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Thursday, 4 Jan 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 12

DIED -- In Chest Springs, Cambria county, on the 17th December, 1865, HALLIE, daughter of Jefferson and Mary Varney, aged 2 years, one month, and 14 days.

DIED -- On the 11th December, 1865, at sea, WILLIAM B. SMITH, aged 22 years. The deceased had been in the Government employ at New Orleans, and was returning home on board a ship, when he took sick and died off Charleston, S.C. He will be remembered as the eldest son of Dr. Wm. A. Smith, formerly a prominent resident of Ebensburg, but at present of Philadelphia.

Thursday, 11 Jan 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 13

DIED -- On Wednesday, 3d instant, at his residence in Ebensburg, Mr. Evan E. Davis, aged 81 years.

HOUSE BURNED--We are sorry to learn that the house occupied by Mr. John Cameron, in Blacklick township, was totally consumed by fire on Saturday. The contents of the house were also nearly all destroyed. The flames originated from a stovepipe which protruded through the roof, to do service instead of a chimney. No insurance.

MARRIED--At the residence of Judge Brownless, Poland, Mahoning county, O., by Rev. A.S. Macmaster, of the Presbyterian church, Mr. John McLain, of Indiana, Pa., and Miss C. Jane Reynolds, of Bedford, Pa.

In the Catholic Church, Ebensburg, on Tuesday morning, 9th inst., by Rev. R. C. Christy, Mr. John Murphey, of Schuylkill county, and Miss Lizzie Dougherty, of Ebensburg.

On the 25th ultimo, by Rev. T. Van Scoyoc, Mr. William M. Boone, late of the U.S. Army and Miss Amanda Davis, of White tp., Cambria county.

On the 31st ultimo, by the same, Mr. Joseph R. Hollen and Mary E. Krise, both of White tp., Cambria county.

DIED--On Friday, 5th instant, at his residence in Ebensburg, Mr. James S. Todd, aged about 32 years. The deceased was born and reared in this town, and was known probably to every man, woman and child in it. His untimely demise will be regretted by all these. He for a period of two years edited and published the Ebensburg Democrat & Sentinel. While his wife will weep and refuse to be comforted for a loving husband lost, and his relatives and friends mourn a kind brother and agreeable companion gone, we will deplore him with a peculiar keenness of grief as a fellow-journalist departed from amongst us, to tread alone till we shall come the silent cloisters of the far-off Valhalla.

Thursday, 18 Jan 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 14

DIED--On the 6th inst., William C. Boyle, of Indiana, Pa., aged nearly 44 years. At the time of his death, Mr. B. was Cashier of the First National Bank of Indiana.

Thursday, 25 Jan 1866
VOL. 7, NO 15

DIED--At his residence, in Westmoreland county, on the 18th instant, John Rhey, Esq., aged about 76 years. The deceased was at one time a resident of this county.

MARRIED--On the 11th instant, in Pittsburg, by the Rev. R. R. Williams, Mr. ROWLAND J. HUMPHREYS and Miss HARRIET WILLIAMS, both of Ebensburg.

Thursday, 1 Feb 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 16

MARRIED--On the 30th ult., in Carrolltown, by Father Giles, Mr. Thomas Hoover and Miss Lizzie Zern, both of Carroll township.

DIED--On Saturday, 27th ultimo, at his residence in Ebensburg, Mr. William G. Williams, a much respected citizen, aged about 65 years.

On the 24th ult., at his residence in Munster township, Mr. James Parrish, aged about 70 years.

On the 26th ultimo, Howard M., son of Rev. T.M. and Elizabeth Wilson, of Ebensburg, aged about three months.

Thursday, 15 Feb 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 18

MARRIED--On Thursday evening, 1st instant, by Rev. T. Van Scoyoc, Mr. David Smiley and Miss Clarissa J. Weld, both of Beccaria tp., Clearfield county.

The by the same, on the evening of the 7th inst., Mr. J.D. Ganov, of Janesville, Clearfield county, and Miss Ellen E. M'Kee, of White tp., Cambria county.

On Tuesday, 6th inst., by Rev. Garvey, Johnstown, Mr. John C. Carroll, of Hemlock, Cambria county, and Miss Jennie E. Confer, of Conemaugh, Cambria co.

