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Renner's Bennington Furnace Directory

Renner's Bennington Furnace was located near Gallitzin, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, but was actually located in Blair County, Pennsylvania. Bennington Furnace was owned and operated by the Blair Iron and Coal Company. Bennington Shaft had the same owners. They supplied both Hollidaysburg and Frankstown furnaces with coal for coke. The mines of Denniston, Porte & Company supplied Gap Furnace with coal, while the mines of the Kittanning Coal Company of Philadelphia were the shippers to market.

Bak E. G., school-teacher
Baldridge, James, weighmaster
Bartlebaugh, Willliam, laborer
Basal, Andrew jr. teamster
Basal, John W. engineer
Bertram, George, miner
Bertram, Joseph, miner
Bogues James, laborer
Boland, Thomas, miner
Bonner, Griffith, superintendent of mines
Brindle, Frank, miner
Brophey, John, laborer
Brophey, Michael, laborer
Burns, John, laborer
Burns, John, miner
Burns, Patrick P. laborer
Callaghan, James, miner
Callaghan, Michael, laborer
Ca nole, Michael, laborer
Carroll, John, miner
Carroll, Thomas, teamster
Casey, Patrick F, miner
Clark, Hugh, laborer
Clark, Owen, miner
Clossin, James, laborer
Clossin, John, woodsman
Clossin, Samuel, blacksmith
Conway, James, miner
Conway, Patrick, miner
Cooney, Michael, miner
Crawford, John, laborer
Cronin, Dennis, miner
Cronin, Patrick, miner
Cunningham, I. Blair, supt. store & R.R. agent
Cupples, Amos J., laborer
Curley, James, laborer
Daily, Peter, miner
Dalton, Thomas, laborer
DeHaran, Westley, laborer
DeVinney, Cornelius, miner
DeVinney, James, miner
Devlin, Hugh, engineer
Donaldson, Henrey, laborer
Duffey, James, laborer
Duffey, Peter, miner
Eagan, John, laborer
Edevain, William, laborer
Englert, John, laborer
Fritzpatrick, Patrick, laborer
Frank, Adam, laborer
Goldy, John, laborer
Haley, John, farmer
Haley, Patrick, laborer
Harden, William, laborer
Harkins, Patrick, laborer
Harney, William, miner
Hazensaub, Andrew, laborer
Higgins, D.W., clerk
Hoover, William, laborer
Homan, Arthur, teamster
Hughes, John, teamster
Hughes, John jr. teamster
Hughes, Peter, laborer
Huson, Baxter, miner
Ingram, John J. laborer
Isett, Fillmore, labore
Jackson, Francis, miner
Jinks, Thomas, laboreer
Keegan, Mahew, laborer
Kehoe, Michael, laborer
Keith, Samuel, laborer
Keith, William, miner
Kelly, Michael, laborer
Killduff, Michael, miner
Killduff, Michael jr. miner
Kimlin, John, laborer
Knee, David, colker
Knott, John laborer
Leap, Anthony, miner
Leap, John B. blacksmith
Lego, John , Teamster
Lego, Samuel, blacksmith
Lego, Thomas, laborer
Lockard, Edward, laborer
Long, James, laborer
Maloy, Michael, miner
Maloy, Patrick, miner
Mansfield, John laborer
McAteer, William, laborer
McCabe, Andrew, miner
McCabe, Edward, engineer
McCabe, Frank, miner
McCabe, James, miner
McCabe, John, miner
McCloskey, George, miner
MConnell, Frank, laborer
McCoy, James, farmer
McDade, Henry, teamster
McDade, William, laborer
McFadden, Thomas, miner
McHugh, Felix, laborer
Meager, Michael miner
Melhorn, Peter, laborere
Mills, John, laborer
Mitchell, Chambers, keeper
Moran, John, miner
Moran, Patrick, miner
Moran, Thomas, miner
Mosel, Henry, laborer
Moyer, David, carpener
Moyer, John A., laborer
Moyer, Luke, laborer
Mulligan, James,mineeer
Murray, William H. , miner
Myers, H.R. , coal dealer
Myers, John F. laborer
Nale, Ross, laborer
Naren, Michael, laborer
O'Brien, John miner
O'Brien, Patrick miner
O'Day, James, miner
O'Day, Donald Hugh laborer
O'Harao, Hugh miner
Pearce, James, engineer
Piper, James, engineer
Piper, John F. miner
Piper, William b. clerk
Prescott, Charles, laore
Quinn, Charles, miner
Quinn, james, miner
Quinn, John miner
Reagan, John, miner
Reep, Jacob, farmer
Reilly, Jacob laborer
Risband, Patrick , miner
Rodda, William, miner
Roush, Levi fireman
Scale, George, miner
Seymour, Henry engineer
Shadle, John, farmer
Sheehan, Jeremiah, laborer
Sloan, James miner
Slusser, Alfred, miner
Slusser, Conrod,miner
Slusser, Issac, miner
Slusser, Martin, miner
Slusser, Conrod, miner
Slusser, Isaac. miner
Slusser, Martin, miner
Slusser, Peter, miner
Slesser, Philip, miner
Staffprd Henry miner
Stapleton, Michael, teamster
Steel, William W. laborer
Stinely, Andrew, miner
Stoner, Abraham, farmer
Stoner, Daniel, laborer
Stuff, Adam, laborer
Stuff, Troy, weighmaster
Troy, John laborer
Warrance, Henry laborer
Warrance, John B. carptender
Warrance, Lawrence, miner
Watkins, E. G. miner
Watkins, John, fireman
Wilt, Issac W. teamst
Wilt, James miner
Wilt, Joseph W. miner
Wilt, Samuel minr
Wire, Jacob laborer
Yon, Samuel laborer
Yon, William, labors
Warrance, John B

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