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Cambria Freeman
Ebensburg, PA

25 MAR 1869
Submitted by Lisa Baker

Guardianship Sale: Undersigned guardian of the minor children of Joseph Springman, late of Susquehanna Twp., a sale at public outcry at the house of Laurence Schroth, Carrolltown, Wednesday, March 31st., land in Susquehanna Twp. by William Glass and Isaac Gifford and the land of J. Weiland, containing 50 acres. Michael Vogle, Guardian.


Thursday, 13 MAY 1869
Vol 9, #40
Submitted by Lisa Baker


Mr. James Myers, watchman for the P.R.R. at the Ebensburg depot, had his hand badly mashed while endeavoring to couple cars, one day last week.

MARRIED - March 31st, 1869, at the residence of Wm. J. Rowland, near Iowa city, Iowa, by Rev. C. D. Jones, Mr. Thomas D. Davis, of Old Man's Creek, Iowa, to Miss Maggie E. Roberts, formerly of Ebensburg, Pa.

FIRE - On Tuesday night a steam saw mill belonging to Mr. John Wagner, near Chest Springs, was burned to the ground. Some fifty thousand feet of lumber were also destroyed by the flames. Loss about $3000. Insured for a small sum.


Thursday, 20 MAY 1869
Vol 9, #41
Submitted by Lisa Baker



At Episcopal church, Middleport, O., May 6th, 1869, by Rev. C. P. Maples, Harry C. Teeter, editor Press, to Miss M. Lizzie, daughter Jno. Grant, Esq.


On Wednesday, 12th inst., a man named Coligan, residing in Cambria borough, was seriously injured in the mines of the Cambria Iron Co. He had one of his arms broken, his head crushed, and was otherwise seriously injured.

On Saturday last, a man named John M. Reese and a boy named Watkins were dangerously burned by an explosion of fire damp in the coal mines located in Cambria boro.

Since writing of the foregoing fire damp accident, I have learned that the boy Watkins has died. Reese will recover.

Mrs. Sheehan, an old lady aged 102 years, residing in Millville borough, while attempting to cross the track of the Penna. R. R. at the depot of this city, was struck by a passing freight locomotive and was seriously injured. No hopes are held of her recovery.


On the 13th inst., by the Rev. J. R. Williams, Mr. Thomas Murray, of Maine, and Miss Rose W. M'Cartney, of White township, this county.


Thursday, 27 MAY 1869
Vol 9, #42
Submitted by Lisa Baker



On the 24th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. B. M. Keer, Mr. Geo. F. Robinson and Miss Aggie M. Roberts, all of this place.

On the 25th inst., in Ebensburg, by Rev. R. C. Christy, Mr. H. A. Shoemaker to Miss Lida Meyers, both of Ebensburg.

On the 25th inst., at Summit, by Rev. Ryan, Mr. Thos. J. Glass, of Ebensburg, to Miss Alice Fox, of Washington township.


Mr. Joseph Behe has broke ground and is building the foundation for a new saw-mill to be located just beyond Mr. Wertner's tannery, at the north end of town. He proposes to have the mill on the ground next week.

BOY KILLED - On Tuesday of this week, a young boy named Callahan was killed at Lily's station, this county, under the following circumstances: He was undermining a large mass of coal in a mine in that neighborhood, when the mass caved in, and, falling upon the boy, crushed him so badly that he died in a half hour.

MARRIED - At St. Augustine, on the 18th inst., by Rev. Father Burns, Mr. John Flynn, of Lock Haven, to Miss Annie Flanagan, of Bells Mills, Blair Co.

APPOINTED - Mr. John Brown has been appointed Postmaster at Summerhill, Cambria county, vice Mr. Plummer removed.


Thursday, 3 JUN 1869
Vol 9, #43
Submitted by Lisa Baker



Last Saturday was Decoration day—the day when the graves of the heroes of the late war were visited by their living friends and companions, and strewn with flowers to keep their memories green.

The Catholic Cemetery was first visited. The several graves therein, to the memory of three, were strewn with garlands of ever-greensan flowers. After which Rev. R. C. Christy delivered an appropriate address. The Congregational Cemetery was next visited. Two graves were here decorated. The address was delivered by Rev. W. H. Schell.

Lloyd Cemetery was the next, and last, visited. The number of soldiers interred herein is eleven.

Following is a list of the soldiers buried in our cemeteries.

JAMES C. NOON, Adjt. 133d P. V., killed at Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13, 1862.

THOMAS J. LITZINGER, drummer Co. F., 133d P.V., died.

GEORGE W. TODD, Major 91st P.V., killed at Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13, 1862.

EDWARD E. DAVIS, Co. A., 11th Pa. Reserves, died.

EVAN R. DAVIS, First Lieutenant Co. D, 15th P.V., killed at Chancellorsville, May 3d, 1863.

HUGH JONES, Second Lieutenant Co. C., 209th P.V., killed at recapture of Fort Steadman, Va., March 25, 1865.

LEMUEL T. EVANS, Co. A., 54th Emergency Regiment, died.

ADAM SHINEFELT, Co. C., 209th P.V., died.