Thursday, 22 Feb 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 19

On Sunday evening, 11th inst., about 4 o'clock, a daughter of Adam Miller, of Croyle township, aged about 10 years, left the residence of her parents. In a short time, the family became alarmed at her absence, and search being made for her, she was tracked to a break in the ice in the Conemaugh. A boy in the neighborhood had seen her on the ice about the hour named, and hence the conclusion was come to that she was drowned.--Search was made for the body by the many neighbors that assembled, but it could not be found.

On Monday morning, 12th, Mr. John Pringle, an old and respected citizen, died at his residence in that place, after a brief illness, aged about 70 years.

DIED--On the 10th instant, at her residence, in Wilmore, after a long and painful illness, Ellen, wife of Mr. Isaac Wike, late Treasurer of Cambria county.

On Sunday morning last, Edward, son of E. and Mary Glass, of Ebensburg, aged four weeks.

Thursday, 1 Mar 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 20

MARRIED--In Johnstown, on the 30th January, by Rev. D.T. Davis, Mr. Wm. H. Goodfellow, of Hollidaysburg, to Miss Mollie Hartman, of Wilmore.

Thursday, 8 Mar 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 21

DIED--This (Wednesday) morning, in Ebensburg, after a protracted illness, PHILIP S. NOON, Esq., late District Attorney of Cambria county, aged 30 years.

On Saturday, March 3, in Ebensburg, Mrs. ----- White, of Blacklick township, aged 63 years. [--- listed instead of name]

Thursday, 22 Mar 1866

Johnstown, March 19, 1866
A brakeman named James Wilson was instantly killed on the Pennsylvania Railroad near Hillside, on Wednesday last, by falling from the deck of a freight car while the train was in motion. A number of cars passed over his body, mangling it in a terrible manner. His remains were brought to Conemaugh for interment, where a wife and family are left to mourn his sudden death.

DIED--On Wednesday, 14th instant, at the residence of her father, in Ebensburg, Miss Margaret Evans, eldest daughter of Mr. D.J. Evans, aged about 25 years.

MARRIED--In Ebensburg, March 17, by Rev. D. Evans, Mr. David T. James and Miss Margaret Powell, both of Ebensburg.

Thursday, 29 Mar 1866
VOL. 7, NO 24

DIED--On Tuesday, 20th instant, at her residence, in Ebensburg, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, aged about 80 years.

Thursday, 5 Apr 1866

DIED--On Friday, 30th ultimo, at the residence of Col. R. Litzinger, Strongstown, Indiana county, Sarah, wife of Mr. John Lloyd, of Ebensburg, aged about 27 years. The remains of the deceased were brought here on Saturday, and on Sunday were followed to their last resting place, in Lloyd Cemetery, by a large concourse of sorrowing friends.

DIED--At his residence, in Ebensburg, on Tuesday, 3d inst., Mr. Jacob Turner, aged about 80 years.

Thursday, 12 Apr 1866

BARN BURNED--The barn on the farm of Mr. Jacob Z. Nagle, a respectable farmer living in Allegheny township, was burned to the ground, with its contents, one night last week. The contents of the building comprised a large stock of grain, several horses, agricultural implements, &c. The loss is very heavy, and is estimated at $3,000. Mr. Nagle appears to be peculiarly unfortunate with regard to his barns, as this is the second one destroyed for him by fire within two years.

MARRIED--In Ebensburg, on the 31st March, by Rev. David Evans, Mr. Wm. W. Jones and Miss Mary Ann Powell, both of Ebensburg.

March 29th, by Rev. A. Baker, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. C.D. Shinnefelt, of Ebensburg, and Miss Sarah Nips, of Blacklick township.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. A.A. Black and Miss Susannah Empfield, both of Blacklick tp.

DIED--On Saturday last, in this boro, Mrs. Jane Wherry, relict of Mr. William Wherry, dec'd., aged about 84 years.

MAN KILLED--Christian Malone, a resident of Hollidaysburg, was killed on Tuesday morning of last week, in the tunnel at Gallitzin. Against the remonstrance of several persons, who warned him of the danger he would incur, he entered the tunnel for the purpose of walking through, but before he could achieve the journey, he was overtaken by a freight train, and was knocked down and run over. One of his legs was cut off, and he was otherwise so seriously injured as to cause his death a few hours after the accident. He leaves a wife and five children.

Thursday, 19 Apr 1866

JOSEPH MORRE has been heard from. He is alive and well, lives with his wife, and has his home in Iowa.

