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Tuesday, 18 Feb 1896
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


William Huber, one of the best-known residents of Bradock and since 1875 foreman of the machine shop at the Edgar Thomson Steel Works, died at his home on Rebecca street, North Braddock yesterday afternoon. He was born in Austria fifty-seven years ago and, coming to this country, took up his residence at Braddock in 1874. He leaves a wife and three sons and four daughters, all of whom have reached maturity.


Mrs. S. S. Price, of Fairfield avenue, Morrellville, was soliciting aide in Johnstown yesterday for the bereaved widows and orphans of the fifty-seven miners killed in Tuylston Colliery, South Wales, a couple of weeks ago. We learn that the contributions secured were quite generous, but Mrs. Price is not yet satisfied with the total amount, and will call on other friends of the helpless in a few days, and when the work is completed she will publish the list of the contributors and forward the money to the unfortunates for whom it is intented.


Mrs. Susan Fulmar, of Locust and Market streets, who on Saturday preferred a charge of larceny against Nimrod McElcar before Alderman Maloy failed to appear at the time set for the hearing to-day, and the case was dismissed, the costs being placed on the prosecutrix.

Mrs. Fulmer alleged that Joe Isenberg who drives one of McElcar's teams carried away from her home a clothes wringer with a load of ashes. The driver says the wringer was an old worn-out one, buried in the barrel of ashes, and he thought it had been thrown away.


The many friends of Court Crier Jones Rollins. of Hollidaysburg, will regret to learn that he is confined to his home and is in a critical condition, suffering from the effects of nervous prostration.


23 Apr 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


GATES-WALLACE. -- At the home of the bride's parents, at South Fork, on Wednesday afternoon, April 22, 1896, at 3 o'clock, by Ref. William Alfred Shipman, Mr. John L. Gates, of Coalport, and Miss Bird Wallace, of South Fork.

GRIFFITH-MOORE. -- In Johnstown, Fifth Ward, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Beckley, No. 420 Somerset street, on Wednesday evening, April 22, 1896, at 7:30 o'clock, by Rev. B. R. Wilburn, Mr. George W. Griffith, of the Sixth Ward and Miss Annie Moore, of the Fifthe Ward.

LOCHRIE-ESTEP. --In Johnstown, First Ward, at the bride's home on Pott's place, on Wednesday evening, April 22, 1896, by Rev. H. C. Allard, Mr. Thomas Lochrie, of Indiana County, and Miss Hannah Estep, of Johnstown.

SEIGH-STATLER. -- In Johnstown, Third Ward, at the Franklin-street M. E. parsonage, on Thursday afternoon, April 23, 1896, at 4:30 o'clock, by Rev. B. R. Wilburn, Mr. Walter E. Seigh, of the Fifth Ward, and Miss Eva K. Statler, of the First Ward.


1 May 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


PATCH -- STRAYER. -- In Morrellville, at the home of the bride, on Thursday evening, April 30, 1896, at 9 o'clock, by Rev. D. N. Stafford, D. D., assisted by Rev. Solomon Keebler, Mr. William Patch and Miss Emma Strayer, both of Morrellville.

RUGH -- CRUM. -- At their home near Wilmore, on Wednesday evening, April 22, 1896, at 8 o'clock, by Rev. A. B. Erhard, Mr. Clinton Rugh, of Summerhill Township, and Miss Mary E. Crum, of Wilmore.


3 Jun 1896
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


HAMROCK - LOSSINSSKIY. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at St. Stephen's Slavish Catholic Church, on Wednesday morning, June 3, 1896, at 9 o'clock, by Rev. Father John Martvony, John Hamrock and Miss Maggie Lossinsskiy, of the Sixteenth Ward.

HEROLD - KURTZ. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at St. Mary's German Catholic Church, on Tuesday morning, June 2, 1896, at 7:30 o'clock, by Rev. Father Edward Trautwein, Mr. Charles Herod and Miss Katie Kurtz, both of Brownstown, Lower Yoder Township.

LESLIE - JENNINGS. -- At Queenstown, Armstrong County, at the home of the bride's mother -- Mrs. Richard Jennings -- on Wednesday afternoon, June 3, 1896, Mr. Seaver Sprague Leslie, of Philadelphia, and Miss Jennifer Jennings, of Queenstown.


5 Jun 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


The Pittsburgh Dispatch says that the Department of Charities has discovered that the real name of Florence Williams, who was taken out of a house at No. 23 Second avenue on May 23d and sent to Marshalsea, is Eva Hildebrand, and that she is a daughter of Lemon G. Hildebrand, of Summerhill, Cambria County. Mr. Hildebrand has written to the Department of Charities, intimating that he is ready to take charge of his daughter. He says that she ran away from home five weeks ago and that he has been making search for her.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yoder, of La Grange, Ind., who had been visiting relatives and friends in Somerset and Cambria Counties during the ;ast few weeks, started for home on Pacific Express this morning. They were accompanied by Miss Mary C., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Blough; Miss Eash, and Miss Thomas, of Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, who intend to visit relatives in the vicinity of La Grange.


The officers of the Cambria Building & Loan Association were elected last evening for the next twelve months. They are: President, Joseph Kuntz; Vice President, James K. Boyd; Secretary, Daniel Crofford; Treasurer, William C. Krieger; Solicitor, John M. Rose; Directors, L. Ripple, James H. Geer, Modes Alwine, William R. Bailey, Isaac Marx, George Rinebolt, Charles Griffith, John Widmann, C. J. Mayer.


KABLER-GOSSARD. -- In Johnstown, Second Ward, at Alderman J. M. Lehman's office, on Market street, on Thursday evening, June 4, 1896, by the Alderman, Mr. Andrew G. Kabler and Miss Della G. Gossard, both of Morrellville.

