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11 Feb 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

The German Baptists contemplate building a meeting house in Stonycreek Township, near the residence of Mr. Samuel Horner.

The admirers of base ball will meet to-morrow evening in the Amicus Club room to make arrangement for the coming season.

The new furniture factory of Captain S. P. Morrell at Mineral Point has been finished. It has a large and commodious building.

The Republican Borough Committee will meet at half-past 7 o'clock this evening, in the Arbitration room of the municipal building.

Studies will not be resumed in the Union-street school building until Wednesday, owing to the continued presence of water in the basement.

We have several times alluded to the illness of Mr. Daniel Parks, of Franklin Borough, and we learn with regret that he is yet in a precarious condition.

On Saturday last Mr. Scott McFeaters was struck on the head by a hatchet wich fell from a point several feet above him. Dr. H. W. Marbourg is attending him.

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company is tearing down the great stone wall or foundation erected by the State for the old Portage Railroad, and utilizing the stones for other purposes.

Franklin Borough will elect three School Directors on the 19th inst., and it is supposed there will be a lively contest between the anti-school element and the friends of education in that district.

It is reliably reported that the Cambria Iron Company will open up the mines again. Mr. S. B. Isenburg, the Superintendent, says he will ship over forty thousand tons of ore next summer. ``


14 Feb 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


HENRY-CLARK. -- On Thursday evening, January 31, 1884, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. R. A. Fink, D. D., Mr. Jacob Henry and Mrs. Mollie Clark, all of Johnstown.


26 Mar 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

Mr. D. R. Hess is in the city. His contracts for charcoal are larger this season than ever, and at his ovens near Rockwood he has a large force of men at work. His principal order at present is for 250,000 bushels of charcoal for W. D. Wood, of McKeesport, manufacturer of sheet iron. Mr. Hess is thinking of engaging in the shingle business, also.

At a regular meeting of the Columbia Lodge, No. 58, A. F. and A. Masons, held on Monday evening at Masonic Temple, George H. Zimmerman was elected Secretary, vice Henry Goldenberg. Mr. Goldenberg retires from the position after a continuous service of twenty-two years, during which time he proved himself an efficient and capable officer. -- Frederick (Md.) Union.

Mr. A. L. Carpenter is now regularly attending to his duties as foreman at the Blooming Mill, and the only physical trouble he experiences is from rheumatism, which first seized him while he lay prostrate from the effects of the pistol wound which he accidentally received. He says that last evening's rain was the first change in the weather which his malady has not indicated for some time, and he was sure the storm would not amount to much.


There are two hundred and fifty men employed in the Mill Mine at the present time.

Portage Chapter No. 195, R. A. M., held its last meeting in Thomas' Hall last evening. The next meeting will be held in the new hall in the Odd Fellows' building.


Edwin F. Elder, aged about seventeen, of Altoona, for whom Chief Harris has been on the watch, at the request of the young man's father, was captured in Pittsburgh yesterday by the Chief-Of-Police of the Mountain City. Young Elder had been about eighty-four miles west of Columbus, but took an attack of homesickness and returned to Pittsburgh, where he was received with open arms by a number of his associates from home, who went over on a freight train yesterday. During the evening the chief spied him and took him into custody, and returned to Altoona last evening.


The Pennsylvania Railroad Company is attaching to its passenger engines an automatic substitute for the bell-cord. It consists of an air cylinder placed under the foot-board of the engine, and to it are connected pipes running back under the cars. There is a valve in each car attached to this pipe, so arranged that when opened it will let the air escape from the pipe, and the air rushes from the cylinder to fill up the vacuum, sounding a whistle in front of the engineer in the cab. The cylinder on the engine is supplied by air from the main reservoir of the air-brake.


At the recent annual encampment of the Western Pennsylvania Division of the Sons of Veterans, held in Pittsburgh, Mr. H. W. Arnold, of Camp No. 14, of this place, was elected Colonel; Mr. John Voight, of Camp No. 4, South Side, Pittsburgh, Lieutenant Colonel; Mr. John Kitterly, of Camp. No. 2, Allegheny, Major; Mr. P. J. Hoffner, of Camp No. 1, Pittsburgh, Chaplain; Mr. W. G. Payne, of Camp No. 19, Titusville, Surgeon. Col. Arnold has appointed the following staff officers who will rank as First Lieutenants: Adjutant, R. M. Linton, Johnstown; Chief Mustering Officer, J. Ed Leslie, New Castle. Col. Arnold hopes to raise his division to the first rank, and if intelligent attention to his duties will accomplish anything he will succeed.


26 Apr 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury

FINDLEY-STORK. -- On Wednesday, April 28, 1884, at the residence of the bride's parents, in Rosedale, by Rev. Benj. Goughnour, Daniel M. Findley to Miss Emma Stork, all of Taylor Township.


28 Apr 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Indiana has not one brass band.

Sixteen Justices of the Peace have been commissioned in Indiana County.

D. S. Irwin, of Saltsburg, will have charge of the bricklayers on the new St. Clair Hotel in Pittsburgh.


Michael Ford and His Wife Have a Hearing,
and the Justice Binds Them Over.