Thursday, 26 Apr 1866

MARRIED--Near Blairsville, Pa., at the residence of the bride's father, on 6th [??] instant, by Rev. A. Scott, Blairsville, Samuel Singleton, Esq., of Ebensburg and Miss Callie Baker. [bound into side of newspaper book]

SUICIDE--Mr. Millhouser, an old and respected German citizen of Blairsville, Indiana county, committed suicide on Monday last by cutting his throat with a pen-knife. He was comparatively wealthy, on the best of terms with his family and neighbors, and no other cause can be assigned for the commission of the unnatural deed than his dread of the new liquor law for Indiana county, which was obnoxious to him, and had so excited his mind as to cause him to commit suicide.

Nicholas Keim, a resident of Addison township, Somerset county, committed suicide on the 2d inst., by shooting himself through the heart.

Mr. Ulrich Paul, an engineer on the Broad Top Railroad, was instantly killed on Tuesday of last week, by his engine running against a rock which had fallen on the track, crushing the locomotive, and throwing Mr. Paul down a high embankment and bruising him internally.--He was interred with Masonic honors, at Huntingdon.

An old man, named Wm. M'Laughlin, a laborer by occupation, was run over in the yard, at Altoona, on Wednesday last, and so severely injured that he died in an hour or two thereafter.

Execution of Daniel BUSER and John B. HOUSER

Thursday, 2 May 1866

MARRIED--On the 27th of April, at the residence of Mrs. Sarah Davis, High st., Ebensburg, by Rev. A Baker, Mr. William Bracken and Miss Lizzie Duncan, both of Blacklick tp., Cambria co.

Mrs. Kingston, wife of John Kingston, Esq., of Conemaugh boro, died this morning, at her residence, of consumption.--She was about 53 years of age. She leaves a husband and one son to mourn her loss.

Thursday, 10 May 1866

FIRE--The dwelling house of Mathias Farabaugh, a short distance west of Munster, on the line of the Eb. & Cresson Railroad, was burned to the ground, with its contents, on Sunday week. The entire family were in attendance at church at the time of the occurrence of the disaster.

The dwelling house of Mr. Landis, in Washington township, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday of last week.

DIED--In Ebensburg, on Wednesday, 2d instant, Mrs. Jane Roberts, relict of Rev. Richard Roberts, aged 70 years.

MARRIED--By Rev. George Wagoner, Johnstown, on the 1st instant, Mr. Daniel W. Luke, of Indiana county, to Miss Frances P. Davis, of near Wilmore, Cambria county.

SAD ACCIDENT--One day last week, the boiler of the steam engine in the saw-mill of Messrs. William James and Morris J. Evans, Elk county, (both formerly of Ebensburg,) exploded. The accident occurred at noon, when all hands connected with the mill except the fireman were at dinner. The fireman was attending to his duties as usual, and was killed outright. His body was blown into the top of a high tree, where it lodged, and was only recovered by felling the tree to the ground.

Thursday, 17 May 1866

DIED--At the residence of his parents, in Indiana county, on the 5th instant, Dr. J.T. Adair, during the last year of the war Surgeon of the 77th regiment P.V., aged about 30 years.

THE CAMBRIA COUNTY BAR--Says the Johnstown Democrat: The last ten years have made many changes in the members of the Cambria county Bar.--Within that period there have died, Chas. H. Heyer, Edward Hutchinson, Charles D. Murray, James C. Noon (killed at Fredericksburg,) Michael Dan Magehan, and Philip S. Noon. To these may be added the names of the Hon. Moses Canan and Abraham Morrison, both of whom had retired from practice a number of years before leaving the "shores of time." Judge Canan died in 1863, aged over 70 years. Mr. Morrison died in 1865, having attained the advanced age of 93 years--or more. Within the period named, the following attorneys have removed from the county: S.C. Wingard, Charles Albright, Charles W. Wingard, Joseph H. Campbell, Wm. A. Murray, T.L. Heyer, and Jared Williams, the latter soon after his admission. Nothwithstanding the large number of deaths and removals, Cambria county can still board of twenty-six lawyers, eleven of whom are located in Johnstown, and fifteen, including R.A. M'Coy, at present Gov. Curtin's Private secretary, in Ebensburg.

Thursday, 24 May 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 32

SHERIFF'S SALES--The following real estate is advertised to be sold by the Sheriff of Cambria county in the Court House, Ebensburg, on the first Monday of June Court, 4th day of the month, at one o'clock, p.m.:

Jacob Burgoon, Washington tp., 180 acres, 70 acres cleared, with two story plank house, frame barn, and coal bank.

