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Old Polish Cemetery
Fifficktown, Croyle Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Information transcribed and contributed by Linda Crichton Miko and Mary Lou Crichton George.

This cemetery was last updated and photographed in 2006.

This is a very old cemetery that is no longer used. There is no gate or markings to tell you it is there. We found it with the help of Mr. Joe Golden of the C.O. Dimond Funeral Home in South Fork. You must look closely to see any of the stones through the overgrowth. The cemetery is on a very steep hill and access is very difficult. Because of the difficulty of the terrain, we were not able to search the entire area and it is quite possible there are other stones here.


Old Polish Cemetery, view 1
Photo contributed by Linda Miko
If you look closely, you will see a stone to the left of one of the trees and another toward the center.
There is a stone to the left of the large tree and one to the far left of the photo. Old Polish Cemetery, view 2
Photo contributed by Linda Miko

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Location
KEGEC, Jakub R. 25 Juli Roku 1876 Z. 6 ho Apr. 1911 [Photo]  
KNAPP, Stefan Nar. 29 Mar 1907 Umar. 29 Feb 1908 [Photo]  
NEDOROSCIK, Jozef Narodil SA Roku 1877 Zomarol NA July 15 HO 1905 [Photo]  
NOMCZOSKY, Thomas   Died Jan 17 1916 Aged 75y; Erected By South Fork Local 472; UMW of A; [Photo]  
SCIBEK, Rozalia   13 Listopada 1917 [Photo]  
SKIBO, Michal   Umarl 17 Wrz 1914 [Photo]  
WASKIEVICZ, Francisek 5 Apr 1873 3 May 1916 [Photo]  
_____, _____     Small stone with a cross engraved; [Photo]  

Results 1 - 8 of 8 Page 1 of 1

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