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Past Events

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Tuesday, 14 Feb 1837

SMITH, John, and Jane EBBERTS, both of this place, married Tuesday last, by Rev. TERRY.


Tuesday, 21 Feb 1837

HUBER, Jonas, of Cambria County, and Mary Ann LONGBAUER of Somerset Boro married Friday last in Somerset Boro by Rev. J. HAVERSTICK.


Tuesday, 28 Feb 1837

BOLES, James and Maria KAYLOR married Thursday last by Rev. TERRY.


Tuesday, 21 Mar 1837

LONG, Samuel of Conemaugh Twp and Sarah Ann MYERS, daughter of Elisha of Richland Twp, married Sunday last by William SLICK, Esq.


Tuesday, 2 May 1837

GALE, Anson and Lucinda P. JOHNSTON, daughter of Thomas Esq., all of Huntingdon County, married Thursday, 13 Apr, at Hollidaysburg by Rev. David Sterret of Manor Hill.

SINGER, John, of Jackson Twp. and Jane RODGERS of Ebensburg, married Thursday last, at Ebensburg, by Rev. George ROBERTS.

THOMAS, Lambert, editor of the "Guernsey Times", formerly of Ebensburg, Catharine GOMBER METCALFE, of Cambridge, Ohio, married 18 Apr last, at Cambridge by W. W. TRACY Esq.


Tuesday, 13 Jun 1837

CLARK, Samuel H., junior editor of the "Pennsylvania Intelligencer" and Jane Catalina VALKENBURG, daughter of J.A. Esq. of Claverack, N.Y., married Thursday, 01st inst, at Claverack N.Y.

CO?ICK, John, and Elizabeth SHAFFER, daughter of George, formerly of Somerset, married this day at the Tunnel by Rev. D. T. TERRY.


Tuesday, 27 June 1837

TREER, John, formerly of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Julian WEIMER, of this borough, married Sunday last by Christian HORNER Esq.


Tuesday, 18 Jul 1837

PARKS, Joseph, and Margaret CUPP, both of Conemaugh Twp, married 8th inst, by S. DOUGLASS, Esq.


Tuesday, 17 Oct 1837

COVER, Alexander, of Conemaugh Twp, and Sarah HORNER, daughter of Christian Esq., of Richland Twp, married Thursday last by William SLICK, Esq.

GUIER, Andrew, of Huntingdon County and Mary Ann ROYSE, of this place, married Saturday, 14 Oct, by William SLICK, Esq.

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