DAVID S. JONES, Co. E, 4th P.V.M., died.

THOMAS J. EVANS, Corporal Co. C, 209th P.V., killed before Petersburg, Va., April 2d, 1865.

WILLIAM E. ROBERTS, Co. D, 5th Pa. Heavy Artillery, died in hospital at Alexandria, Va.

GRIFFITH EVANS, Co. A., 11th Pa. Reserves, died in hospital.

JAMES ROBERTS, Army of the South-west, died.

JOHN LIBBY, Army of the Potomac, died in hospital at Washington.


James Watt, conductor of a freight train on the P.R.R., while looking out of an engine window, was struck on the head by a car on a side track. He was severely but not dangerously injured.

The clothing of a little girl residing in Saltsburg took fire from a stove one day last week, and she was badly burned before the flames could be extinguished.


On Monday, Mr. George Tiley met with a narrow escape from death at Lilly's station. He was standing on the track, when a train struck him, knocking him clear of the wheels of the car but seriously though not fatally injuring him.


Thursday, 17 JUN 1869
Vol 9, #45
Submitted by Lisa Baker


John Buck for Assembly; Isaac Wike for Sheriff; Anthony Anna for County Commissioner; Thomas M'Kernan for Poor House Director; and Geo. W. Oatman for County Auditor.


On June 3d, 1869, at the house of the bride's parents, by Rev. W. R. Whitney, Mr. David A. Mitchell, of Burnside tp., Clearfield county, Pa., to Miss Lizzie Laverty, of Susquehanna Tp., Cambria county, Pa.


Thursday, 15 JUL 1869
Vol 9, #49
Submitted by Lisa Baker


A young girl in Johnstown named M'Bride met with an accident on Saturday last, while crossing the railroad, by being struck by a passing car. Her injuries are slight.

James C. Null, Esq., has been appointed Deputy Sheriff of Cambria county, vice J. G. Hasson, resigned.


Hon. A. C. Mullin, formerly of Ebensburg, but now of Ashland, Pa., and his family, were in town several days last week. He and they were welcome as flowers in May.


Thursday, 22 JUL 1869
Vol 9, #50
Submitted by Lisa Baker


Mr. Wm. C. McCormick, a respected citizen of Altoona, died on the 3d inst.

Saturday night, July the 10th, a man named Johnson, from New York, got into a difficulty with Levi Ennis, in Phillipsburg, Centre county, which resulted in the former stabbing the latter in the abdomen, causing death in twelve hours. Johnson was went to Bellefonte jail to await trail.

On Thursday last, the house of Mr. John Brook, in Jenner township, Somerset county, was struck by lightning, and a young girl named Fleshour was instantly killed. The deceased, a girl about fourteen years of age, whose parents live in Fordstown, was walking to Jennersville, and seeing the storm approach, sought shelter at Mr. Brook's, and was sitting with the family on the porch, when she was killed. None of the members of Mr. Brook's family were injured, although sitting close by the unfortunate girl, and the damage done to the house was but slight.

John Wagner, an employee at Dull's paper mill, McVeytown, had one of his arms crushed by its becoming entangled in the machinery, on the 1st inst. Mortification set in, and the man died six days later.

MARRIED - On the 4th inst., at Auburn, Kansas, by the Rev. Jesse Brockbay, Mr. J. M. Harr, of Topeka, Kansas, (formerly of Ebensburg,) to Miss Eugenie Engle, of Auburn.


Thursday, 29 JUL 1869
Vol 9, #51
Submitted by Lisa Baker


On Wednesday last, a little son of Mr. Fred Fulmer, of this place, had two of his ribs broken and sustained other serious injuries by falling from a load of hay while attempting to get into the mow. His recovery is doubtful.


We last week made a brief mention of a homicide perpetrated at Fry's saw-mill, Susquehanna township, this county. We are able this week to give full particulars of the sad affair.

Lewis Holtzner and Philip Phalon were employees on the mill. On Tuesday evening of last week, they and others of the employees were engaged burning slabs and refuse stuff. The work was monotonous, and "to make the time pass away" a gallon of whisky was introduced. The result was that Holtzner and Phalon became intoxicated and were speedily engaged in a quarrel. Words led to blows, and during the fracas, as is alleged, Holtzner stabbed Phalon seven times with a pocket knife. One cut took effect on the arm, one on the thigh, one on the top of the head, and four in the breast. One of the latter penetrated the heart to the depth of one inch, causing death almost instantly.

Holtzner was arrested the same night, and was committed the jail here next day. A brother of Holtzner's was also arrested and lodged in jail, charged with having incited the quarrel and furnished the knife with which the cutting was done.

An inquest was held on the body by Esquire Bana. The verdict is not yet published.

The knife with which the cuts were inflicted has not been found.


Thursday, 5 AUG 1869
Vol 9, #52
Submitted by Lisa Baker.



Dr. D. W. Zeigler, the well known and popular dentist, will make a professional visit to Carrolltown on the 16th inst., and remain a few days. The Doctor can be consulted at his rooms at Lawrence Schrotte's hotel, where we confidently advise those desiring any work in the dental line to give him a call.


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