Thursday, 31 May 1866
VOL. 7, NO 33

MARRIED--At the residence of the bride's parents, on Wednesday, 23d inst., by Rev. David Evans, Mr. George Williams and Miss Mary Ann True, both of Ebensburg.

Thursday, 7 Jun 1866
VOL. 7, NO 34

Our Candidates.
For Assembly, John J. Glass, of Allegheny township, is nominated. Mr. Glass is a farmer by profession, and is an excellent man. The nomination was freely accorded him as a mark of recognition of his unfaltering devotion to the great principles of our party, as well as an acknowledgement of his worth and fitness.

For Register and Recorder, William A. M'Dermit, of Clearfield township, is nominated. Mr. M'D served throughout the war for the Union with honor and distinction, first as a private soldier, then as a non-commissioned officer, and so on, in regular gradation, till he had attained the proud distinction of Lieutenant-Colonel of his regiment, (the 54th P.V.) He is endowed with superior business talents, and would make a capable Register and Recorder.

DIED--On Monday, 28th ult., in Cambria tp., Mrs. Elizabeth Howells, aged about 50 years.

DIED--In Washington City, D.C., on Sunday morning, May the 20th, 1866, Mrs. LOUISA, wife of Capt. L. Lowry Moore, and daughter of the late Geo. B. Spang, Esq., of Spang's Mills, Penna., aged 38 years, 10 months and 7 days. The mortal remains of the deceased, accompanied by her surviving and bereaved husband together with some dear friends and relatives from Washington, reached the old homestead of the departed Lula on Tuesday morning, and the next day, Wednesday, May the 23d, after a sermom being preached at the house of the bereaved family from the words recorded in Numbers 23:10. '......', her remains, accompanied by a large concourse of relations and friends, were conveyed to the family graveyard, where her dust now sleeps beside that of her sainted mother, who also but recently went to her long home, awaiting the resurrection morn.
NEWRY, PA., May 24, 1866.

Thursday, 28 Jun 1866
VOL. 7. NO. 37

MARRIED--In Johnstown, 13th inst., by Rev. Mr. Garvey, Lt. Col. William A. M'Dermitt, of Clearfield township, Cambria county, to Miss Mary J. Glass, of Johnstown.

In Bolivar, Westmoreland county, 21st inst., by Rev. B. L. Agnew, Mr. Benjamin L. Orr, of Johnstown, to Miss Rebecca Pyatt, of Bolivar.

In Allegheny city, 18th inst., by Very Reverend T. Mullin, V.G., Hart Darragh, of Sharon, Beaver county, to Miss Leonora Storm, of Ebensburg.

SUN STROKE--On Saturday last, Mr. George Hess, of Summerhill township, was overpowered by the intense heat of the sun while working in his field, and fell dead.

LEG BROKE--A little daughter of our townsman, Mr. Evan E. Evans, had her leg broken on Saturday by a fall from a window to the ground. The fracture was reduced, and the sufferer is doing well.

DIED--On the 2d inst., in Cherryhill township, Indiana county, Miss Elizabeth L., daughter of Jonathan A. and Mary Adair, in her 21st year.

Thursday, 5 Jul 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 38

MAN KILLED--The Johnstown Tribune says that a man by the name of James Woodford was killed on Tuesday night by one of the trains on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The deceased, in company with his brother Andrew, had gone to Wilmore in search of employment. On Tuesday, he left his brother at Wilmore and went to see a friend at Portage Station. On Wednesday morning, the sad news came to his brother that he had been killed on the track. His head had been partly cut off and his left arm broken. The deceased was twenty-seven years old, and was formerly a resident of Indiana county. A short time ago he moved to Clearfield county, near the Cherry Tree, where his mother now resides. His remains were taken to her on Wednesday evening.

MARRIED: On Tuesday, 26th June, 1866, by the Rev. John Wallace, Mr. JAMES M. THOMPSON, of Ebensburg, to Miss FANNEY M. RODGERS, of Churchtown, Lancaster county. No cards.

DIED--On Wednesday, 27th ultimo, of consumption, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Davis, of Ebensburg, aged about 28 years.

On Saturday, 30th ultimo, at his residence in Ebensburg, William Barnes, aged about 50 years.

Thursday, 19 Jul 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 39

MARRIED--On Thursday, 28th ultimo, by Rev. Mr. Ellis, Mr. George J. Rodgers to Miss Mary O. Evans, both of Ebensburg.

MARRIED--On the 4th instant, by the Rev. Philip Sheeter, Mr. Henry Acker to Miss Mary Crouse, both of Cambria township.

