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Friday, 12 Feb 1892
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


FOUST-MAKIN. -- In Johnstown, on Wednesday, February 10, 1892, at the office of the officiating magistrate, by W. C. Bland, Esq., Robert N. Foust and Eliza J. Makin, both of this city.


The following ticket nominated by the Republicans of Conemaugh, to be voted by them next Tuesday: Burgess, J. J. Shaffer; Justice of the Peace, Flair Alexander; Council, W. N. Good (three years), Daniel Good (three years), Jacob Giffin (two years), George Empheild (one Year); School Directors, John A. Keiper, F. J. Custer; Judge of Elections, F. J. Custer; Inspectors (one to be voted for), W. M. Gouchnour, Irvin Good; Collector of Taxes, A. E. Amigh; Auditor, E. R. Stewart.


Ebensburg Mountaineer.

Mr. John Finn, of Ebensburg, was in Johnstown Saturday, completing arrangements to take charge of the Johnson House at Walnut Grove. Mr. Finn, for a number of years, has been connected with the Cambria House, Ebensburg, and has considerable hotel experience. He will keep a good house and no doubt will receive a fair share of public patronage.


Captain David Mills Camp, No. 293, Sons of Veterns, [sic] and Captain McCloskey Post, G. A. R., of Gallitzin, will hold a camp-fire in the Knights of Labor Hall on the evening of Washington's Birthday. An address will be delivered by Ed. T. McNeelis, Esq., of this city.


Ed. T. McNellis, Esq., sat to-day as auditor in the estate of John Kinney, late of the Second Ward, who was found dead in bed in the Twelfth Ward some time ago. John J. Maloney is administrator. He has in his hands about $500 which goes to decedent's father, Thomas Kinney.


That is the question which is at present agitating the minds of our neighbors to the exclusion of everything else. It is to be voted upon next Tuesday. The indiana Gazette favors a Poor House; all of the other papers in the county oppose the idea. The discussion on both sides is very warm among the people.


Monday, 29 Mar 1892
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


WOODS -- BYERS. -- At Henrietta, Blair County, on Tuesday, March 8, 1892, at 10 o'clock A.M., at the home of Joseph Kauffman, by Rev. Jacob Snyder, of the Mennonite Church, Mr. John E. Woods, of near Bethel, Somerset County, and Mrs. Elizabeth Byers, of Henrietta, PA.


At 5:15 o'clock last evening Chief Richardson arrested John F. Keck, of the Seventeenth Ward, for fighting with Michael McCaulley yesterday afternoon in McAteer's bar room. Keck left a forfeit of $30 for his appearance this morning, when he was fined $15 and costs by the Mayor. He paid $20.09 in all. Last evening McCaulley made an information against Keck before Alderman Harris for assault and battery. After Keck paid his fine and costs to the Mayor this morning Constable Waters took him into custody. They repaired to the Alderman's office for a hearing. Keck pleaded guilty and the Alderman bound him over to answer the charge at court. Subsequently McCaulley withdrew the charge, and Keck paid the costs -- $8.62. McCaulley says that he spoke to Keck about a small sum of money which Keck owed him, when he planted a right-hander on his nose. From the appearance of Mac's face he must have been hit hard. Both his eyes are black and blue and his nose is badly cut.


Miss Julia Marlowe's fame has already successfully run the gauntlet of metropolican criticism, which has pronounced her the brightest actress now on the American statge, hence all that is necessary to say concerning her in connection with her appearance at Adair's Opera House last evening is that the audience appreciated her. Numerous vigorous outbursts of applause and several persistent encores gave evidence of this fact. She is indeed a perfect Rosalind, and, her support is all that is necessary to present "As You Like It" in a most satisfactory manner. The house was well filled.


12 May 1892
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


BUCK-CAMERFORD. -- In Loretto, at St. Michael's Church, on Tuesday morning, May 10, 1892, by Rev. Father Kittell, assisted by Rev. Father Rosensteel, of Ashville, Demetrius Buck and Miss Elizabeth C. Camerford.

WANGENHEIM-TREFTS. -- At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Haws, on Vine street, Johnstown, Pa., on Thursday morning, May 12, 1892, at 9 o'clock, by Bishop E. B. Kephart, of the United Brethren Church, Mr. E. S. Wagenheim and Miss Annie R., daughter of Jacob Trefts, both of San Francisco, Cal.