MILLER-SWATMAN. -- In Conemaugh Township, this county, on Thursday evening, June 4, 1896, at 6 o'clock, by Rev. L. F. John, Mr. John M. Miller and Miss Barbara Swatman, both of Conemaugh Township.

SPEICHER-SCHAFFER. -- In Johnstown, Third Ward, at the German Lutheran parsonage, on Locust street, on Thursday afternoon, June 1, 1896, at 2:30 o'clock, by Rev. Paul Glasow, Mr. Peter Speicher and Miss Emma Schaffer, both of Richland Township.


1 Jul 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


FOX-COSTLOW. -- At Ehrenfeld, at the Roman Catholic Church, on Tuesday morning, June 30, 1896, by Rev. Father Graven, Mr. John Fox, of Dunlo, and Miss Alice, daughter of Mr. Peter Costlow, of Adams Township.

HILL-SPIERS. -- In Johnstown, Thirteenth Ward at No. 42 1/2 Iron street, on Tuesday evening, June 30, 1896, by Rev. A. J. Beale, Mr. Alvah W. Hill, of Market street, and Miss Eleanor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Spiers.

SECHLER-BAKER. -- At the home of the bride's parents, at South Fork, on Tuesday evening, June 30, 1896, at 5:30 o'clock, by Rev. A. J. Beale, of Johnstown, Mr. John L. Sechler and Miss Eleanor Baker, both of South Fork.


9 Sep 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


HETTERLEY-HOSTETTER. -- In Johnstown, Second Ward, on Monday evening, September 7, 1896, by Alderman J. M. Lehman, Mr. Charles Hetterley, of Altoona, and Miss Sadie Hostetter, of Johnstown.

HIPP-DARE. -- In Johnstown, Ninth Ward, at St. Joseph's German Catholic Church, on Railroad street, on Tuesday morning, September 8, 1896, at 7:30 o'clock by Rev. Father Theobold, Mr. John Hipp and Miss Gertrude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Date, all of Daisytown.

KUHNEL-GAFFNEY. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at St. Columba's Roman Catholic Church, on Wednesday morning, September 9, 1896, at 7 o'clock, by Rev. Father John C. Farran, Mr. Ernest O. C. Kuhnel, of Pittsburg, and Miss Bella Gaffney, of No. 411 Broad street, Johnstown.


1 Dec 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


STICKLER -- HITE. -- At the home of the bride, in Johnstown, Seventh Ward, on Monday evening, November 30, 1896, by Alderman Patrick Graham, George Stickler and Annie Hite, both of this city.


Samuel Gindlesperger, of Hooversville,
Hurt Last Night.

Samuel Gindlesperger, aged about thirty-five years, who lives at Hooversville, Somerset County, had a narrow escape from being killed while on his way home overland last night from Holsopple, where he had been on a business trip.

He was driving down the hill at Dull, when his wagon began to slide. He put on brakes, but this did not seem to have any effect. A sudden jolt of the wagon threw Mr. Gindlesperger out, and the hourses started to run, dragging him about a quarter of a mile. Finally he succeeded in bringing the team to a standstill, but could not get back into the wagon.

About 10 o'clock John Hahn and Calvin Berkebile, of Johnstown, happened to pass along in a buggy and found Mr. Gindlesperger lying on the road in an almost helpless condition. One of the men took charge of the driver and the other his team, and about 11 o'clock the party arrived at Hooversville.

Dr. I. C. Harlot, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company's physician, who resides in Hooversville, was summoned. He found the flesh below Mr. Gindlesperger's eyes badly torn and his check, on which he had been dragged, bruised and lacerated. He was resting very well today, however, and it is thought his injuries are not serious.


Tuesday, 8 Dec 1896
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


When P.R.R. engine No. 1,188 stopped at Conemaugh tipple for coal last night Fireman J. M. Schroll met with an accident which will disable him for work for some time. He was on the tender of his engine, and the coal schute, while being lowered, struck him and knocked him to the track. He sustained a cut on the back of his head and contusions on his legs, the muscles of his abdomen and back being considerably strained. Dr. Martin, of Conemaugh, attended him and he was taken to his home on East Line - No. 4. He is unmarried and lives in Altoona.


Mr. Joseph Martz of Richland Township who has been suffering for over a year with cancer in the face, is growing gradually worse, and his death is looked for at almost any time. A report which was current to-day that he had died this morning was untrue. He was still living at a late hour this afternoon, but very low.


Thursday, 17 Dec 1896
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Submitted by Patty Millich


REYNOLDS-YARNELL. -- In Walnut Grove, at the parsonage of the U. B. Church, on Thursday, December 17, 1896, at 9 o'clock a.m. by Rev. H. A. Buflington, Mr. Harvey E. Reynolds, of Salix, and Miss Jemima Yarnell, of Danlo.


GENSON. -- In Johnstown, Eighth Ward, at the Memorial Hospital, on Wednesday evening, December 16, 1896, at 8 o'clock, of typhoid fever, Gust Gensen, aged 55 years.

KOKOULRA. - In Johnstown, Fifteenth Ward, at No. 213 McConaughy street, on Wednesday morning, December 16, 1898, of cancer of the stomach, Mary, wife of Andrew Kokoulra, aged 40 years.

Funeral at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning from St. Stephen's Slavish Catholic Church; interment in the church graveyard in Lower Yoder Township.

MACK. -- At Centreville, Indiana County, on Wednesday, December 16, 1896, at 3:25 o'clock, Hugh Mack, aged about 70 years.

Funeral at 10:30 o'clock on Friday morning; interment in the Bethel Cemetery.

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