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24 Jul 1868
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.



HUTCHINSON -- FOX. -- At the residence of E. F. Lytle, in Ebensburg, on the evening of June 6th, 1867, by Rev. T. M. Wilson, Mr. J. T. Hutchinson and Miss Nannie E. Fox.

We hope we are not too late in tendering to Todd the congratulations that befit the occasion. May he live a thousand years of wedded bliss, and may his shadow never be less.


The frequency of accidents to property occurring from the failure of owners to make use of lightning rods is attracting attention throughout the country. A good lightning-rod is a sure preventive of these accidents, and no man who knows his own interests will long hisitate to secure one for every building he owns. There are several kinds of lightning-rods before the public, but from all the evidences before us we are led to believe that Munson's copper tubular lightning rod, with spiral flanges, is at once the cheapest and most satisfactory now in use. It is manufactured by the Pittsburgh Lightning Rod Works. Mr. Richard Jones, whose address is Box 50, Johnstown, is the agent for Cambria county. He is doing a good business, we learn, and upon correct principles. He has just contracted with Mr. Joseph Hoffman, whose barn was burned recently, to put up a rod upon his new house and proposed new barn.


14 Aug 1868
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.

-- Mr. Thomas Callan has been appointed Postmaster at Loretto, in place of Mr. Addlesberger, removed. Mr. John Kennedy has been appointed postmaster at Hemlock, vice William Tilley, removed.

-- On Thursday afternoon of last week the steam saw-mill of George Eichensehr in Richland Township was burned to the ground. Loss $4,000. Insured in the Lycoming Mutual for $1,500.

-- We are indebted to Hon. D. J. Morrell, and also to Mr. James E. Hartzell of Pittsburgh, for copies of the Philadelphia Ledger's description of the Cambria Iron Works.

-- James King, Esq., of McConellsburg, father of the King boys of our town, has just paid them his annual visit. Mr. King is a hale and vigorous man of the Psalmist's age.

-- Rev. Wm. A. Fleming has been absent for a couple of weeks with his family, rusticating in the wilds of Clearfield county. He expects to return about the 20th.

-- On Sunday, August 2d, Dr. I. C. Pershing preached in the M. E. Church in Brookville.

-- Six teachers are wanted in Millville Borough.

-- A fizzle -- The Democratic Sentorial Conference at Indiana last Friday.


MARRIED. -- At the residence of the bride's father, at Indiana Furnace, Indiana County, by the Rev. B. L. Agnew, on Wednesday, August 12th, 1868, Mr. Jordan Pringle, of Wyandote, Kansas, and Miss Emma, eldest daughter of Wm. T. Shryock, Esq.

We take pleasure in chronicling the union of our young friends. We have known them both all their days, and if every manly worth was wedded to womanly loeliness, Wednesday last witnessed the happy consummation. God bless them.


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