was bound over for the next term of court in default of $500 bail.

Complete Corps Selected At Conemaugh
United Evangelical Sunday School.

Last evening a meeting was held in the Conemaugh United Evangelical Church and teachers for the different classes of Sunday School were chosen for next year, as follows: No. 1. J. B. Detwiler; No. 2, Miss Iva Stineman; No. 3, Miss Ida Baylor; No. 4, Mrs. Edward Nash; No. 5, Joseph Getheridge; No. 6, Miss Sadie McCartney; No. 7, Bird Rock; No. 8, the Rev. D. L. Yoder; No. 9, Jacob St. Clair; No. 10, J. P. Gohn.

At a meeting held last Sunday the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Superintendent, W. H. Crum; Assistant Superintendent, Jacob St. Clair; Treasurer, Bird Rock; Organist, Miss Iva Stineman; Assistant Organist, Miss Annie Saxton; Secretary, Miss Minnie Gohn; Assistant Secretary, Howard Gaston; Librarians, Joseph Crum and Miss Mary Nash.


Nov 1907
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

Pleasant Birthday Party Tendered Bedford-Street Miss on Friday

The George G. Gore home, at No. 754 Bedford street, on Friday evening echoed with the laughing and merriment of a crowd of young people who were celebrating the twelfth birthday of Miss Margaret Gore. The evening was spent in playing games and dainty luncheon was served. The following young folks attended: Hazel Albert, Marie Goebert, Lottie Foust, Frieda Marcus, Matilda Goebert, Arbutus Foust, Louise Neissner, May Wonders, Wilma Goebert, Mary Glitch, Lizzie Myers, Nettie Rankin, Marion Dion, Jessie Manges, Frank Gore, and Edward E. Heilman.


Saturday, 16 Nov 1907
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

The Latest Issue of Permits to Wed.

Register Arthur Griffith has issued the following marriage licenses at Ebensburg since The Tribune's last report.

Andrew Hanvilan and Anniw Gildos, of Stafford, Indiana County.

John M. Glasson of Johnstown, and Genevieve Griffith, of Ralphton, Somerset County.

J. D. Spicher of Hillsdale and Matilda A. Barkey, of Arcadia.

James Wilson and Margaret Berlin of Ehrenfeld.

Howard S. Rose and Ottila L. Byers at Jackson Township.

(next two entries too light to read)

Earl Buterbaugh, of Uniondale, Indiana County, and Daisy Kerr, of Jackson Township.

Lonnie E.Martin and Nora R. McCracken, Altoona.

Calvin E. Barringer and Elmer V. __verting, of Johnstown.

Arthur McDermott, of Frugality, and Katharine M. Krise, of St. Augustine.

Joseph Cosentine, of Patton, and Mary Rotondora, of Cresson.

Joe F. Karalfa and Christina Vogel, of Johnstown.

Anthony Lovaska and Romalia Antoni, of Johnstown.

Jacob Matton and Franciska Supartein, of Johnstown.

Frank Lischka and Susanna Cerni, of Johnstown.

George Sidor and Leann Kirnak, of Conemaugh.


Fred Quail, the Eighth Ward man who was overcome by gas yesterday morning while at work for the Cambria Steel Company, is in a dangerous condition to-day at the Cambria Hospital. James Flemming, the other man who was overcome at the same time, is getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Evan P. Jones Arrived
Thursday from Buckeye State.

Evan P. Jones, of Vine street, and bride, nee Harris, who were married Wednesday at Martin's Ferry, O., arrived in Johnstown Thursday evening and are at the Jones home in the First Ward. The bride is a sister of Mrs. William Heilman, of Oakland, Stonycreek Township, and William Harris, formerly of Johnstown, now living in California. Mrs. Jones made her home in the Golden Gate State for the past two years or so.


Monday, 23 Dec 1907
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Mrs. Emma Hutzen Slick, wife of Edwin E. Slick, died of pneumonia Saturday at the Slick residence, No. 1108 Wood street, Wilbinsburg, aged about thirty-seven years. The deceased was born in Johnstown, where she spent her girlhood days. Her mother, Mrs. Marla Hutzen, resides at Braddock, where her only brother, Calvin Hutzen, also lives. Mrs. Mary Tittle, of Union street, this city, is an aunt of Mrs. Slick, and her sons, John W. and A. Dix Tittle, left this morning for Wilkinsburg at attend the funeral services this afternoon. Edwin E. Slick, who is a brother of Worth Slick, formerly worked in the Cambria drawing room for Joseph Morgan, but now holds a lucrative position with the Carnegie Steel Company. The couple had no children.


Bright's disease caused the death in Altoona Saturday morning of William Plunkett, a highly respected citizen of the Mountain City, who was born in Cambria County in 1848. Mr. Plunkett was a veteran of the Civil War. He was married to Miss Alice J. Naugle, of St. Augustine, this county, who survives him, with six children. The remains will be buried to-morrow morning in the cemetery at St. Augustine.


Mrs. Nellie Weakland, a native of Delaney, this county, died on Friday night at her home on Walnut avenue, Altoona, aged twenty-eight years. She was the wife of William H. Weakland and a daughter of John and Helen Harvey, who reside at Delaney. Her remains were interred at Baker's Mines.

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