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Thursday, 8 Apr 1897
Front page
Contributed by Lynne Canterbury

Alexander Hutchison, a former resident of Johnstown, and who left here about ten years ago, is in the city visiting old friends.

Mr. Levi Koontz, of Reitz, Somerset County, is critically ill. He is a brother of Mr. Noah Koontz, of the Seventeenth Ward, this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Davis and Merchant Paul Graff, of Blairsville, were visitors in the city yesterday. They were guests at the Merchants' Hotel.

Mr. A. D. Bates, of New Florence, spent the past few days in the Sixth Ward with Mr. and Mrs. George Rinebolt and family, returning home last evening.

Mrs. William P. Flora, of Shanksville, Somerset County, departed this morning for home, after a five-days' visit to Mrs. James Fisher and Mrs. James Mock, of the Seventh Ward.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Zimmerman and daughter -- Miss Rosie -- of near Jennertown, were yesterday the guests of their relatives -- Dr. and Mrs. William Raush -- of the Fourth Ward.

Mr. Daniel R. Davis, of Harrisonville, Pa., who had been the guest of his brother -- the venerable James R. Davis -- of Walnut street, went to Patton last evening to visit his daughter.

Mr. J. M. Brown of Pleasantville, Bedford County, came to the city last evening from Altoona and remained until to-day, when he left overland in his son's huckster wagon for home.

Mr. Philip Hughes, of Johnstown, drove over from there last Saturday. He came to visit his uncle, who is seriously ill and does not seem to be improving any. -- Pine Flats Cor. in Indiana Progress.

Miss Alberta Baker of Chicago, who had been the guest of Miss Carrie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hagey, of Main street, for several months, started last evening on Pittsburg Express for home.

Mrs. Davis, wife of Captain Thomas Davis, her daughter -- Mrs. Lester Larimer -- of Ebensburg, and Mrs. Lizzie Paul, of South Fork, and Mrs. Larimer's children, are the guests of Mrs. Louis Hahn, of Lincoln street.

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Beabes, of Pine street, Seventh Ward, returned home to-day over the B. & O. Railroad from a visit to Mrs. Beabes' parents -- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weible -- in Paint Township, Somerset County.

Mrs. Hermanus Trent is critically ill at the home of her father-in-law -- James Trent -- on Main street. she had been living in Johnstown for several years, but recently moved to Altoona, where her husband is employed as a marble cutter. -- Somerset Herald.

Mrs. W. G. Snyder and son, who had been spending the past six weeks with her parents -- Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Lambert -- of Lambertsville and her brother and sister-in-law -- Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Lambert -- of Main street, this city, have departed for their home in Freeport, Ill.



Mr. George A. Wilt, of Youngstown, Pa., and Miss Emma Abraham, of Percy, Fayette County, who were married at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the Franklin-street M. E. parsonage by Rev. Dr. Mechem, left this afternoon over the S & C Branch with their attendants -- Mr. John Harford and Miss Lucy Cole -- of Percy, for Fayette County.

They came to the city yesterday and were guests at the Mansion House while here. The bride and bridesmaid were attired in cream-colored dresses when the ceremony was performed and attracted considerable attention while going in the rain to and from the parsonage.

The groom formerly lived in Franklin Borough and his bride is a native of Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County.

Mr. Henry L. Schwing, of Pine street, Seventh Ward, and Miss Margaret Champeno, of the Thirteenth Ward, were united in the bonds of matrimony in their own home, on John street, Second Ward, last evening.

Rev. Mechem also performed this ceremony, which took place at 8 o'clock. the best man was a brother of the groom, and the bridesmaid was Miss Lillian Thomas, of Water street, South Side. the persons who witnessed the cermony, including the attendants, were Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Keedy and Mrs. Harriet Champeno.


2 Aug 1897
Submitted by Sue Smith.


BAND-WAGNER. -- In Johnstown, Ninth Ward, at St. Joseph's German Catholic Church, on Monday morning, August 2, 1897 at 6 o'clock by Rev. Father Corbinian, Mr. Louis Band, of Morrellville, and Mrs. Anna Wagner, of Locust street, this city.

New Advertisements.

Notice -- My Wife -- Sarah -- having left my bed and board without just cause or provocation, I hereby notify all persons NOT TO TRUST HER ON MY ACCOUNT, as I will PAY NO DEBTS made of her contracting.
-- Henry Allen.

Notice to Taxpayers -- The Office of City Treasurer will be OPEN for the purpose of receiving City and School Taxes on Wednesday and Saturday Evenings of each week during August. Also on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday Evenings, August 28th, 30th, and 31st. Come early in the month and avoid the unpleasantness of having to wait each turn, which always occurs at the close of the month.
-- R. (?) F. SPEEDY, City Treasurer

Wanted. -- A Good Girl for General Housework; Good Wages. Address or call on Mrs. Wm. E. McHenry, Westmont.

Wanted. -- By W. D. SEESE, Furniture of all kinds to repair, refinish, and upholster. Carpet-laying a specialty. All work guaranteed satisfactory. No. 324 Franklin street, Cobaugh Block.

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