Chief-Of-Police Harris went over to Lewistown yesterday on Day Express, and returned last evening on Fast Line, having in charge Mrs. Emma Ford, the woman accused of the larceny of a silk dress and other articles of wearing apparel[sic] from Miss Emma Gerhardt, of Portage street, Conemaugh Borough. Mrs. Ford was placed in thelock-up, in a cell opposite the one occupied by her husband, who was brought to the city of Lewistown on Friday last. It will be remembered that Mrs. Ford on that day slipped away from the Lewistown officer. It appears she borrowed some money and journeyed to Adamsburg, Snyder County, and it was there that the policeman arrested her. She told everybody with whom she cam in contact that she was a widow, and was making her way from the West, where he husband died, to Reading, where she was acquainted and had relatives residing. She had the silk dress and jersey belonging to Miss Gerhardt in her possession when arrested.

At 9 o'clock this morning, she and her husband were taken before Justice Strayer for a hearing. He was charged with being an accessory to the theft. James D. McLaughlin, Esq., appeared for the defendants and District Attorney Rose for the Commonwealth. The attendance of spectators was unusually small, there generallying being a jam __t hearings of this nature.

Ford is a small man, weighing probably one hundred and thirty pounds. He has rather a pleasant appearance. His hair is dark, he wears a sandy moustache, and looks to be about twenty-five years of age. He was attired in a suit of light clothes.


6 May 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


SCHOFF-FINDLEY. -- On thursday evening, February 14, 1884, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, by Rev. R. A. Fink, D. D., Mr. C. T. Schoff, of maryland, and Miss C. E. Findley, of Johnstown.


19 May 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


KRING-SEESE. -- On May 18, 1884, near Adamsburg, by Rev. C. Wortman, Mr. Israel Kring, of Adams Township, Cambria County, and Miss Elizabeth Ann Seese, of Bedford County, Pa.


Frank McLaughlin, who played here last year, and who has been playing short-stop in the Cincinnati Union team this season, was suspended by the club management last Saturday morning for drunkenness and incorrigibility. McLaughlin has been acting very badly lately, and would not listen to the orders of the management or to the advice of his friends. After hearing the news of his suspension he got on a riproaring drunk and started out Saturday afternoon to "paint the town red." He was arrested and taken to the Oliver-street station in a patrol wagon. He was released on bail early in the evening.


20 May 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


GAFFNEY-KEELAN. -- In Johnstown, at St. John's Catholic Church, on Tuesday morning, May 20, 1884, by Rev. Father Gallagher, Mr. William Gaffney and Miss Ella Keelan, both of Cambria Borough.


13 Jun 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


SWADER-DUNFORD. -- In Johnstown, on Monday evening, June 9, 1884, Frederick Swader and mrs. Isabel B. Dunford, all of Johnstown.

HUTZEL-PENROD. -- On Monday, June 9, 1884, by Elias King, Justice, of the Peace, Mr. Ephraim Hutzel, of Franklin Borough, and Miss Sarah Penrod, of Richland Township.


24 Sep 1884
Submited by Lynne Canterbury


BAUERS -- DREBES. -- On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 23, 1884, at the residence of the bride's parents, in the Second Ward, by Rev. R. A. Fink, D. D., Mr. Richard Bauers and Miss Louisa Brebes, all of Johnstown.

WEAVER -- NITTERBAUER. -- At the residence of the bride's uncle, Mr. Wylie, near Blairsville, on Tuesday evening, Sept. 23, 1884, by Rev. Mr. Colver, Mr. H. Herbert Weaver, of Johnstown, and Miss Jennie Nitterbauer, of Baltimore.


2 Oct 1884
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


MILLER-ROSE. -- On Tuesday, Sept. 30, 1884, by Elder George Hanawait, Mr. George W. Miller, of Stonycreek Township, Cambria County, and Miss Barbara C. Rose, of Paint Township, Somerset County.


Tuesday, 2 Dec 1884
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Frank Molloy, W. Trout, and Blair Storey, of Altoona, have gone deer-hunting. They will camp out for several days.

Mr. John H. Dibert departed this afternoon for Philadelphia to represent Cambria lodge at the annual Convocation of the Grand Lodge of Masons.

Mr. Neal McAneny, having been referred to by some person as a prospective candidate in the Democratic nomination for Sheriff, wishes it known that he is not seeking the office and would not accept a place on the ticket if tendered him.

Rev. O. P. Gallagher, of Johnstown, preached the morning sermon at the quarter-centennial of Rev. Father Pollard as pastor of St. John's Church, Pittsburgh, on Sunday, and at solemn vespers, Rev. E. A. Bush of Loretto, preached on "Faith."

Mr. Charles Zimmerman, Sr., on Saturday, attained the age of sixty-nine years. The occasion was very properly made pleasant in the venerable gentleman by kind congratulations and remembrances from relatives and friends. That Mr. Zimmerman may enjoy a good health and a long lease of goodwill be the earnestly entertained hope of all who know him.


George Englebach received to-day a fine lot of imported Harz-Mountain canaries.


WALTERS-NEWBERRY. -- In Conemaugh Borough, on Sunday, October 19, 1884, at the office of the officiating Magistrate by Richard Jones, Esq., Mr. Walter Walters, of Johnstown, and Miss Esther V. Newberry, of Hollidaysburg.


SHAFFER. -- In Conemaugh Borough, at midnight, Monday, December 1, 1884, Jeremiah Shaffer, aged 65 years.

Funeral tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock; interment in Sandyvale Cemetery.

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