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28 Jan 1904
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Samuel Rummel died at his home, No. 116 Roxbury avenue, Eighth Ward, between 5 and 6 o'clock last night, after a long illness of pulmonary trouble, aged twenty-eight years. The deceased was a native of Somerset County and was a son of Mr. and Mrs. David Rummel, now residents of the Eighth Ward. He was a brother of William David, jr., Elmer, John, and Herman Rummel, Mrs. John Baer, and the Messes Rummel, also of the eighth ward. Besides these the deceased is survived by his wife, whose maiden name was Miss Catherine Mishler, and a child. Mr. Rummel was an employee of the Cambria Steel Company before he took sick. The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon from the Roxbury German Baptist Brethren Church, of which the deceased was a member. The Rev. Albert Berkley will conduct this services, and interment will be made in the Independence Cemetery, on the Sell farm above Roxbury Park.

21 Feb 1904
Submitted by Terry Smith.


Mr. and Mrs. John Behe of St. Augustine, Pa., celebrated their golden wedding on Sunday morning last in St. Augustine's Church. Mass was celebrated by Rev. Father P. Quinn, and the happy old couple were the recipients of the hearty congratulations of the congregation after the mass. Mr. Behe and Miss Margaret McEvoy were married in the old Church of St. Michael, Loretto, on February 21, 1854, by Rev. Joseph Gallagher, a cousin of the bride. James Phelan and Cecil Conrad, the latter of whom is still living, acted as the witnesses. Ten children blessed this happy union, nine of whom are still living, Mrs. Dr. J. C. McMullin of San Antonio, Florida; Mrs. Robert Barr, McKeesport, Pa.; Mrs. Donahoe of St. Augustine; James and John, Altoona; Edward of Allegheny; Joseph and Rose, at home, and Sister Perpetua of the Charity Order. Mr. and Mrs. Behe have lived near St. Augustine since their marriage. Although advanced in years, they still retain their jovial dispositions, so familiar to all who come in contact with them.


10 Jun 1904
Pg. 3
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury



Franklin W. Bearl, of Pittsburg, died at 4:30 o'clock Sunday morning at the residence of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. James G. Cranston, No. 231 Walnut street, First Ward, where he had been visiting during the past six weeks. He had been sick with heart and liver trouble since Christmas. His death was peaceful.

The deceased was born at Centerville, Somerset County, in September, 1856, removing to Connellsville in 1872. He was educated for the ministry at Adrian College, Michigan, but later decided to enter other fields of labor. For several years he was chief timekeeper for the Baltimore 7 Ohio Railroad Company at Pittsburg. He afterward held a responsible position with the Forrest Oil Company and at the time of his death was an employee of the West Penn Oil Company. Mr. Bearl was a singer well known in musical circles of Pittsburg, where he frequently appeared in public. He was at the time of his death the leader of the Point Breeze Presbyterian Church choir, Mrs. Bearl being the organist in the same church.

The remains were taken to Pittsburg on Sunday afternoon for interment, Mrs. Bearl and Mr. and Mrs. Cranston accompanying the remains. Besides Mrs. Bearl, the deceased is survived by a brother and two sisters, one of whom is Mrs. Cranston.


Mrs. Martha Streams died at 11:55 Wednesday night at her home in Younker's row, Conemaugh Township, this county, aged about seventy years. The deceased was born in Maryland of slave parents and spent most of her life in Washington, D.C., coming to Johnstown in 1901. She is survived by three children -- Edward, David, and Miss Emma Streams, all of this city. The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon from Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Interment will be made in Grand-View Cemetery.


2 Jul 1904
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Friends Made Mrs. Byers' Birthday a Memorable One.

Vinco, July 2. -- Wednesday, June 29, 1904, was the fifty-seventh birthday anniversary of Esther, the wife of the genial B. F. Byers. The occasion was made a cunningly arranged surprise, gotten up by the family, and over sixty-five of her neighbors and friends in a crowd walked in and took full possession of the home. Mrs. Byers was the recipient of many presents, which she appreciates highly. In a short time a long table was arranged in the shady orchard, which very soon was made to groan beneath the weight of such things as are very palatable. Prof. Varner, with his talent and taste for instrumental and vocal harmony, was there, and in all his glory led off in music, part of the day in rehearsals of things of gone-by days. Toward evening all went home happy.

