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8 Dec 1921
Submitted by Annie Whiteman.
This was sent to Annie Whiteman by Jennie Amrhein, VP of the Blair Co. Genealogy Society.


While the great state of Pennsylvania provides for the care of the little patients found suffering from tuberculosis, and has housed them at the Cresson sanatorium, the state does not provide a Santa Claus at Christmas time and for this reason residents of  Altoona and others throughout the state are appealed to in the effort to provide these scores of suffering kiddies with gifts of one kind or another during the coming holiday season of Christmas that will  make them feel that they have not been forgotten by the great patrons saint of childhood.

Many of the children numbered among the Cresson santorium patients come from homes of the utmost squalor, ignorance and poverty. Some of them when they are admitted, do not know the simplest joys of childhood. They have been born in tenements or in the shacks of the most unfortunate where the light of happiness never enters.  There is one little girl at the sanatorium, now three years of age who has been there two years and during all that time has never been visited by a single relative or friend.  It is such children as these that will be pleased by a gift no matter how simple, from the kind-hearted residents of Altoona and elsewhere.  Sanatorium authorities would be pleased if persons would adopt some certain kiddy for the Christmas season, provide him or her with gifts and perhaps pay him a call on Christmas day, just to show the little sufferer that the world may be cold at times but doesn't forget entirely.   Following is a list of every child in the great institution on the mountain, together with age and religious faith.  Look them over, pick one or more, perhaps they may be children you know, and then forward them gifts, such as sweaters, stockings, underwear or other garments, fruit, candy but not much of the latter and a simple toy or so, their resultant happiness will be your reward.


Paul Baumgardner, age 11;
Rex  Beers, age 9;
Kenneth Baker, age 15;
Charles Botsford, 12; 
Frank Bowser, 5;
John Cravetts, 8;
Alfred Clemm, 11;
William Clemmer, 13;
Howard Dillard, Negro, 13; 
David Enquist, 14; 
Martin Gall, 13;
Charles Harrower, 13;
Alver Harklesss;, 13; 
Edgar Hostetler, 12;
Lewis Hickok, 12;
Ralph Hodgson, 17;
John Hughes, Negro, 14;
Martin Hoffer, 11;
Alfred Hall, 13,
Lawrence Lyons, 12;
Leo Likowa, 11;
James Learish, 11;
Roland Champion, 10;
William Cowen;
Eugene Lindergren, 11;
Calvin McCully, 12;
Harvey McFeaters, 16;
Joseph Miller, 7;
Alfred Miller, 9; 
George Meyers, 11;
Frank Marietta, 15;
James Neely, 13;
Allen Norton, 12;
John Norton, 11;
George Orvosh, 14;
Roy Oshorn, 11;
William Platt, Negro 9;
George Pierce, 11;
Arthur Rapp, 13;
Harry Robins, 7;
George Shobert, 8;
Harry Stewart, 17;
Russell Skillman, 10;
Howard Terry, 12;
Herman Toland, 9;
Albert Tunstall, 13;
Paul Urbain, 11;
John Warneer, 6;
Reed Wolfe, 11;
Charles White, 10.


John Brugar, age 10;
John Bobby, age 11;
John Balator, age 11;
Thomas Cleary, 11;
Theodore Calabro, 9;
Joseph Callum, 11;
John Dernar, 15;
Mike Desak, 12;
George Desak, 6;
Tony Fulare, 14;
Frank Fontana, 9;
Patsy Fontana 6;
Lewis Fontana, 6;
Michael Gerrity, 9;
John Gerrity, 10;
Theodore Garezycki, 11;
Steve Graboski, 9; 
Frank Graboski, 5;
Walter Green, 12;
Lewis Kovach, 4;
Frank Kovach, 6;
Joseph Kirsch, 13;
Michael  Kochis, 11;
Oscar Litzinger, 7;
John Labuda, 11;
Frank Lodine, 10;
Herbert Mart, 5;
Walter Miedzwweski, 13;
Rondo Monendo, 15;
George Nadzon, 13;
Jerry Passucucci, 7;
Anthony Peterson, 7; 
Irvan Rados, 12;
Joseph Sullivan, 7;
Joseph Sininsky, 12;
Tony Tiaano, 7;
Stephen Zumas, 13;
Adebert Jones, 16.


Rosella Carr, age 17;
Rose Marasco, age 12;
Margaret Curtain, 16;
Ida Killinger, 10;
Viola Stefanacci, 15;
Victoria Stadish, 13;
Mary Semansik, 15;
Josephine Padjen, 11;
Anna Roasch, 12;
Anna Bogovich, 13;
Angeline Costanzo, 12;
Stella Cimochowski, 10;
Johanna Lindenberger, 12;
Margaret Michan, 12;
Helen Yankel, 13;
Anna Pavell, 6;
Anna Copen, 9;
Mary Copen 7;
Catherinee Yostomb, 6;
Helen Purchneski, 6;
Rose Sininsky, 6;
Marry Kulapanow, 6;
Margaret Cleary, 9;
Anna Lubeska, 10; 
Mary Mastervich, 7;
Dorothy Cush, 7;
Alice Killinger, 6;
Mary Pachufa, 10;
Anna Yostomb, 8;
Viola Christoff, 12;
Helen Capella, 9;
Ellen Hughes, 12;
Margaret Flynn 8;
Fredaline Bertin, 10;
Anastasia Beres, 8;
Mary Speciele, 9;
Anna Galccth, 13;
Anna Volk, 15;
Anna Fitrick, 9;
Mary Skiba, 15;
Anna Sahd, 14;
Theresa Lastrot, 14;
Mary Manzetti, 9;
Helen Kutch, 12
Elsie  Fagan, 12;
Stella Vitulla, 8;
Elizabeth Roasch, 10;
Anna Bartella, 9;
Anna Sestock, 11;
Josephine Sacco, 13;
Catherine Nuss, 11;
Marcella Christoff, 9.


Ruth Yeager, age 15;
Fedora Yeager, 13;
Violet Fosterr, 15;
Laura Worstell, 13;
Cynthia Hancock, 13;
Georgia Ralston, 16;
Esther Ralston, 10;
Mildred Shobert, 13;
Mary Hueman, 13;
Irene Clemmer, 9;
Grace Clemmer, 11;
Thelma Ross, 13;
May Ross, 11;
Marie Ritzman, 10;
Caroline Treese, 13;
Lottie Hall, 15;
Mildred Moffet, 9;
Rose Henderson, 8;
Bertha Ross, 6;
Helen Grumbling, 7;
Henrietta Hardy, 12;
Margaret Kuhn, 10;
Loretta Wolfe, 13;
Dorothy Lingenfelter, 9;
Dorothy Hunt, 15;
Lillian Yurkshait, 15;
Mary  Cronover, 16;
Silvia Glendening, 10;
Edith Williams, 15;
Vivian Turner, Negro, 10;
Sarah Klinger, 11;
Helen Glancy, 15;
Genevieve Gordon, Negro, 12;
Irene Kovacs, 10;
Rosella Seibert, 10;
Vivian Sipes, 9;
Mildred  Ross, 6; 
Dorothy Hall, 12;
Ruth Wagner, 7.

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