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Saturday, 14 Mar 1914
Submitted By Patty Millich.

The Ladies' AUxiliary of the Knights of Sacred Heart held a euchre last eveing in the school hall. Another euchre was held Thursday eveing at the home of Miss Margaret Finnegan, 116 Oak street, Conemaugh.


Tuesday Evening, 31 Mar 1914
Submitted by Sue Smith.


Mohawks and South Side to Contest in Gage and
Donate Proceeds to Christian Home
Exact Amount of Fund to be Made Known Monday

It is expected there will be a big turnout at the basketball game at the Casino this evening when South Side of the City League plays the Mohawks of the Senior League for the benefit of the Christian Home. As has been announced, the South Side boys arranged for two games, the second of which is scheduled for Thursday evening. Thee has been a large advance sale of tickets.

An exact tabulation of the receipts in the recent successful campaign will not be possible until after the bible class contributions are all in. Present plans are to make these public next Monday. It is possible that there have been some duplication in the acknowledgment of subscriptions, although there is a similar possibility that some subscriptions through oversight have not been counted. Miss L. Grace Young, Financial Secretary, expects to present the complete list of subscriptions in connection with her monthly report.

P. L. Carpenter, of the Capital Hotel, has asked The Tribune to announce that the gift of chairs and tables to the Christian Home, a publication of which was made yesterday, was not entirely his own. A well-known Johnstown merchant who does not wish his name to be mentioned, had an equal part with Mr. Carpenter.

The Riverside Bible Class, District No. 7; Rebecca Lodge, Ebensburg; and Mrs. Harriet E. Smith, of Windber, have sent in contributions of $10 each for the Home since The Tribune's report yesterday.



Solicitor Instructed to Proceed to Collect at 50 Cents Per Pole


Council this afternoon took action looking to the testing of the city ordinance providing a tax of 50 cents each on poles. After much discussion Councilman James' resolution instructing the City Solicitor to proceed with suits against those corporations who have not in the last two years paid their tax at the 50-cent rate was adopted. Councilman John Berg withdrew a somewhat similar resolution in its favor.

Mayor Cauffiel submitted two resolutions, one providing that the Solicitor drew an ordinance assessing all free and perpetual franchises. This Attorney Saylor told him would not be legal, because the State makes no such provision. Tthe Mayor had another resolution, providing for an ordinance to tax corporations per mile for wire, pipes, and conduits. He agreed to defer this for a while. The Solicitor announced that the city can tax corporations only for business license, and on poles, wire, and pipes only for "police supervision." The amount of this last charge would appear to be a difficult matter to determine, he indicated.

The bakers appeared before Council and made a plea for more time before the bread-wrapping provision of the health regulations in enforced. A resolution extending the time limit to June 1 was passed. The bakers say they are unable to get wrapping paper, with their firm names and trade marks on, in less than three months. They have expressed sentiment against the wrapping of bread on the representation that it makes bread moldy much quicker. the consumer will have to pay ultimately. One estimate of the total cost of wrapping bread for a year is $16,000.

A budget for the next nine months -- April 6, 1914, to January 4, 1915 -- was included in an ordinance placed on the calendar. As has been indicated in The Tribune, it provides for a heavier salary list and a number of improvements that have been talked of. One of these is $3,000 (estimated) for a "public comfort station" in City Hall. This is Councilman John Berg's idea. Many favorable comments on it have been heard. Sanitary toilet facilities are the main features of the proposed improvement.

Mr. James reported that L. H. Opperman, Secretary-Treasurer, advised him the People's Garbage & Fertilizer Company will submit proposals for a renewal of the lease, or the sale of the present Seventh Ward garbage plant, at next Tuesday's meeting.

Osborne and Rock avenue foot-front petitioners for foot-front paving did not have the required number of signatures, and their petition was referred back.

A bill for $1,047.60 from the county for feeding citytyty prisoners at Ebensburg Jail from January 1 to April 1 was (article cut off).



Messrs. Rose, James, and Horner First to Encounter New System

Extraordinary in several particulars was the special session ofpolice court held at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon. For the first time in the history of Johnstown the Mayor handed out a jail sentence of more than 30 days. The question of Mayor Cauffiel's authority in such matters was submitted to City Solicitor Tillman K. Saylor. He decided that the law enables the mayor to exercise the same power as an Alderman in disposing of the cases of vagrants.