KILLED--Mr. B.B. Willet, of Pine tp., Indiana county, was killed on the 13th ult., at the saw mill of Messrs. Barker & Litzinger, near Strongstown, while engaged in rolling logs. He was a hard working man and leaves a wife and several children. His age was about 62 years.

Thursday, 26 Jul 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 40

MARRIED--In Loretto, on the 17th inst., by Rev. T. Reynolds, Felix Beck to Alice Maguire, both of Loretto.

DROWNED--A young man named Amos Johnson, from Bedford, was drowned in Stull's mill-dam in Richland township, this county, on Monday week. He went into the water beyond his depth and was unable to swim.

FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE RAILROAD--Samuel Henderson, a resident of Conemaugh, Cambria county, and a brakeman on the local freight train of the Pennsylvania Railroad, was killed on Thursday last, at the Transfer Station, in the Ninth ward, Pittsburgh, under the following circumstances: An extra train was being made up, and deceased was engaged in coupling the cars. While in the act of fixing the coupling pin, he was caught between the bumpers of two cars, and was crushed in a terrible manner. He was rescued as speedily as possible, and removed to a building in the vicinity, when medical aid was immediately procured, but his injuries were so severe that he died in a few hours afterward. He deceased was about thirty-five years of age, and leaves a wife and five children.

Thursday, 9 Aug 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 42

DIED--At her residence, in Ebensburg, on Saturday, 4th instant, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Stahl, aged about 30 years.

--On the 25th ult., Walter Scott, infant son of I. C. and E. Singer, formerly of Ebensburg but now of Altoona, aged 9 months and 2 days.

Thursday, 16 Aug 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 43

DIED--At the resident of his parents, in Cambria tp., on Friday, 10th inst., George, youngest child of Geo. C.K. and Eliza Zahm, aged 8 years and 6 months.

MARRIED--On July 25th, 1866, by Rev. F. Harbaugh, Dr. Thad S. Gardner, of Hollidaysburg, to Miss Annie Patton, daughter of Price I. Patton, Esq., of Philadelphia.

--At the residence of the bride's brother, on the 12th inst., by Rev. Mr. Etlis, Mr. John Townley, of Elk county, and Miss Lizzie Evans, of this place.

PROMOTION--Among the appointments confirmed by the Senate prior to the adjournment of Congress was that of Additional Paymaster Major Charles W. Wingard, U.S. Volunteers, to be Lieutenant Colonel by brevet from June 15th, 1866. Col. W. formerly resided in Ebensburg.

DIED--On Friday, 10th inst., in Cambria tp., Miss Mary Roberts, aged about 19 years.

--On Saturday, the 11th inst., in Ebensburg, Nellie, wife of John Bumford, aged about 60 years.

BURGLARY--On Saturday night last, the saloon of D.A. Conrad, on High st., was burglariously entered by some person or persons unknown, and despoiled of certain of its contents.

CRINOLINE--The new tariff bill increases the duty on crinoline wire from 7 to 10 cents per pound. This legislation is all wrong. The "tilting loop" has raised crinoline sufficiently high before.

Thursday, 23 Aug 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 44

DEATH OF AN AGED LADY--On Monday of last week, Mrs. Catherine Wertz died, at her residence in Conemaugh tp., this county, in the ninety-first ear of her age. She was the mother of eleven children, nine of whom are still living--the age of the oldest being 70 years, and that of the youngest being 46 years, their united ages being 543 years, and the average age 60 years and 3 months.

Mrs. Wertz was also the ancestor of 78 grandchildren, 126 great-grandchildren, and 6 great-great-grandchildren. Her dependents in all number 224. At the end of her death she was in the possession of all her faculties.

EBENSBURG FOUNDRY FOR SALE--We direct attention to the advertisement of Mr. E. Glass, offering the Ebensburg Foundry for sale. The Foundry is well located, well stocked as to machinery, well known, and well patronized. An excellent opportunity is afforded some man of enterprise to step in and lay hold of a paying business. Mr. Glass only retires from the concern by reason of long-continued illness.

Thursday, 30 Aug 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 45

DIED--At the residence of Hugh H. Hughes, in Cambria tp., on the 10th inst., Miss Mary E. Roberts, aged 19 years, 5 months and 6 days.

At the same place, on the 14th inst., Hugh Hughes, aged about 74 years.

At the same place, on the same day, Annie, daughter of Hugh H. and Rachel Hughes, aged about one year.

