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Submitted by Annie Whiteman


The Koppers Coal Company yesterday reported the following 63 miners died in the Sonman Slope disaster:

August Bem, Portage R.D.
Andrew Bobrowiecz, Portage
Chester Bradley, Cassandra
Clayton Burnett, Portage R.D. 2
Horace Chapple, Portage
Sheldon Chapple, Portage
Frank Chileski, Portage
Angelo Constantino, Lily
Steophen Doman, Beaverdale
John Dubulis, Portage
Leo Etienne, Jr., Portage
William Flynn, Portage
Joseph Gaviak, Portage
Freeman George, Portage
John Hebda, Jamestown
Joseph Holiday, Jamestown
Thomas Hough, Portage
Philip Huffard, Lilly R.D. 1
John Inman, Cassandra
Stanley Kalwasinski, Lilly R.D. 1
John Kent, also known as Kucyniski, Portage
Charles Klut, Portage R.D. 1
Joseph Kuzen, Portage
Thomas Leap, Cassandra
Melvin Leap, Cassandra, son of Thomas Leap
Homer Leap, Cassandra, son of Thomas Leap
Joseph Lester, Portage R.D.
George Lutz, Sonman
John Mackoviak, Jamestown
Louis Mantel, Ebensburg, R.D.
Edward Mantel, Ebensburg, R.D., brother of Louis Mantel
John Miterko, Portage
Emmett Moyer, Portage
Sheldon Arthur McDonald, Portage
Harry McVicker, Portage
John Nowobielski, Sonman
Melvin Owen, Wilmore
John Panyak, Sonman
Floria Pasi, Portage
Ted Pitman, Portage
John Pristas, Jamestown
John Rudash, Portage
Stephen Rudash, Portage, brother of John Rudash
Michael Sarnecki, Lilly R.D.
Stephen Sarvash, Cassandra
Thomas Shaw, Portage
Walter (Pete) Sibis, Lilly
Michael Simo, Sr., Portage
John Simo, Portage, son of Michael Simo, Sr.
Joseph Simo, Portage, son of Michael Simo, Sr.
John Smendak, Portage
Joseph Smith, Cassandra
August (Vic) Snyder, Beaverdale
George Stupski, Portage
Frank Szura, Jamestown
Walter Szura, Jamestown, son of Frank Szura
John Thomas, Portage
John Tranak, Cassandra
Alex Uvegas, Cassandra
William (Puncher Bill) Wisniewski, Portage
George Zimmerman, Portage, R.D.
Laird Zimmerman, Portage, R.D., son of George Zimmerman

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