Bill Rose, William "Buck" James, and Irvin Horner were the unfortunate trio who butted into policemen about the time this discovery was made. Just when the frost was leaving the air, and the robins and blue birds were beginning to warble again, these worthies were rounded up on a city charge of vagrancy. Officers Nall and James Adams apprehended them the other day in the Seventh Ward.

Chief of Police Swabb and the Mayor agreed that special formalities would be fitting in inaugurating such an important change as was about to be made. Ordinary police court sessions are at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. One was arranged for 1:30 p.m. for the benefit of Messrs. Rose, James and Horner. And the prisorners, whom the police say are no longer given a jolt by such an ordinary incident as a 30-day vacation, gave evidence of a serious attack of heart failure when the Mayor pulled that six-months' stunt.


8 Apr 1914
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


William Lebzelter, of Brownstown, has announced as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Assemblyman in the Second District of Cambria County. Mr. Lebzelte declares he will make his run on an Anti-Penrose platform and that he will support Local Option legislation.


21 Apr 1914
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.


A number of young people met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wess, of 437 Woodvale avenue, Friday evening and surprised their daughter, Miss Genevieve, the occasion being her 16th birthday anniversary. ames and music were the features of the evening and a dainty luncheon was served at a late hour by Mrs.Wess, assisted by Mrs. John Kepple and Mrs. W. K. Miller. A piano duet was rendered by Miss Olive Hoffman and Miss Erma Rosebaugh and a piano solo by Miss Jean Edelman. Miss Wess received many handsome and useful presents, among them a beautiful lavalier. The guests included: Misses Olive Hoffman, Erma Rosbaugh, Mayme Burke, Elizabeth Daniels, Bridget Murphy, Anna Griffin, Rose Moehler, Rosalie Garretson, Maud Overdorf, Jean Griffin, Mary Coyle, Barbara Lazarchack, Bridget Burke, Agnes McGovern, Erma Bard, Mabel Caddy, Arzella Costlow, Jean Edelman, Julia Sweeney, Viola Caddy, Genevieve Wess and Helen Wess; Messrs. George Payton, Robert Riechart, Harry Englehart, Michael Shay, Henry Goetz, William Krieger, Daniel J. Quinn, John Goetz, James Dailey, John Hasenstab, Herman Bischof, james Kimmel, Joseph Hasenstab, Karle Kuehne, William McMann, F. Keene, Louis W. Purse, Clare J. Koontz, William Wess, Frank Wess; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wess, Mrs. W. K. Miller, and Mrs. John Kepple.


25 Jun 1914
p.16; col. 3
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Several Cottages Are Already Occupied and Other Johnstowners Will Follow Later

Among the Johnstown families already in their cottages at Arbutus Prk, in Richland Township, are Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Roudabush and family, of the Seventh Ward; Mr. and Mrs. George M. Harshberger and family of the Seventh Ward; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Myers and family, of the South Side, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyers and family, of the Seventh Ward. The Rev. Dr. J. Q. A. Curry, of the Sixth Ward, the Presiding Elder of the Johnstown District of the United Evangelical Church, will heave Saturday, with his family, to occupy their cottage, and other local families will follow next week.

The Campmeeting Association held a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the Willow-street U. E. Church, this city, to complete the details for the Bible conference, missionary gathering and campmeeting services to be held at the park late in July and early in August. This meeting was attended by the Rev. Dr. J. W. Domer and the Rev. F. W. Ware, of Windber; the Rev. E. W. Rishel, of Conemaugh; the Rev. Dr. Curry and the Rev. D. L. Yoder, of the Eighth Ward, and the Rev. harvey B. Seese, of the Seventeenth Ward, with Messrs. Ross McVicker, S. B. Arthur, George Ellenberger, and Statler. The Rev. Franklin E. Hetrick, of South Fork, is also a member of the board, but he is at Franklin, Venago County, this week attending a convention in the church of which he was pastor before coming to South Fork.


Mrs. Lila Bastain, of Stanley, N.Y., is in the city as the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Statler, of 435 Thomas avenue, with whom she will remain for several weeks.


12 Nov 1914
p4; c1
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury.


Mrs. Jessie Diamond, of Plum street, Walnut Grove, was operated upon at her home today and is getting along nicely.



At the parsonage of the Christian Church, Ebensburg, at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon Miss Vivian V. Davis, of Chicago, and Harrison H. Hardinger, a broker of New York and Chicago, were united in marriage by the Rev. J. R. Lyttle. Mr. and Mrs. Hardinger are at present at the Bert Custer home in Conemaugh, where Mrs. Katharine A. Davis, mother of the bride, makes her home.


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