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Thursday, 21 Jul 1831


ROWLAND, Ellis, and Jane THOMAS, daughter of Rev. Thomas of Jackson Twp., married on Thursday last, by Rev William WILLIAMS.

WILLIAMS, John T. and Anne THOMAS, daughter of Rev Thomas E. of Jackson Twp., married on Thursday last, by Rev. William WILLIAMS.


Thursday, 11 Aug 1831


ANDREWS, Benjamin, at Blairsville, editor of the "Conemaugh Republican" and Laura SANGER, daughter of David of Erie, married Thursday, 21st inst, at Erie by Rev. Joseph S. BARRIS.


Thursday, 8 Sep 1831


BRAWLEY, David, and Abbey RHODES, both from near Ebensburg, married Tuesday last by Rev. James BRADLEY.

LEVERGOOD, Jacob and Jane Louisa HAYES, all of Conemaugh, married Thursday, 1st inst, at Conemaugh by Rev. N. G. SHARRETS.

LINTON, John, of Conemaugh Borough, and Adelaide LACOCK, daughter of General Abner, of Beaver Pennsylvania, married Thursday, 1st inst, at Beaver by Rev. HENDERSON.


Thursday, 29 Sep 1831


HUGHES, John, and Martha JONES, both of the vicinity of Ebensburg, married Thursday last by Rev. George ROBERTS.

RICHARDS, Simon, and Eliza JAMES, both late of Pottsville, married 24th inst., on the Tunnel Section of the Portage Railroad, by Rev. Dr. APPLETON.


Thursday, 20 Oct 1831


BROOKBANK, Thomas of Summerhill Twp, and Mary, daughter of Edward BRADY of Allegheny Twp, married Tuesday last, by Rev. D. A. GALLITZIN.


Thursday, 3 Nov 1831


PHYTH?AN, Charles G. (Doctor) and Eliza LINTON, both of Conemaugh, married Thursday last, at Conemaugh, by Rev. TERRY.


Thursday, 1 Dec 1831


WELSH, Silvester, Esq., of Ebensburg, principal engineer on the Western Division of the Pennsylvania Canal and Railway, and Sarah G. STANARD, daughter of Daniel, Esq., of Indiana, married at Indiana on 23 inst, by Rev. David BLAIR.


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