The following were present from Vinco: B. F. Byers and wife, the Rev. G. H. Jones, wife and son, P. F. Custer and wife, Henry Varner and wife, George C. Varner and wife, Daniel Burkhart and wife, Emanuel Clinefelter and wife; Mrs. Amos Wagner, Mrs. F. H. Grove, Mrs. Wlaxander Garland, Mrs. D. W. Brallier, Mrs. Mart Kerr; Misses Maggie Wagner, Emma Simmons, Grace Simmons, Mollie Baker, Mollie Kerr, Mollie Donehoe, Daily Kerr, Mary E. Burkhart, Cora Long, Pearl Byers, Ida Byers, Myrtle Machall, Eva Warner, Jennie Garland, Bessie Horner, Edith Hamer, Elsie Wagner, Alice Clinefelter; Messrs. Norman Byers, George Byers, Joseph Byers, Howard Byers, John Byers, Lester Machall, Harry Garland, Millard Machall, Angus Varner, Clayton Machall, Sherman Machall, and G. L. Varner, of Conemaugh: Samuel Byers and wife, Zachariah Varner and wife, Mrs. William Killen and child, John Killen, Robert Colbert, Coney Berty and David Killen, of South Fork: Elmer E. Reynolds and wife, Miss Clara Paul, of Pittsburgh; and Mrs. Annie O'Keefe of Johnstown. Stanley Custer.


Tuesday, 19 Jul 1904
Pg. 6
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

Mrs. Annie Bender.

Mrs. Annie Bender, wife of Charles Bender of Clearfield Township, died at 6 o'clock Thursday morning of last week, aged twenty-five years. The cause of death was consumption from which the deceased had been a sufferer for over three years.

Mrs. Bender was a daughter of Mrs. Celia Geddings, of Clearfield Township, and was married to Mr. Bender four years ago. Resides her husband, she is survived by the following half-brothers and sisters: T. J. Sheehan, John M. Sheehan; Mary, wife of Thomas Baker; Margaret, wife of Charles Couples; Johanna, wife of Nicholas Anstead, all of Clearfield Township, and Winifred, wife of George Fitzpatrick, of Fulton. A full sister, Bridget, lives with her mother in Clearfield Township.

The funeral took place at the Catholic Church in St. Augustine at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, the following clergymen officiating at a solemn high mass of requiem: The Rev. Father Edwin, of Patton; the Rev. Father Quinn, of St. Augustine, and the Rev. Father Ludden, of Ashville. Interment was made in St. Augustine Cemetery.


10 Aug 1904
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


TOMS-BARNETT. - The marriage of Ralph Toms of the Fourth Ward, to Miss Mary L. Barnett, late of England, Mr. Toms' native home, was solemnized at 8:30 o'clock last evening at the Franklin-street Methodist parsonage by the Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Woodring. They wre unattended.

HAYDEN-MURPHY. - Martin . Hayden, the popular footwear clerk in McNaught & Hoerr's shoe store, left last evening for his former home in _____, N.Y., there to be unit [sic] in marriage with Miss Margaret Murphy. After the ceremony the bride and groom will leave for St. Louis on a honeymoon trip to take in the sights of the World's Fair, coming to Johnstown in about three weeks.


5 Sep 1904
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury




Thomas Hardy and Miss Ruth Haywood, of South Fork, came to the city this forenoon on Sheridan Accommodation and were married at 9:45 o'clock at the Franklin-street Methodist parsonage by the Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Woodring. They were attended by several relatives from South Fork. The bride and groom left on Main Line Express for the eastern cities to spend their honeymoon. Mr. Hardy is an employee of the Argyle Coal Company at South fork, where he and his bride will go to housekeeping.


Special to The Tribune.

Youngstown, O., Sept. 5. -- Johnstown friends will be pleased to learn of the marriage of Miss Messie Oakley, formerly of the Flood City, and Thomas Price, of Youngstown, O., which took place in this city. It came as a surprise to the many friends of the happy young couple here, who join in extending them heartfelt congratulations.


29 Sep 1904
Pg. 3
Submitted by Kerry L. Miller


Mr. and Mrs. George Gramling, of Dale, Guests of Honor at Party of Children and Friends.

Mr. and Mrs. George Gramling, of No. 223 David street, Dale Borough, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday. A very large crowd was in attendance, and a number of old acquaintances were renewed. One of the features of the day was the sumptuous dinner which was served at 1:30 o'clock, when all the children were once more gathered around the family table. After dinner a group photograph of the assemblage was taken by J. Harry Lohr. This operation was follwed by an address by the Rev. Ellenberger, of Dale, who also led in a short prayer service. Mr. Gramling then responded to the felicitations of the guests in an interesting address suitable for the occasion, after which all joined in singing "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." The Rev. Ellenberger then pronounced the benediction and the party dispersed about 5 o'clock.

Mr. and Mrs. Gramling were the recipients of many useful and valuable presents, among them being china dishes, a gold-plated paper holder, a mirror, and $50 in cash.