2 Jun 1892
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


HORNER-VARNER. -- At the Evangelical Parsonage, No. 14 Morris street, at 10 a.m., on Thursday, June 2, 1898, by Rev. J. Q. A. Curry, Mr. Edwin D. Horner and Miss Emma C. Varner, all of Johnstown.

KEATING-LUTHER. -- In Johnstown, Sixteenth Ward, at St. Columba's Church, on Thursday, June 2, 1892, at 7:30 o'clock a.m., by Father Lynch, Mr. Michael Keating and Miss Emma Luther, both of this city.

WISSINGER-MILLER. -- At the Evangelical parsonage, No. 14 Morris street, at 10 a.m., Thursday, June 2, 1892, by Rev. J. Q. A. Curry, Mr. William A. Wissinger, and Miss martha N. Miller, all of Johnstown.


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob McCartney, of Conemaugh, left this morning on Pacific Express for Waterloo, Blackhawk County, Iowa, to visit relatives and friends. They go by way of Chicago and Savannah, Ill. Miss Ella Good, sister of Daniel Good, accompanied them.

The many friends of Mr. Gabriel Gindlesperger, of Conemaugh, will be sorry to learn of his serious illness.

The condition of Engineer Launtz continues about the same.

Mr. Thomas Arthur, Jr., of Conemaugh Township, who has been night storekeeper at Conemaugh for the Pennsylvania Railroad for a number of years, is critically ill with tumor of the stomach.


On information of Officer Gregory, of the Cambria's force, George Hoover was arrested last evening and locked up to await a hearing on a charge of drunkenness and disorderly conduct. This morning he was taken before Magistrate Bland, when he pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $5 and the costs. Hoover's offense consisted in climbing over the Cambria's yard fence and attacking one of the gate-keepers.


At New York, Pittsburgh won 7 to 4. King and Baldwin did the twirling. At Washington, Cleveland lost 8 to 7. Washington scored five runs in the ninth inning. At Brooklyn, Louisville was defeated 12 to 4. At Baltimire, Cincinnati won 6 to 4. At Philadelphia, Chicago lost 12 to 3. At Boston, St. Louis was defeated 5 to 1.


6 Jun 1892
Submitted by Sue Smith


Another of the Children Taken Charge of by the Authorities

Frank Edgar Randolph, a son of Mrs. Emily J. Randolph, of the Fourteenth Ward, was taken to Ebensburg this morning by Constable Varner and lodged in jail. He is incorrigible, and it is believe his mind is diseased. It was on complaint of his mother -- made before Magistrate Bland -- that he was committed to jail. It is likely he will be sent to some asylum. The boy is not over seven years of age. This is the third child from this family to be committed to the care of the authorities on account of mental derangement. The other two have been in the Cambria County Almshouse for some time, and there has been a good deal of litigation between Cambria and Clarion Counties as to which is legally bound to maintain the children, the family having formerly lived in Clarion County, and the authorities of this county claiming they they have not lived here long enough to obtain a residence.


9 Jul 1892
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Miss Dollie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Varner, of Gautier street, was fifteen years of age yesterday, and last night a number of her young friends spent a very enjoyable evening at her home. She received a number of valuable presents from those present, who also partook of an excellent supper, which was served at 10:30 o'clock. The supper was prepared by Mrs. Varner.


Leased By Messrs. Bennett & Greet for an Addition To Their Institute

Messrs. Bennett & Greer, proprietors of Morrell Institute, have entered into a contract with the Trustees of the Coopersdale Academy and have leased the Academy building for a term of years, the purpose being to make a branch of Morrell Institute, running an academic and college preparatory school.

The beautiful situation of Coopersdale renders it desirable for the purpose.

The Trustees will remodel the building inside and out, beautify the grounds, etc. All this will be done before the opening of this new school, which will be at the same time as the Morrell Institute opens -- September 5th.

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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


BRICKNER-SHAFFER. -- Near Mt. Hebron, Cambria County, at the bride's home on Sunday, July 3, 1892, by Rev. A. C. Miller, of Salix, Pa., Mr. Adam Bricner and Miss Ida Shaffer, both of Cambria County.

STRAUB-CONRAD. -- At Scalp Level, Cambria County, at the home of the bride's parents on Thursday, June 16, 1892, by Rev. A. C. Hunier, of Salix, Pa., Mr. Albert H. Straub and Miss Jennie Conrad, both of Scalp Level.

