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9 Aug 1878
Submitted by Lynne Canterbury


-- Best flour in town at Barkers.

-- Nothing worth noting transpired at Argument Court last Thursday.

-- The Campbell(s) are coming -- to grief now. Gen. Coffroth means business.

-- The berry business at Lilly's and Portage is said to be a comparative failure this season.

-- You can save five dollars in the price by buying a sewing machine from A. A. Barner & Son.

-- A partial eclipse of the moon, visible in some sections of this continent, is billed for next Monday.

-- The painters in the P.R.R. shops at Altoona will picnic at Cresson Saturday of next week, 17th inst.

-- C.C.C. the three C.'s -- Coffroth, Campbell and Congress. C now who will succeed in C-curing the coveted prize.

-- For fruit jars, jelly tumblers, goblets, or table glassware, go to Barkers'. The best assortment at the lowest prices.

-- You can get more goods, better goods and cheaper goods for your money at Barkers than elsewhere in the county.

-- Dill-lighted were those of our people who paid their respects at Cresson the other day to the next Governor of Pennsylvania.

-- "Baer and for Baer" is a favorite motto which the Cambria county Democracy will relinquish with a great deal of reluctance.

-- The large barn of Mr. David Yoder, of Richland township, was struck by lightning, set on fire and burned to the ground, with all its contents, on Tuesday evening last. Loss heavy and total.

-- Gen. A. H. Coffroth, the Democratic candidate for Congress just nominated, will, we are assured, show himself and talk for himself to his Cambria county constituents at the September term of Court.

-- Le Roy Felch, a tramp whose injury by the cars at Huntingdon we noticed last week, died in the almshouse of that county on Sunday last, two hours after submitted to the amputation of his injured leg.

-- Mr. Eli Green, Altoona's fat man, is apt to have a successful rival in a thirteen-year old lad at Tipton, Blair county, whose present weight is said to be 175 pounds.

-- Dr. Hoffman, surgeon dentist, will be in Carrolltown on Thursday, 15th inst. Persons in need of his professional services are requested to make a note of this fact.

-- Argument Court last week was a failure. Some of lawyers were absent, and others not ready, and after a brief session, an adjournment till some future day was ordered.

-- Campbell may cough and froth as much as he has a mind to, but if Coffroth don't get away with him to the tune of five or six hundred majority in the district, we are much mistaken in our guess.

-- A long letter from Minnesota has been unavoidably crowded out, owing to the presence of new advertisements and other matters of local interest, but we will endeavor to make room for it in our next issue.

-- On Tuesday evening a little girl lost on one of the streets of Ebensburg a gold necklace. If the finder will return the same to this office, he will receive a profusion of thanks from the aforesaid little girl.

-- Those of our readers who desire to get a business education, we would advise to send to A. W. Smith, Business College, Meadville, Pa., and get a catalogue. You can get an education of every branch of business.

-- At the June session of our county Court, Mr. Jabb Wilkin, of Washington township, was adjudged guilty of the embezzlement of certain moneys due to him as collector, to the school fund. Sentence was postponed till Argument Court, when Mr. Wilkin failed to put in an appearance. He was subsequently arrested by Sheriff Ryan and is now in jail.

-- A contract for painting the work-work of the Union School House was lately awarded to Mr. John Stough, $75 to be the consideration. He will complete the job in first class style, next week. For the sum of $45, Mr. Abram Hitchue will re-lay the flooring in two of the four school rooms. The rehabilitation of the old Academy building will be next in order.

-- The raffle for a valuable watch for the benefit of the family of John W. Gillespie, dec'd, late of Summitville borough, and which was to have come off a few days ago, has been postponed until the 31st of the present month, owing to the fact that there are several books out which the gentleman having the matter charge will not be able to get in before that time.

-- A tramp was killed by the cars near Cresson last Saturday. He diligently got out of the way of one train, only to get in front of another, and was ground by the wheels out of the semblance of humanity. He name was John Mahon, and his mother, Mrs. Barney M'Cormick, formerly resided on the line of the old Portage Railroad at Plane No. 8, Blair county.

-- On Saturday, Aug. 24th, lovers of picnic festivities will have an opportunity to enjoy themselves at Hogne's grove, near Kaylor's station, which a grand time may be looked for under the auspicies of our Loretto friends, for the benefit of whose church the enterprises has been undertaken. Let all who love fun and wish to aid a good cause put in their appearance at Loretto's annual picnic and harvest home festival on Saturday, August 24th.

-- A little son of Mr. Wm. Otto, of Altoona, attempted to take drink from a hydrant in his parents' home last Tuesday. He placed his mouth over the nozzle and, turning on the water, it struck him with so great force as to strangle him. In the death agony, his mouth closed on the nozzle and in the attempt to take him away from the hydrant nearly all his teeth were torn out. It was a most singular accident -- a boy actually drowned by a stream of water flowing from a hydrant.


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