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Friday, 18 Jun 1937


Wilmore -- On Sunday, June 6, several residents of this town visited the monument to Captain Phillips's Pennsylvania Rangers, erected near Saxton where the bones of the rangers, slain by Indians, were buried two years ago, after being discovered by a workman during an excavation. These folks were descendants of Felix Skelly, one of the men who lost their lives in the massacre, which took place in 1780.

Those who made the trip included the following: Mesdames Emma Costlow and Arzella Plummer, daughters of James F. (This might be a P) and Eliza (Dimond) Skelly, deceased, and great-granddaughters of Felix Skelly; Hugh Skelly, Mrs. Grace (Skelly) Miller, Mary and Neil Plummer, Sam, John, Dan, and Edward Plummer, great-great-grand-children of Felix Skelly; Bobby and Tommy Skelly, Raymond and Mary Grace Miller, great-great-great- grandchildren of Felix Skelly; Mrs. Hugh Skelly and Adessa Lingle.

During the ceremony, one verse of "America" was sung and heads were bowed in silent prayer. A large bouquet was placed on the slab covering the graves.

The monument is built of native stone and is situated on a beautiful hillside. A small stream of water nearby adds to the beauty of the surroundings and seems to sing a requiem for the dead heroes.


25 Jun 1937


The following names were accidentally omitted from the account of the visit of the Skelly descendants to Captain Phillips's Ranger's at Saxton, June 6: Mrs. Cris Skelly, Mrs. Blanche Hurley and Mrs. Bertha Oxford, who are three of the five Skelly sisters who made the trip.


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