Mr. Thomas Bagley and wife, of Bedford are probably the oldest married couple in the county. Mrs. Bagley completed her eighty-seventh year in last month and Mr. Bagley will be ninety in October.

J. H. Weller, late Assistant Superintendent of the Savage Fire-brick Company's work in Hyndman, left on Tuesday night for Landenburg, Chester County, to take charge of brick works at Kaolin, as General superintendent.

Miss Margaret V. Lehner, one of the teachers of the Everett Public Schools last winter, was married on Wednesday morning of last week, at the residence of her mother in Chambersburg, Pa., to Mr. William Alexander, of Everett.

Mrs. H. G. Lybarger, of Belden, celebrated her fifty-first birthday, which occurred on Sunday, with an ice-cream party on Saturday evening and a dinner on Sunday. The presents ran from a clay pipe and poke of tobacco to a handsome new dress. -- Bedford Inquirer.


12 Jul 1892
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


The marriage of Mr. E. H. Burkhart, of the Johnson Works, and Miss Jennie Orris, daughter of Lewis Orris, of the Reservoir, was celebrated by the residence of the bride's parents at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Rev. Mr. Buffington, of the U. B. Church, officiated. Miss Rachael Callihan, of Wilmore, was the bride's maid of honor, Mr. J. D. Ripple, of Johnstown, was the "best man."

Over a hundred guests were in attendance, and the happy couple were the recipients of numerous presents. After partaking of an elegant dinner, which was served by experienced waiters, the afternoon was spent socially in congratulations, and with music furnished by Mrs. Long, of Wilmore. In the evening they were driven to Johnstown, where they took Fast Line East for Harrisburg and Philadelphia.


3 Oct 1892
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Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


COOPER-MAKIN. -- In Morrellville, on Thursday, September 29, 1892, at the residence of William Champeno, by W. C. Bland, Esq., Samuel B. Cooper and Miss Amanda H. Makin, both of Morrellville.

LENZ-BAUM. -- In Johnstown, at the German Lutheran parsonage, No. 315 Locust street, on Saturday, October 1, 1892, at 9:30 o'clock, by Rev. Paul Glasow, Mr. John Lenz and Miss Rose Baum, both of Morrellville.

SPEICHER-LIGHTNER. -- In Rosedale, at the residence of Mr. Madison Pier, on Sunday, October 2, 1892, by Rev. Stephen Hildebrand, Mr. Charles B. Speicher and Miss Musetta Lightner, both of this city.


1 Nov 1892
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


KEHN-NIEMANN. -- In Johnstown, in Alderman Harris' parlor, on Tuesday, November 1, 1892, at 10 o'clock a.m., by the Alderman; Mr. August Kehn and Miss Maria Niemann, both of South Fork.


18 Nov 1892
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


LIVINGSTON-GARDNER. -- In Johnstown at the groom's home in the Eighth Ward on Thursday, November 17, 1892, at 7:30 o'clock, by Rev. Annanias Meyers of the Walnut Grove Dunkard Church, Mr. Jacob W. Livingston and Miss Susan M. Gardner, both of the Eighth Ward, this city.

McDERMOTT-SHARBAUGH. -- In Carrolltown, on Thursday morning, November 17, 1892, in the Catholic Church, by Rev. Father Raymond, Mr. John McDermott, of Johnstown, and Miss Rose Sharbaugh, of Carrolltown.

WEAVER-MOORE. -- At Scranton, at the home of the bride's parents on Wednesday, November 9, 1892, at 5 o'clock P.M., by Rev. Logan, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Mr. Walter S. Weaver, of this city, and Miss Josephine L., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Moore, of Scranton.


16 Dec 1892
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


Patton is to have a twelve-thousand dollar brick hotel.

Mr. George Empfield is lying very ill at his home in Belsano.

Mrs. Patrick Farren, of Cambria Township, is reported seriously ill.

Some of the Ebensburg hotels entertained as high as one hundred and thirty guests at a meal last week.


THOMAS-McBRIDE. -- In Johnstown, at No. 14 Morris street, on Thursday, December 15, 1982, at 7:30 o'clock P. M., by Rev. J. Q. A. Curry, pastor of the Trinity Evangelican Church, Mr. J. W. Thomas and Miss Mame McBride, both of this city.


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