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9 Jan 1894
Submitted by Annie Whiteman.


A Dougherty Coal Miner Entombed by a Fall of Coal

At 11 o'clock yesterday morning Robert A. Campbell, a miner living at Dean station, Cambria County, had an experience which he will not soon forget. At the hour named he was digging coal in a chamber or drift of the Dougherty mine on the line of the Wopsy road, north of this city, when a sudden and totally unexpected fall of coal from the sides and roof of the chamber shut the mouth of it and completely buried him.

A man engaged in hauling coal from the mine witnessed the accident and gave the alarm. Soon all about the works were gathered at the scene of the cave-in and, although taking it for granted that Campbell was crushed to death, went to work with pick and shovel to recover the body. After working for one hour and twnety minutes, to their surprise and delight, they found the man alive, although badly hurt. He was taken out and everything possible done for his immediate relief, after which he was placed on a train, brought to this city and taken to the hospital where he arrived at 7 o'clock last evening.

Examination showed that his collar bone was broken, his head badly lacerated and his jaw probably fractured. The injured man was conscious all the time he was buried under the coal and heard all the noises made by his rescuers. Several large lumps of coal had lodged in such a fortunate manner that the weight of the coal was borne by them thus saving him from being crushed.

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