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Thursday, 19 Jan 1832

BROWN, James G., of the Engineer Corps, stationed at Alexandria, and Rebecca WILEY of Lewistown, married Thursday last.

LITZINGER, David of Huntingdon County and Ann M'MANAMY of Cambria County, married Thursday last, by Rev. D. A. G allitzin.

LLOYD, Evan and Elizabeth MORGAN, late of Wales, both of Cambria County, married 3rd inst by Rev. George ROBERTS.

MCCARTNEY, Daniel and Elenor M?Ger, both of Cambria County, married Tuesday, 10th inst, by Rev. BRADLEY.

MCCOY, Hugh E, of Cambria County and Margaret READER, daughter of Andrew of Lycoming County, married Thursday, 29 ult, by Samuel SHOEMAKER, Esq.

MCCOY, Peter, of Cambria Twp and Margaret DURBIN, of Allegheny Twp married 10 inst., at Ebensburg, by Rev. James BRADLEY.


Thursday, 1 Mar 1832

CHRISTY, Daniel, of Ebensburg, and Mary Ann MCBRADY, lately of Carlisle, married Tuesday last by Rev. James BRADLEY.


Thursday, 8 Mar 1832

KIMMEL, Samuel, Stoystown, and Jane DENNISON, married Tuesday 21st ult by Rev. TERRY.


Thursday, 3 May 1832

NAGLE, George and Sarah DOUGHERTY, married Tuesday last at Loretto, by Rev. D. A. GALLITZIN.

LITSINGER, Charles and Mary Ann RODGERS, both of Ebensburg, married Tuesday last by Rev. James BRADLEY.

FENLON, James, of Munster, merchant and Mary LANNERGAN of Pittsburgh, married at Pittsburgh on Thursday last by Rev. Doctor MAGUIRE.

HARKINS, Daniel, of Ebensburg and Mary MCCOLGAN of Munster, married Monday last by Rev. James BRADLEY.

WEAKLAND, Samuel and Margaret MCINTYRE, married Tuesday last, at Loretto, by Rev. D. A. GALLITZIN.


Thursday, 17 May 1832

POWERS, ??? and Susan BURGOON, of Jefferson, married Monday, 7th inst, by Rev. D. A. GALLITZIN.


Thursday, 9 Aug 1832

GLASS, George Jr. and Margaret BROWN, both of Munster, married Sunday last by Rev. James BRADLEY.


Thursday, 20 Sep 1832

FELAN, Thomas and ????? HAYS, both of Conemaugh, married Thursday, 6th inst., at Johnstown, by Rev. S. H. TERRY.


Thursday, 15 Nov 1832

MCDOWELL, Nathan, and Sarah MARSHALL, both of Blairsville, married 2nd inst, in Blairsville, by Rev. Thomas DAVIS.


Thursday, 28 Nov 1833

TEETER, Major Isaac and Mary MCILROY, both of Ebensburg, married this day. by Rev. George ROBERTS.


Thursday, 6 Dec 1832

CONRAD, Elijah, of Huntingdon County, and Eliza ROY of Jackson Twp, married Tuesday, 27th ult., by Rev. James BRADLEY.

MCKINZIE, Leo, of Summerhill Twp., and Mary Ann GORMAN, of Allegheny Twp., married Tuesday, 27th ult by Rev. D. A. GALLITZIN.

NEESON, John and Mary DONAHOE, both of this county, married Monday last, by Rev. James BRADLEY.

SKINNER, David, and Mary Ann BUCHANAN, both of Hollidaysburg, married Tuesday last, by Rev. GALBRAITH.


Thursday, 13 Dec 1832

DRITT, Jacob, and Matilda PRIESTLEY, daughter of Shepley, all of Conemaugh Boro, married Thursday, 29 ult, by Rev. TARRY.


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