Relatives and friends came from Windber and points in Bedford and Somerset counties. The names of those present are as follows:

Messrs. and Mesdames George Gramling, Phinard Rhodes, John Smith, Jacob Bumgardner, E. W. Bumgardner, Joseph Bumgardner, the Rev. F. D. Ellenberger, John Gillman, Grant Smay, S. C. Ream, George S, Kring, Albert Gramling, George A. Gramling, W. H. Gramling, C. E. Gramling, S. L. Gramling, Daniel Gramling, C. L. Wissinger, John Rhoads, P. J. Bowman, J. S. Stutzman; Mesdames Mary Bumgardner, Mary A. Coplin, Lena Shank, George Rhoads, J. P. Gramling, S. W. Arthurs, and Ephraim Burnheimer; Elmer Wissinger, Samuel Gillman, Samuel Smay, Clara Smay, Maggie Stutzman, Russell Stutzman, Cora Bumgardner, Cloyd Burnheimer, Bertha Gramling, Clara Gramling, Stella Gramling, Elmer Gramling, Roesoe Gramling, Arthur Gramling, Laverne Rhoads, Rose Gramling, Roy Gramling, George H. Graming, Irwin Gramling, Walter Gramling, Mabel Gramling, Dora C. Gramling, Stella J. Gramling, Edith N. Gramling, C. Bowman Gramling, Ethel A. Gramling, and Charles Burnheimer.

Mr. Gramling was born in 1833 in Adams Township, and comes of good old stock, being a member of a large family, all of whom are prosperous and highly respected in the communities where they live. Mrs. Gramling's maiden name was Catherine Paul, and they were married at the Paul homestead near Salix on September 28, 1854, by the Rev. Hampe, of the Evangelical Church. They spent most of their lives in Adams Township, coming to Dale Borough about seven years ago. Nine children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Gramling, seven of whom are living, as follows: S. L., of Dale; C. E., of the Seventh Ward; Daniel, of Dale; W. H., of Windber; Mrs. John Sullivan, of Adams Township; Mrs. C. L. Wissinger and Mrs. J. S. Stutzman, of Dale. The couple have also twenty-five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren living.

Mr. Gramling has been a staunch Republican all his life and declares he always will be. He is a great admirer of President Roosevelt, whome he describes as a "man who has his own opinions, and who has the will and the backbone to uphold his country." He has been a subscriber to The Tribune since the Weekly was founded in 1853 and is a warm friend of the paper -- a fact of which The Tribune is justly proud.


Monday, 12 November 1904
p. 3, c. 5
Contributed by Gordon Grening


William H. Rodda, a well-known resident of the Ninth Ward, died at 11 o’clock last night at his home, No. 143 Rister street, aged fifty-six years, ten months, and twenty days. The cause of death was asthma, from which he had been a sufferer for many years, having spent a year or so in California in the hope of being benefited but without avail.

The deceased was born in Cornwall, England, where he was educated in civil and mining engineering. He and Miss Annie Chambers were married about 1878, and not long after they came to America, locating in Luzerne county. From there they moved to Clearfield county, locating in Johnstown in 1895. He is survived by his wife and five children – Vernon, employed by the Pittsburg “Dispatch;” William, a traveling salesman; Hilda, Ernest, and Florence, at home. In addition to these the deceased leaves two brothers in West Australia and three sisters in England.

The funeral will take place on Wednesday afternoon, when the Rev. Dr. C. C. Poling, pastor of the Willow street United Evangelical Church, will conduct the obsequies at the Rodda home. The remains will be laid to rest in Grand-View Cemetery. William Rodda, a son of the deceased, is expected to arrive in Johnstown to-night or to-morrow from Ohio to attend the funeral.


21 Nov 1904
Pg. 5
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Fred String, of New York, and Miss Ella E. Yinkey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yinkey, of Somerset were married at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon in the United Evangelical Church at the latter place by the Rev. David Berkey. The ceremony was followed by a wedding reception at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. A. W. Woolly. Mr. and Mrs. String left last evening for New York, where they will make their home.


James M. Hood and Miss Virginia E. Mack, a daughter of Robert H. Mack, were united in the bonds of matrimony at the Presyterian parsonage in Armagh, on November 17th at 2 o'clock. Immediately after the ceremony the happy pair drove to Seward and left on the afternoon train for Altoona to spend their honeymoon. Mr. and Mrs. Mack will make their home at Pitcairn.


23 Nov 1904
Pg. 6
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Michael Noel, formerly of Munster, this county, but latterly of Harrisburg, died of consumption at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the old Noel homestead in Munster, where he had been for the past few months. The deceased was fifty years old and is survived by a wife and two children. The funeral will take place at 10:30 o'clock Saturday morning from St. Michael's Catholic Church at Loretto.


Annie, the fourteen-months-old child of John and Julius Zwick, of No. 403 Chestnut street, died of marasmus at 7:30 o'clock this morning at the Memorial Hospital. The child was admitted to the institution on November 20th. The funeral will likely take place tomorrow afternoon, with interment in Grand-View Cemetery.


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