Thursday, 6 Sep 1866, VOL. 7
NO. 46

DIED--August 25, Margaret Morgan, wife of Mr. Evan Morgan, aged 55 years. Her disease was dysentery. She was born in 1811, in Montgomeryshire, North Wales, and immigrated to Ebensburg, Pa., in 1831, where she remained until her death.

DIED--On Tuesday, 21st ult., in Cambria tp., Amos Thomas, son of Thomas and Ann Reese, aged 15 months.

On Tuesday, 28th ult., at the same place, Albert Curtin, son of the same parents, aged 3 years and 3 months.

BURNED--The steam saw-mill of Mr. Henry Hobble, in Carroll township, was totally consumed by fire on Sunday last. The loss is considerable.

Thursday, 13 Sep 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 47

COURT PROCEEDINGS--Following is an abstract of the business transacted in the Quarter Sessions of Cambria county last week:

Comth. vs. Wm. Miller--assault and battery. Jury called and sworn, who find defendant guilty. Not sentenced.

Comth. vs. A.J. Baker--keeping a tippling house. Pleads guilty and submits. Sentenced to pay a fine of $10.00 and costs.

Comth. vs. John Burns--surety of the peace. Defendant bound over to keep the peace.

Thursday, 27 Sep 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 49

MARRIED--At the residence of the bride's mother, in Cambria township, on Thursday, 20th inst., by Rev. M.A. Ellis, Mr. Samuel C. Jones, of Iowa City, Iowa, to Miss Annie M. Jones.

DIED--In Johnstown, on Monday, 17th inst., from effects of injuries received by the fall of the platform at the railroad depot in that place, Miss MARY JEAN QUINN, daughter of Thomas and Rose Quinn, aged 26 years.

DIED--At the residence of his parents, in Ebensburg, on Monday morning, of dysentery, Herman, son of John W. and Margaret Roberts, aged about 7 years.

On Wednesday morning, 26th, of dysentery, Grant, son of the same parents, aged about 3 years.

DIED--In Hollidaysburg, Sept. 22d, Gilbert L. Lloyd, Esq., aged 75 years.

Thursday, 4 Oct 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 50

DIED--At her residence, in Johnstown, on Tuesday, Sept. 26th, after a short illness, Lucy Roberts, wife of Capt. Powell Stackhouse, aged about 25 years.

--On the 19th inst., in Johnstown, Isabella, daughter of William and Harriet Orr, aged 8 months and 12 days.

--On the 21st inst., in Wilmore, Sue A., wife of D. M. Kiel, in the 29th year of her age.

Thursday, 11 Oct 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 51

DIED--In Ebensburg, on Tuesday, 9th, Mr. David Williams, aged about 65 years. His death was produced by the kick of a horse.

DIED--On Tuesday, 9th instant, at his residence in Ebensburg, Col. Michael Hasson, aged about 70 years. The deceased was one of our old inhabitants, and was widely known throughout the county, and indeed throughout the State. He filled various positions of honor and trust, among them that of representative to the State Legislature from Cambria county in 1847, and that of Register and Recorder of the county in 1856. He was editor of the Ebensburg Democrat & Sentinel for the period of one year during the war. -- His loss will be deeply regretted.

SUDDEN DEATH--On Wednesday last, 3d inst., Mr. John Walters, of Duncansville, went into his shop, as usual, to work, eating an apple. In one half hour afterwards he was discovered by his wife, dead. It would seem that he seated himself on his work bench to finish eating the apple, and died in that position. His aged was about 55 years. The Coroner held an inquest on the body, and found that he died of disease of the heart.

MARRIED--Sept. 30th, by Rev. T. Van Scoyoc, Mr. Peter Miller and Miss Monterey Loudon, all of White township, Cambria county.

Thursday, 18 Oct 1866
VOL. 7, NO. 52

FOUND DEAD--Thomas Ritz, an aged gentleman who resided in Sharpsburg, was found dead, on Wednesday night last, in Poplar Run, near Catfish tavern, in Blair county. He had been in Hollidaysburg, and as a cut was found above his left eye, it is supposed that he fell off the bridge while on his way home. The water was only about six inches deep where he was found, and it is thought that he was so stunned by the fall that he became powerless, and was thus drowned.

MARRIED--On Saturday, October 13, by Rev. J. Treacy, at his residence, Sandusky street, Allegheny, Mr. Will H. Rodgers, of Ebensburg, Cambria county, and Miss Sallie A. Rattigan, of Allegheny city.

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